Freedom or tyranny

Freedom or tyranny


America was colonized and founded on the basis of freedom. Early settlers came here from all over the world seeking freedom. They still do to this day.
But that freedom didn’t last very long. The early settlers brought english lords and governors with them. They brought their philosophies and early British cultures with them. It didn’t take long for those bureaucrats and civic masters to seize power and control over their respective colonies and the populations. Since those times our elected and appointed officials have spent two over hundred years writing and creating laws, laws to govern and control the people. Today we have so many laws written and on the books that it is impossible to keep track of them all.


Some laws are necessary, They protect people from all sorts of misdeeds and unscrupulous thieves, crooks, and just plain idiots. Some of the traffic laws are the easiest examples that come to mind right now. Traffic lights and stop signs for example. Laws are most generally written and enacted for public safety. Laws are written and enacted by elected and appointed officials to control people’s actions and to prevent chaos and anarchy. But too often those same elected and appointed bureaucrats, once they are granted power and authority, get carried away. They start writing laws to prevent people from doing things which they themselves just simply don’t like or don’t want others to do. The philosophies of “Live and let live” have been dropped by the wayside and driven from our society. The idea of “mind your own business” is now almost against the law itself, “Do as I say – not as I do”.


Today freedom is just an illusion, only a dream. A once “Free America” has become a land of “Show me a man and I’ll show you a crime”. I once had an IRS agent tell me “I don’t care what laws you use to file your taxes – I can find a law that says that’s illegal”.

If a government agent wants to put you in prison they can and they will find a law to do it.

The latest case in point is what our rouge government agencies are doing to ex-President Donald J. Trump. His biggest crime is running for election against the current regime.

Our founding fathers knew that all of this could someday happen. They were well versed in the potential tyranny of overlords, bureaucrats, and over-bearing dictators. Our Constitution was written to prevent tyrants and dictators from creating laws and regulations against the freedoms and liberty of the people. The purpose of the US Constitution is not only to protect the people from a potential over-bearing federal government but also to limit and restrict the power and authority of the federal (and local) government .
It was the intention of our founding fathers to create a system whereby the rights, freedoms, and liberties of the people are protected against any potential tyranny of a rouge government and/or any out-of-control federal agencies. The Constitution was not written to define the rights and freedoms of the people but to limit and restrict the power and authority of the government. Our rights are not granted by the government, they are only protected and defended by the government, (or at least they are supposed to be protected). The current regime in Washington claims that none of the constitutional amendments are absolute. We now have so many government agencies and too many government bureaucrats with nothing to do but create more laws and regulations that most people and the government have lost sight of the real purpose of having a government in the first place.


As Americans our rights are “inalienable” granted solely by our creator. Our rights and liberties are not limited to only those written in the first ten amendments of the constitution. Those amendments were written to specifically restrict and deny the powers and authority of any government officials from enacting laws and regulations against those particular areas and subjects, (ie) the rights of free speech, and the rights of freedoms of religion, rights against illegal search and seizure, the right to privacy, the right to keep and bear arms.
The rights and freedoms of the people are not written nor granted by the government. The real purpose of having a government is to protect the nation, the people, and to protect those rights, freedoms and liberty. The current governments in Washington, and throughout many of the States have violated those principals, they have violated and broken the trust of the nation and it’s people. They have broken the covenant.

Freedom and liberty is only an illusion, only a dream. But as Americans our US Constitution is the closest thing we have to any form of government that protects those freedoms. And that Constitution must be protected and preserved and defended against all enemies – foreign OR domestic, At any cost and by any means necessary.


As a native of one of those original 13 colonies, (New Hampshire) now residing in Texas, I believe in that States motto “Live Free or die”. It’s not only a State motto, and philosophy, it’s a part of my DNA.

And as an American citizen and as American military veteran who swore an oath to obey, protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America I will always stand for and stand behind that Constitution, so help me GOD.

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