2024 election fraud

2024 election fraud


The 2020 presidential election was rigged and the election WAS stolen.
There’s little to no doubt about that now.
Even Joe Biden said “We have put together the most extensive and thorough election fraud system in history”,

Houston Texas representative Sheila Jackson Lee said “Barack Obama’s real legacy will be that he left us with a system that guarantees no republicans will ever be elected as president again”.

We saw that fraud in action over and over and over in many different videos and reports from several different sources. The media of course is still trying to convince everyone that the 2020 election was “the most secure election in history”.

All of that is now water under the bridge, no sense crying about it now. nothing can be done except a few possible trials and convictions of some of the dirty players. But those would all be low level local or State employees, not worth the time and effort and expense of prosecuting.

The question is how do we stop the same things from happening in 2024?

We know from some of the reports and videos I’ve posted online that even the United Nations was involved in the illegal immigration and open borders issues.

We all know about the Washington elites and the so call “Deep-State” insiders that all had (and have) a roll to play in our election systems.
Joseph Stalin said “it doesn’t matter how many people vote or who they vote for, all that matters is who reports those votes”. And of course the main-stream media has already written the headlines, “Biden wins, Trump looses again”. Even if Joe Biden is not the democrats nominee.
Donald Trump says the only way to beat them is to have so many republicans turn out to vote that they can’t possibly over load the system. Yet we also know that in 2020 there were two million more votes cast for democrats than there are registered voters.


There’s no way to get enough volunteers to monitor the ballot stations around the country. And of course the democrats would cry and scream “election interference” the minute anyone shows up to watch them.

So the question is, how do we stop the election fraud in 2024?

If we don’t have true and honest elections, and effectively no secure national borders, then we don’t really have a free and sovereign notion. There is NO Constitutional Free Republic called The United States of America.

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  • C'mon Rooster. Where is the quote from Biden from? Completely made up. Please cite the source. And, if there's such obvious evidence of voter fraud how come 30 different courts weren't able to see it? You're a sad old man who idolizes a lying sex pervert witha fake tan. I bet you go to church every Sunday. Sell your sweaters. You won't be needing them where you're headed.

  • Jayman you don't agree with anything I ever say so why in hell are you still here?

    We all know you are one of those "HATE Trump" Demiocrats.
    Watch the video, and then claim it's a fake.
    And 30 different courts weren't able to see it because like you they refused to look.
    Not one single court in this country looked at any of the evidence proving election fraud.
    Not even the ones trying to convict Trump or any of the others.



  • Rooster, You can't be as dumb as you sometimes make yourself out to be. The video isn't Biden admitting to fraud. He's talking about processes in place to prevent and detect voter fraud. I'm at a loss to understand why you right wing extremists use such blatant lies. And as for 30 courts, you really believe they are all in giant conspiracy? You are completely delusional.

    I've been following this pathetic site since Operation American Spring. I ran OASFailure during Colonel what's his name's march to take over Washington. What a hoot! I even went to DC to watch the fun. I check in on here every now and then just to make sure that your senile followers remain in the 5-10 numbers. All the doomsdays that you've predicted over the years have never come to pass. Obama is not the antiChrist.

    And, yes, I hate the Donald. We/ve never had a president who hated America more. He actually doesn't hate America. He doesn't give a crap about America. He just loves having people admire him. The quality of those people is reflected in their bigoted, racist, sexist beliefs. And in the lies people like you claim to believe.

  • I've got better things to do in life than to argue with liberals that hate America. Jayman Take a hike.

    • To everyone else on this network;
      I'm not voting for Donald Trump because of his hair color or because he's got some money.
      I'm voting FOR Trump because his National and foreign policies are better for America.
      I'm not voting FOR Trump as much as I'm voting AGAINST Joe Biden and the Left-wing liberal's "NEW-WORLD-ORDER" policies.
      America is a free sovereign nation, the United Nations, China, Russia nor anyone else should have nothing to say about how this country is run or what we have or do.
      Joe Biden and his bunch of liberals including Barack Hussein Obama want to "Fundamentally Transform America" into a Communist State, run controlled and dictated too by Communist China and the UN.
      I'm sick and tired of their HATE America policies and their attempts to destroy America.

       If that offends anyone, then it's just too damned bad.
      I intend to Preserve, Protect, and defend the Constitution of The United States of America; against ALL enemies - foreign OR domestic.

  • Old Rooster he is probably one of these. Also remember, don't engage with the trolls. They feed off of it. 
    Mike Benz discusses the Censorship Complex

    • I booted him. I expect he will make some trouble somehow.


  • Supreme Court to Decide Trump Criminal Immunity Claim in '20 Election Case



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