White House says Bidenomics works

White House: We Have Higher Oil, Gas Prices Partially Because ‘Bidenomics Works’

The really sad part of this is that – YES – Bidenomics IS doing precisely what it is designed to do – That is To Destroy the American standard of living.


Jimmy Carter said that the American standard of living was far too high, that Americans must learn to live on a much lower standard of living. That was the real reason Carter lost to Reagan in 1980.

Now Biden/Harris/Obama are full filling Carter’s dreams and wishes, and even more.
It has been the goal of the democrat and communist party for more than one hundred years to destroy America. Bidenomics is doing precisely what it was designed to do.



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  • Here is a glimps of what they have instore for you., and all of America;

    Your new homes:


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