More indictments against Donald Trump

Trump indictments;


Federal prosecutors plan to file more indictments against former president Donald Trump.
This time for the January 6th incident at the capital.

We know that president Joe Biden isn’t really running anything up there, the White House, (and the government), are actually being run by the people behind him.
And we know that these people are radical left-wing communists.
In every other country when the communists took over they started a civil war, massive violence and fighting. Why would we expect them to do any different here and now?
We have said many times n the past that the communists WANT a civil war, and they will do anything to start it.
I believe these indictments and prosecutions of President Trump are intended to do just that. They want the American people to assault Washington DC. They WANT another attack against the Capital. THAT would give them everything they need to blame Trump and the American people for more insurrections and treason. I believe they are using prosecutor Jack Smith and the DOJ to incite Trump’s supporters into starting a war against this government.
With the government and the mail-stream-media on their side they believe that’s all they would need to convince their voters and the world that Trump and all his supporters are terrorists and a danger to this country, a “threat to THEIR Democracy”.


Every new indictment against President Trump is another attempt to incite that civil war.


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  • Give the Communist a civil war and kill every one of them. It's been brewing for over ten years and the time is NOW.

  • The Second Amendment of the US Constitution;

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


    Perhaps the most controversial amendment to the constitution, the left-wing communists have been trying to eliminate the second amendment for decades.
    Thankfully thus far they have been unsuccessful, It would take a constitutional amendment to eliminate this or any other of the amendments. So rather than try to amend the constitution they have demonized anything referencing a militia. They have been successful to the point that today it is nearly illegal to be a member of any kind of militia organization.

    Every militia organization in the country has been branded as a group of terrorists.

    Even the states National Guard has been labeled as potential domestic terrorists. Has anyone noticed that they just mysterious closed down all the State and local National Guard armories? Many years ago there was a National Guard Armory in every community, every county, and in every State. Today they are nearly all gone. The left-wing Communists do not want any military style weapons being stored in any local communities.

    The drive to demonize the militia started in 1913 with the president Woodrow Wilson and the communist party now known as the “Progressives”. If you claim to be a member of a militia organization then you will likely soon find yourself in prison. That is of course unless it is a left-wing militia group like Antifa or the Black-lives-matter groups. They don’t call themselves a militia but that’s what they are, and yes - these groups ARE domestic terrorists, and so are many of the “white-supremacists” groups. These groups are all Anti-American and anti-Constitution terrorists.
    But you wont find very many of them in prison, only the militia groups who aspire to preserve, protect, and defend the US Constitution.

    In fact this current administration has branded most Americans and the US Constitution itself as a potential “Threat to THEIR Democracy”.

    Today any attempt to form a militia group would be considered a sedisous conspriacy.


    Case-in-point; Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers founder, sentenced to 18 years for seditious conspiracy.
    Rhodes was at the Capital in Washington on January 6th, 2021.
    Also in prison; Jury convicts Enrique Tarrio of the Proud Boys on seditious conspiracy charge;

    Enrique Tarrio was not even in Washington on January 6th but prosecutors claimed he was orchestrating actions from his home in Florida.




    Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers founder, sentenced to 18 years for seditious conspiracy
    The punishment for Stewart Rhodes on a seditious conspiracy charge could set the bar for others, including top members of the far-right Proud Boys gr…
  • New indictments against Trump

    Immediately after Devon Archer made his testimony before congress special prosecutor Jack Smith filed even more charges against Donald Trump.
    These new charges are especially dangerous, not only for President Trump, but also for the rest of America. These new charges make it a criminal offense to even believe and say that you believe the 2020 elections were rigged and that the election was stolen. That effectively criminalizes free speech.
    According to Smith and this indictment anyone who said the 2020 election was stolen and that Donald Trump actually won the election was committing a federal crime. Trump said that he believed the election was stolen, and according to this indictment that was a crime.

    According to Smith if Donald Trump said – but didn’t actually believe the elections was stolen – then that was a crime. Smith and the democrats are not only criminalizing free speech but now they are trying to criminalize your freedoms to think and to believe the election was stolen.

    With every move they make, every new indictment against Trump, this administration moves closer and closer to NAZI Germany of 1938-1939. and the Communist party of China.

    If believing the 2020 election was stolen and that Donald Trump actually won the election is now a criminal offense then half of America is guilty.
    And that opens the door for them to prosecute anyone and everyone.



    • How much more of this bullshit will the people tolerate?

  • GA Trump indictments;


    4 different indictments, 75 or 80 or 100 charges.

    4 different places.

    How much proof do we need that the democrats are coordinating and colluding and conspiring to get Donald Trump?

    Trump is facing 600 years behind bars.

    This is all unconstitutional and illegal.

    And it’s all being orchestrated not only by Joe Biden and the department of “justice” but also by the communist party working behind the curtains.

    They are coordinating these indictments against an American private citizen.

    The democrats have thrown the constitution out the window.
    Conspiring and colluding to deprive an American citizen of this/her constitutional civil rights is precisely why the US Constitution was written in the first place.


    The fact that there are 18 other “co-Conspirators” included in these indictments shows that the democrats are using these Trump indictments to send the American people a warning: “WE now own this government, WE now OWN this country, and anyone who stands up against us will either be indicted, imprisoned, or otherwise eliminated.



    In the meantime congress sits on their collective asses and either agrees or does nothing to stop it.


    Any questions left?

  • They'll send the FBI to kill you if you protest too loud.

    Do not comply, revoke your consent to be governed by this corrupt U.S. government.


    Biden/Obama trampling the bill of rights.


  • "1984" "Brave New World", "Atlas Shrugged" all rolled into one prosecution of Donald J. Trump and all that support him.

  • Is this really the kind of system of "justice" that the American people want?

    This is a system where a person - any person - can be charged, prosecuted, and imprisoned for saying that they believe the 2020 presidential election was rigged and the election was stolen.

    I am entitled to my beliefs, I can believe anything I want. No matter how crazy or wrong someone else thinks it is.
    AND I am entitled to SAY what I believe, whether other people believe it or not, whether other people are offended by those beliefs or not.
    I really don't care what other people believe, it's none of their damn business what I believe.
    THIS is America. And I have the freedom to think and to believe, and to SAY what ever I want - when I want , (Some small exceptions may apply, like screaming FIRE in a crowded theater when there is no fire).

    The American justice system does NOT have the legal authority to charge me and to prosecute me for my beliefs or for speaking and expressing my beliefs.
    It's called the Freedom of speech. And it's written in the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Therefore I have the freedom to say that I believe this current system of so-called- "Justice" is being abused.
    These left-wing liberals, democrats, and communists are trying to say that the 2020 elections were the most secure and honest election ever. And that it is a crime to believe otherwise. It is NOT a crime to believe the election was rigged and stolen. And the more they push and try to force everyone to believe it was not rigged and not stolen, then the more I am convinced that it was.

    While I do NOT have the right to threaten anyone, I DO have the right to say that I believe these federal, state, and local prosecutors and judges, and some attorney generals need to be taught a lesson in true American system of justice.
    That's what I believe and I am entitled to my beliefs.
    If anyone out there doesn't like it, or if you disagree then its just too damn bad.

    The 45th president of the United States Donald J. Trump is being indicted, prosecuted, and is facing 600 years in federal or state prison for saying that he believes the 2020 election was rigged and stolen. He is also facing may other similar type charges.
    I don't care if you hate Trump or if you love him, This type of system of justice (IN-justice) is WRONG and it has no place belonging in the United States of America.



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