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sex_trafficking_child_victims.jpg?width=300The indictment said three MUSLIM gangs called the Somali Outlaws, the Somali Mafia and the Lady Outlaws were forcing teenage girls into prostitution and operated in St. Paul, Minneapolis; Columbus, and Nashville.

CLEVELAND  A federal trial involving more than two dozen defendants accused in a sex trafficking ring run by Somali MUSLIM gangs is being complicated by cultural issues within the Somali MUSLIM refugee communities in Minnesota and Tennessee. Defense attorneys argued that the defendants, many of whom are refugees from Somalia, were juveniles at the time the alleged crimes occurred.

After selecting a jury last month, the trial was delayed last week when prosecutors turned over thousands of documents and audio recordings from the investigation to defense attorneys on the eve of trial. Both defense attorneys and federal prosecutors have repeatedly declined to comment about the case. (Of course not, when it’s about Muslims, mum’s the word)

The indictment, which was originally unsealed in 2010 and amended by a superseding indictment in 2011, says the defendants, many of them from the Somali MUSLIM immigrant communities in Minneapolis and Nashville, were members or associates of the three gangs. Four unidentified victims, some of who were under the age of 14, are listed in the indictment.

786_news1-300x209.jpg?width=300The indictment accuses the gangs of finding and recruiting young girls for the purpose of prostitution in exchange for money and drugs between 2000 and 2010.

Out of the 30 individuals listed in the indictment, only 14 are going to trial this month in Nashville on charges of conspiracy to commit sexual trafficking of children by force, fraud or coercion and charges related to the sexual trafficking. Many of the individuals have remained in federal custody since their arrests in 2010.

Smith has been working with Jane Doe #2 in the case and said testifying against other Somali MUSLIMS will be very difficult for the victim, but she wants to have her voice heard. ”In the case of Jane Doe #2, she, as a minor, would typically be in a closed court, but she wants to have her story known and she wants to speak in public,” Smith said.

SKY-TV-SPAIN-SPECIAL-OFFER-SATELLITE-TV-SPAIN-SKY-41.bmpMany, but not all the defendants, are described as refugees who came to the United States as young children. Police have relied on immigration paperwork to determine their ages, but defense attorneys have argued in court that information in those documents are routinely incorrect due to cultural and language issues. (No, it is because Muslims lie. Period)

Courts in Minnesota, the state with the largest Somali MUSLIM population in the U.S., have seen similar issues in cases where defendants or victims are Somali MUSLIMS.

“When you are dealing with an insular inbred community, especially whose native language is not English, people are going to worry about the ramifications of testifying in court against community members,” Scott said. “The Somali MUSLIM community is a very insular community in Minnesota — everybody knows everybody (and most everybody is married to their own family members)

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  • The 535 Retarded Imbeciles elected officials in charge of our Nation are responsible of this disgrace ; Immigration Quota to the U.S was 150.000 in one year ; today it is between 120.000 and 150.000 a MONTH ; it is not included the Lottery Visas ,
    Refugees , battered women , political refugees , visas overstay , dream act ,foreign students , pregnant foreign women coming here to give birth and stay; all illegal aliens and what else who knows . A Major Clean Up is needed indeed , 
    the sooner the better; when the American People decide that united we stand and united we are the power and we are the Majority, only then something will be achieved ; until we don`t UNITE and Stand Tall NOTHING will be.
    At this pace we will be slave in fema camps. 

  • No way, this can't be true. Remember we've been told time and time again that Muslims follow a religion of Peace, so it can't possibly be these nice young boys.

    Now s'cuse me while I go puke!

  • People of America, why are we letting this kind of crime happen right before our eyes? Someday soon God is going to hold us as Christians and Non-Christians accountable for allowing crime to be committed againist his children. Our country will pay the dearest if not already so for allowing this to take place. We now have a non-functional government who is trying as hard as they can to take away our individual rights that were granted by God and to control every aspect of our daily lives. If Christians don't rise up as well as the rest of America it's going to be too late. Just think, one of these kids could be your child or grand child. Have we turned our heads on Christ and lost our faith in him? This is a prime example of the corruption that comes from allowing multi-culturalism into our country. The people in Europe and France are trying to tell America and its leaders that this isn't working but no one is listening. Is this what is to come and to be exspected from these people of the Muslim faith? I have not read anything positive or love for their fellow man concerning there religion. Its all about killing and deceiving the Jews and Gentiles. Also Christians in Muslim countries are being murdered and our children here in our own are paying the price because of our Politital Correctness, Please think about these children and say a little prayer for them and be thankful this isn't one of yours. Is this this the kind of country you want to bring your child up in?

  • these are obamas people, just wondering are they white-black mouselimps? seems to make a differance if you add white in front of the persons ethnic background.

  • Does Minnessota have the Death Penalty; Oh, please, God! 

  • And the 77,000 muslims that were pushed through INS all within a week; Do you think there could be a connection? They need to deport these bastards out of the county in the express lane.

    This should be laid on the Obama administration as accomplices to these crimes, but true to his word …. Obama himself said that he’d side with the muslims.

    And this is just another case of these bastards telling you what you want to hear at the gate and then continuing on with their destruction of America from within..

    • The only way we are going to get rid of the terrorist muslim is to put them 6ft under...


  • WTF here I sit in Minneapolis - St Paul Airport returning home from a week in Grand Junction, Co and I see this.... 1st frickin time I have even heard about this!  These idiots need to tell the truth and not candy ass it... these animals need to be... I think you all know what I am talking about.

  • Remember that in the muslim world that women are only good for sale or trade for females have no say in their lives unless they are owned by a muslim man.....

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