A short story that may be significant to today.

Here’s a little story about an incidence I encountered several years ago.

This incidence occurred back in the State of New Hampshire. A State once known as the “Live-Free-or Die” State. That’s the State’s motto.


Here’s what happened;
An older lady, (perhaps in her mid to late ‘80’s.) had fallen behind on her property taxes. She had several hundred acres of land and a decent home, One of those older New England farm houses we all love to look at.
At the time of this incidence her arrears were about $2,600-$2,800.
The city wanted their money. I asked one of the city counsel members what if anything they had in mind to assist the woman, would they set up some type of forgiveness or payment plan options so she could manage the problem?
His immediate and gruff response was shocking to say the least. Since this was a small New England Town with very little city expenses, (police and volunteer fire departments.) They supported a small library.
His answer and response was “F__k her, we’ll take the property and sell it to someone who CAN pay the taxes”. This incidence occurred back in the ‘1980s’ to ‘1990s’. Although those property taxes may not seem to be much today back then it was a lot of money. The State of New Hampshire does not have a State income tax, instead they depend solely on property and school taxes. So property taxes are relatively high.
The Town Counsel’s plan was to seize the woman’s property and her house and farm and then sell it to the highest bidder. At “fair” market Real Estate prices, which at that time could easily bring $750,000 to $850,000. The Town planned to keep the proceeds of the sale and would NOT give the woman any of it. Her $2,600 tax bill would be liquidated but the town Counsel would keep the rest.

My response to this Town Counsel member was “That’s not very fair, it doesn’t sound right”. Someone should be allowed to pay those taxes and help the woman.
The result of my inquiry was that that very same Counsel man and the Town Counsel began proceeds to seize my own property. I owned 42-1/2 acres with a small pond and extremely small unfinished house. It took eighteen long months to fight that attempt at seizing my land. I had to fight in court to retain my driveway permits and my occupancy permits.
Since my property included a pond there was a dam included. That was a State engineered earthen and concrete dam, designed and engineered by State and Government geological Army core of engineers.

The Town attempted to seize the dam, the pond, and the entire property based on the premise that it was all City and State owned pond, dam, river, and property. They even got my neighbor to file a complaint stating that excavating for my driveway constituted a gravel pit and a “quarry”. The battle lasted a little over 18 months.

By the time the issue was resolved my neighbor had sold his house, His/her grandmother had passed away, The Town Counsel member had sold his land and was being sued by the State and new owners for having and selling a hazardous waste dump filled with old motor oils and chemicals and poisons.

While a story like this may not appear to fit the norm of what the Patriots For America web forums site normally published and focuses on, it does show the very real significance of watching who we elect to our local, State, and national elections.

This incidence occurred back in the State that once proudly proclaimed “Life-Free-Or Die”. That motto was not only a State motto, it was a state of mind, it’s part of my DNA. It IS to this day my genetic and philological make up.
THAT is who and what I am.

And it knows no State nor county boundaries.
Freedom and liberty, independence and sovereignty is the basis upon the which The United States Of America was founded on.

Vote carefully, intelligently and know who and what you are electing and voting for.

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