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Sent: Friday, February 03, 2017
Subject: A Petition for a Full Pardon, Reinstatement, and Restitution for Former Lt Col Terry Lakin –  CDR Kerchner (Ret)'s Blog


A Petition for a Full Pardon, Reinstatement, and Restitution for Former Lt Col Terry Lakin – CDR Kerchner (Ret)'s Blog


Citizens for the Constitution;

3 Feb., 2017


LTC Terry Lakin was a U.S. Army Flight Surgeon who had already served 2 tours in Iraq/Afghanistan, and when the usurping imposter Obama gave him orders for a 3rd tour there (all ‘orders’ into a combat zone originate with the Office of the Commander in Chief), LTC Lakin refused to obey that ‘unlawful order’ until the acting CINC could prove that he was a lawful and legitimate Commander in Chief.


LTC Lakin was ‘Kangaroo-Court Martialed’ in Dec. 2010 for ‘failure to report for duty/missing a movement’, was not allowed any arguments of defense (such as being provided with proof that the CINC was lawful and legitimate – still not proven), and was found ‘guilty’ and dishonorably discharged after 18 years of exemplary service, with a sentence of 6 months in Leavenworth!


This petition can help in not only correcting a great wrong done to one of our patriotic veterans, but can also help in highlighting the unlawful acts of the usurper Obama, … and perhaps lead the way towards eventually bringing him to justice.


Please click on the link below (or COPY and PASTE it into your browser), to get the details on the whole story, and for the direct link to the website where you can lend your name to the 100,000 needed by Feb 21, 2017 --- and get all those on your email list to join in also.


In Liberty and In Truth.


Neil B. Turner

Citizens for the Constitution


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  • Signed.And shared.TY Col.  !

  • When Lt. Col Lakin was sentenced back in 2010, I tried to help with some donation I am glad, that Neil are getting our attention. With my short supporting letter to Terry I said, that it will come the time, when that kangaroo sentence will be dismissed. I believe that time is now. Terry's address at that time was:

    Terrance Lakin #89996
    830 Sabalu Road
    Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027

    So lets make the petition to be delivered to WH.


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  • Signed and confirmed, 2/4/17, 7:43 a.m. EST.

  • I absolutely agree with those saying  we should also petition to have all the other injustices done to those HONORABLY serving  men of duty and obligation  sentenced by the Obama Administration for Doing their Duties.    Aside from Lt. ,Colonel Lakin  , there are others like Clint Lorrance and Michael New, . Lorrance was a Lt who saved his charges from a  suicide vested bomber but  , when  the  hearing came up , was falsely testified against by   Afghan witnesses supposedly given  U.S. Citizenship to testify against him. New was a decorated Medic with two Afghan tours in the Clinton Administration . His  unit was transferred To Germany and assigned under a Foreign Commander for a U.N.  Mission . He    objected  and refused to  comply   because as he correctly pointed  out,  his oath of service was to defend and    uphold OUR Constitution , not U.N. Policy, or to wear foreign  uniforms or insignia, He was eventually given a bad conduct discharge and has been trying to clear his name ever since. There is also a black Sergeant named I think, Barry Myers     with two daughters and a wife in similar circumstances as Clff Lorrance serving a life  term  , AGAIN  for doing his duty and protecting those under him. This was NEVER the case in the Army When I served in Vietnam from May of '68- May of '69 . The thing we all hated was idiotic ROE's but they , as idiotic as they were and issued by legislators who never served are not nearly as bad as was Obama as CINC which was  laughable except for the  disrespect HE  constantly showed for our valorous All Volunteer   Troops. I was RA  and considered odd as I did  not burn my draft card and  enlisted to fulfill what I took to be a citizenship Obligation after having accrued a degree in Government  in 1967 and got to Vietnam   in the  late middle of the Tet Offensive. The way ALL our troops  are treated by Government at large and the VA  and former president in particular, Sicken and disgust me and I am not shy in saying  so as they are a NATIONAL DISGRACE and what has been  done to our troops is an  ATROCITY! period. Navy Chaplain Wes  M odder was saved by petition from  being discharged with loss of benefits for Being a Chaplain in  performance of his duty. I was personal protection for  MOH Chaplain Charles Angelo Liteky of the 199th Light Infantry and it is disgusting that were  he active today, he would be threatened as are ALL Chaplains when  the  Corps actually precedes the Declaration of Independence, having originated in 1775 as a necessity since we WERE Founded as a Christian Nation  no matter what the revisionist fool Obama thinks.

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