Vicious Fascist Cowards

Vicious Fascist Cowards


For the past seven or more years the left-wing democrats have done nothing but attack ex-President Donald Trump. It’s been one set of accusations and charges after another. It all started the day Trump and Melania road down that escalator in New York City.
First it was the Russia Russia Russia accusations, all set up and paid for by Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Democrat National committee. Then it moved on to Ukraine and more accusations of collusion and corruption. Now seven or nearly eight years later it’s all one indictment after another.
These started in New York City with the district attorney general female that got elected on the grounds that she would “Get Trump”.
Then it’s Alvin Bragg, another left-wing lunatic that also got elected on the same basis, - Get-Trump.
Now the whole thing has moved on to more accusations and indictments over the classified documents Trump had stored at his home Mar-A-Lago in Florida.
Every President since Theodore Roosevelt has done the same thing. They have all declassified and taken personal and government and White House records home with them when leaving office.
And no one has ever said a word about it, until it was Donald Trump.

The next accusation and set of indictments will no doubt be that Trump orchestrated and incited the January 6th riots and insurrection on the Capital.

WHY ? Because these people are fascists. They are vicious nasty dirty Fascist that will do anything to prevent Trump from ever being elected to office again. The best, (or worst) part of all of this is that the American people can now see exactly what these people are and what they will do, not only to Donald Trump, but to each and every one of us if they are allowed to get away with it.


These people are ruthless cowards;
They cannot win a fair election based on their political ideas and policies. So they have resorted to rigging and stealing the elections just as they did in 2020.
They fear Donald Trump but they also fear the American people. That’s the reason for the constant push against the Second Amendment and the people’s right to keep and bear arms. It’s the reason they want to ban all so-called “assault rifles” weapons and guns.


Exposing the truth. There are currently over one thousand people sitting in prison, some of which have still never been formally charged or gone to any kind of trials over the January 6th 2021 event at the Capital. Trump himself is now facing over 400 years in prison if convicted on any of the charges against him. Why are there so many charges against Trump? Because Trump has to win every single one of them while the prosecutors only have to win one. And Trump will be sent to prison for the rest of his life.


The Biden administration has called Trump an “existential Threat to their “Democracy”. They have also referred to the American people the same way. They have called the American people “Potential domestic Terrorists”. They have also referred to the US Constitution as a “Threat to “their Democracy”.


Every step they make, every new indictment against Trump exposes who and what these people really are. Anyone who believes that the 2024 elections will be fair and square is a damned fool. Biden himself said they have put together the most complete and thorough election fraud scheme ever devised. When Joe Biden was “elected” in 2020 Hillary Clinton said “why the hell didn’t you do that for me?” They will do the same thing in 2024.


Donald Trump can't say this but I damned sure can – These people are Fascist, vicious Communist Cowards and they must be taken out of office, the sooner the better, by any means necessary.


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