Trump vs Biden, 2024

Trump vs Biden


In 2024 we have a very rare opportunity to compare two four year terms of two presidents who are both running for re election. We have Trumps first term from 2017 until 2021, and we have Joe Biden’s first term from 2021 to 2024. We can compare the accomplishments and the policies of both, apples- to- apples, without all of the campaign rhetoric and lies. Which one did a better job for the American people?

Lets get started;

First; The easy one; Immigration and the borders.
President Donald Trump closed the borders and built the walls. He instituted “Remain in Mexico” policies that blocked illegal immigrants from entering the country without first being screened.
President Joe Biden opened the borders to the entire world. So far under the Biden administration over ten million illegal immigrants have entered the country. The administration has no idea who they are or where they went.

Next lets check the economy:
President Trump; 1.9%
Biden 5.7%.


Now lets check the fuel and gas prices, the energy policies:
According to Forbes analysis;
Trump highest rate were $2.18 per gallon; Biden’s rates $4.06.
In addition Trump’s policies were “Drill Baby Drill”. Trump opened up the KeyStone pipelines for Canadian fuel and oil. The US became oil independent for the first time in 50 years.
Biden immediately closed those pipe lines. Under the Biden administration the US is once again Importing oil from the middle east and from Venezuela.


National security and war:
Just like President Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump was able to avert global wars and conflicts. Trump even held direct talks and met with North Korea’s Kim Jung Un. Trump was the first US president to cross over the border into North Korea since the 1950’s. Trump helped institute the middle East peace accords between Israel and the Arab nations. These are known as the Abraham peace accords and Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Something every US president has tried to do since 1948.
The Biden administration we see nothing but the left-wing radicles bashing Israel, HAMAS has attacked Israel killing thousands and inciting violence once again the the middle east. Biden even now calls for the removal of Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A stab in the back for Israel.

The Constitution:
Trump says maga, “America safe again”, Make America rich again”, “Make America proud again”, and of course “Make America great again”.
The Biden administration says those policies are an existential threat to their democracy. The Biden administration in fact says that the return to the Constitution is a threat to their democracy.

But which administration has weaponized the federal government against the other and also against the American people?
Did the Trump administration hire 87,000 more IRS agents to go after the American people? NO – The Biden administration has done that. Which administration has used the US Department of Justice to go after their political opponent? The Biden administration has done that. Trump did not. Which administration is using the January 6th commition to try to imprison the other, and also hundreds of American citizens? Again the Biden administration has done that, but not Trump.


One more, but again the US Constitution.
As part and parcel of Trump’s MAGA policies protecting and preserving the US Constitution and preserving American sovereignty and independence becomes the foundation upon which the system is built.

The Biden administration has been working extremely hard at transforming America into a one-world-government. A world where the US will no longer be a sovereign independent Nation. The USA will become nothing more than another third world territory where the controls and government are all directed by some unrelated unknown entity based at the United Nations or even perhaps some other as yet undefined remote location. It may be New York City or Washington DC. But it may also be in Beijing China.


To me the choices are pretty simple. There is no real comparison between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.


Do your own comparison, but do it based on real facts, not on political rhetoric and campaign promises and lies.



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  • Trump is going to win in a free and fair election in the biggest landslide ever (even larger than the true numbers from 2020), and the globalists are okay with that.

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