$80B for IRS May Bring 'Red Tsunami'

Sen. Ron Johnson to Newsmax: $80B for IRS May Bring 'Red Tsunami'


Sen. Ron Johnson to Newsmax: $80B for IRS May Bring 'Red Tsunami'

(Newsmax/"Rob Schmitt Tonight")

By Sandy Fitzgerald    |   Wednesday, 07 September 2022 09:46 AM EDT

 The Biden administration's move to give the Internal Revenue Service even more power by allotting it an extra $80 billion through the Inflation Reduction Act may be the one thing that turns a "red wave" election this November into a "red tsunami," Sen. Ron Johnson tells Newsmax.

"I think even Democrats might, um, react to that kind of political reprimand from the public," the Wisconsin Republican commented on Newsmax's "Rob Schmitt Tonight" on Tuesday. "The good news is if we send a very strong signal to Democrats in November this is something that I believe we can reverse. If Republicans are in control, we can put a piece of legislation on the floor and pretty well dare Democrats to vote against rescinding 87,000 new IRS agents. It would be a pretty tough vote for them."

Further, Johnson said, the problem facing the government and Americans is that spending has gotten out of control, not that there isn't enough money coming in through taxes.

"Inflation Reduction Act",,,,,,,,,, This should more appropriately be called "How to take everything American's own and put half of them in prison".
I once had the IRS audit me for three years in a row. The agents told me "I don't care what laws or rules you use to file your returns, I can find a rule that says that's illegal and wrong".
I threw a boot box full of receipts on his desk and told him I was NOT going to pay someone to refile it this time, HE was going to do it, and if it came back another time I would break his F__n neck.
His reply to thak was "You're not going to break MY neck - I'm going to give it to that guy over there, (pointing to another agend) You can come in and break HIS Neck"
My answer was "I'll break BOTH your damn necks".
But the audits stopped.
My point is in all of this is that the IRS is being used as another weapon against the American people.
They will use the IRS to confiscate virtually everything you own. They will convict you of Tax evasion and then they will confiscate all your guns and weapons.
And it doesn't matter how you filed your income taxes or who you employed to do those tax returns. Those IRS agents can and they WILL find a rule or law that says it is wrong and YOU are guilty - period, end of story, and the end of your freedoms and liberty.
This boys and girls is pure Marxist/Communism.
Compliments of resident Joe Biden, Barack Hussein Obama, Vallarie Jarrett, and the Communist party.

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  • I don't know about anyone else but I firmly believe the 2022 mid terms are going to be more fraudulent than the 2020 POPTUS election, that's why the DS allowed the 9/1/22 Biden speech to happen, that was their one warning as to what is coming after the election. We will be in full blown rebellion before the end of 2022.

  • Biden administration does NOT have the authority to hire 85-87 thousand IRS agents.
    #2, They do NOT have the authority to re-direct that $80-Billion tp pay for them.
    But they will do it anyway, and nobody in Washington will even attempt to stop them.


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