The new digital currency

The digital dollar currency.


What is it and what does it mean to us?

For many people it may at first glance not seem to be much of any change at all.

Many of us now use either credit cards or debit cards to purchase almost everything we buy or pay for.

We do our banking and pay the credit cards on-line, we pay most of our bills on-line.

So for these people the transition to a digital currency won’t seem like any big change, no big deal. At least at first.


How will things change?

You will be issued a new type of debit card. It will come from your local bank.

But that new debit card will be linked to your new government controlled credit account.

Your new government credit account will contain everything about you. Your name, social security number, address, phone numbers, bank accounts, even your photo ID, and your blood type.


Here’s where things will get scary. The federal government will know every transaction you do, everything.

Every transaction from buying groceries, gasoline, doctor bills, dentist, your light bills, home heating expenses, to paying for an airline ticket.

They will know when you pay your mortgage or rent, your taxes, renew your drivers license, or buy a new car, or when you put gas in your car or truck.


The scary part is that they will control what you can or cannot do, what you can or cannot buy or pay for.

If you’re not on their “approved” list then forget about that new AR- 15 or any ammo for it.

If your home heating bill is too high then you will be told to lower the thermostat, or it will be shut off.

Have you ever tried to pay for something only to discover your credit card is maxed out?

Transaction denied,,, that’s what you will get if you try to purchase something that you are not approved to purchase.

Such as ammo for your hunting rifle, or that AR-15 you already own.

The government will know, and have total control over everything you do.


US National sovereignty. The Biden administration is all set to implement this new transformation to the digital currency.

This will cede all US sovereignty to the privately owned Federal Reserve bank.

The Federal Reserve Bank is NOT a part of our government. It is NOT the US Treasury department. The federal Reserve Bank is owned by the bank of Ireland and the Bank of England,

Take a look at that dollar bill you have in your wallet. It says “ Federal Reserve Note”, it does NOT say Federal Treasury Note or US Treasury Note.


That’s another whole story behind all of that but for now we will just say it was done many years ago.




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