Pay attention America

Pay attention America.


The race for the White House and congress in 2024 is going to get really nasty.

The Democrats and Communists have no intention of ever loosing control again.


Someone once said “judge me by my enemies, judge my enemies by their deeds, not their words”.


The latest and current heat wave to hit America is causing problems. Including but not limited to high energy prices, heat related deaths, and an overload of the energy grid.

Forecast temperatures today and all this week are in the range of 103-110 across the south.

And China has been buying their way into America’s energy grid.

In addition to the energy grid China has been busy buying land, mostly near our military installations.

They are also in process of developing “training” facilities in south America and Cuba. These “Training” facilities are in reality Intel listening stations. They are monitoring everything. That spy balloon that flew across America was just a small sample of what they are setting up.
And the Joe Biden administration is allowing it all to happen without any interference what so ever.

The Biden administration is not even questioning what id happening.

Pay attention America.
At the same time that all this is happening the Biden administration has depleted our munitions supply, we’ve sent it all to Ukraine. Plus our own US military has been downgraded to a “WOKE” disgusting joke that’s not very funny.

Pay attention America.


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