The truth finally comes out.

Well here it is,, The truth finally comes out.

Democrat Letitia James and judge Engoron have their eyes on Trumps properties, and all of his assets, they want all that money.
But they are too stupid and too crooked to go out and earn it themselves. The easiest and only way to get rich for them is to take it away from Trump and anyone else that is rich.
They HATE Donald Trump because he is rich. But Trump made his money the old fashioned way - He EARNED it. But that took years, it didn't happen over night.
It took Donald Trump thirty years to build his company and to gain all those assets and wealth.
Letitia James and judge Engoron figure they can take it all without having to work for thirty years.

This is democrat fascism at it's worst. It's way our founding fathers created the US Constitution and included the Bill or Rights, The first ten amendments to the Constitution.
The democrats have thrown that all out the door.

It's time to expose these people for who and what they really are, - crooks and fascists.



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