Proud Boys’ Enrique Tarrio Receives Record 22-Year Prison Sentence for Capitol Riots

Former Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio received 22 years in federal prison on Tuesday, a record-high sentence for the January 6, 2021, defendants.

Tarrio’s 22-year sentence surpasses Oath Keepers founder Steward Rhodes and former Proud Boys leader Ethan Nordean’s previous record-high 18-year prison sentence.


The important think to know about this is that Entirque Tarrio was NOT even in Washington DC on January 6th.

Prosecutores called him a Terrorist. WHY ? Because he was the leader of a Militia group. And all Militia groups must be terrorists - right ??!!
Maybe somebody should try reading the Constitution some day.

 This same group of left-wing prosecutors are attempting to tie President Donald J. Trump into the January 6th uprising.
And they are attempting to ban Trump from running for president on the grounds of the 14th amendment. The clause that states that anyone who engaged in any acts of insurrection or supported any acts of insurrection can NOT become President.
The problem here is that there was NO insurrection at the Capital on January 6th.

No one ever attempted to overthrow the US Government.

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  • The only people engaged in any types of "insurrection" are those who are attempting to "Fundamentally Transform America".
    What the government is really saying here is that anyone who opposes their Fundamental Transformation must be a terrorist.

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