September 11th, 2001 and now 2022.
America marks Semptember 11th annaversary, 21 years since the deadliest attack on America ever.
The attacks came from the Taliban and ISIS, the radical terrorist branches of the Islamic religous fanatics.
After the attacks America, and then president George W. Bust, responded by invading Afghanistan. And then subsequently Iraq for some reason.
After twenty years of waging war on Afghanistan America decided under President Donald J. Trump, that it was time to pull out and leave Afghanistan.
We all pretty much on that part of the issue, it was time to leave.

Instead of pulling our main primary numbers of US forces out, but leaving 2,500 US troops there to protect American interests and to maintain a safe and quiet country in Afghanistan, the Biden administration simply packed up and left.
They left 180 BILLION dollars worth of US arms and military equipment behind. They abandoned 2,000-5,000 Americans and American allies behind. They managed to get 13 US Troops killed in the process. And they totally abandoned Bagram Air Force base, leaving the Taliban in complete control of the entire country, including all abandoned US military arms, equipment, and hardware.

The method and the way this Biden administration abandoned Afghanistan is catamount to treason.
There was no sense nor reason for them to abandon US citizens who were in the country, no reason for them to abandon Afghan citizens who had been working with us during those past 20 years. There was no reason for them to abandon 180 Billion dollars of US military arms and equipment, to say nothing about them abandoning Bagram Air force Base.

Today America marks the 21st anniversary of the September 11th 2001 attack on America.
We must always remember those who were lost in those attacks, In NewYork City, Washington DC, and in Pennsylvania.
But now, thanks to this Biden administration, we also mourn the loss of hundreds, perhaps thousands or Americans who were abandoned by this Biden administration, plus those 13 US Military troops that were killed in the process of the Biden administration's massive failed US withdrawal.

9/11/2001, 9/11/2022.


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  • Now that same Biden administration sees Americans who oppose their policies of destruction and anti-American agenda as all potential "domestic terrorists" A potential threat even more dangerous that the Taliban or a resurgance of ISIS, the radical Islamic terrorsts.
    To the Biden administration, Americans who do not follow step with them, and their "Fundamental Transformation of America", must be eliminated.
    So my question is, Who posses the most threat to US American citizens, The Afghan talliban, ISIS, Radical Islam, or our own US Government under this Biden Administration?



    • The true Domestic Terrorists per our Founding Fathers reside now in DC ..

This reply was deleted.