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Farage: Jailing Donald Trump Could Lead to a ‘Civil War-Like Split’ in America


An “irrational hatred” behind the movement to jail former President Donald Trump could lead the United States towards a “Civil War-like split”, Brexit’s Nigel Farage warned this week.

“Trump is now facing dozens of different criminal charges – both personal and political – and most fair-minded Americans can see that he is up against nothing less than an Establishment-led witch-hunt,” he wrote.


This Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, thinks she is riding a big white horse leading at the head of the line in a parade that will finally put Trump, “The biggest threat to their democracy” in prison for the rest of his life. In reality she and the others like her are leading the parade to completely destroy America and turn this into a Communist hell hole like Venezuela. But she like many of the others are simply too damn stupid to know that.


This is all part of the “HATE America” movement and the push to destroy America and all the freedoms and liberty that Americans have enjoyed for 230 years.

If they hate America now wait until they see what they are creating.


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  • I hope they keep pushing this BS. This could be the chance we have to eliminate many of the useful idiots expediently.

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