Adding insult to injury, Who is worse, Adam Lanza or Dianne Feinstein

On December 14th, 2012 Adam Lanza shot his way into the Sandy Hook Elementary school in NewTown Connecticut and murdered 26 people.

The shock and grief of the senseless loss of 20 children and six adults, plus Lanza himself and his Mother, is still reverberating throughout the country.

Do we even have to question the sanity or the insanity of anyone who would do such an evil thing?

All any of us can do is pray for the families who lost love ones on that horrible day. We cannot even begin to imagine the grief and pain and emotional suffering these people must be going through. That pain and suffering will not soon be forgotten, it will not subside, it will remain for a lifetime for all of them.


But now equally as evil and despicable are the actions of the predators who lay in wait, hoping for some insane maniac like Adam Lanza to strike somewhere so they can pounce on any opportunity to take advantage of public sentiment and push their evil agendas.

Did anyone notice how long it took for the anti-gun advocates to spring into action after the shooting? It was less than 24 hours, actually closer to 12 hours.

What better way to push your anti-gun agenda than to take advantage of small town America than do pounce on a tragedy like some kind of wild animal in hot pursuit of an quick meal. Make no mistake about it these anti-gun fanatics are predators in every sense of the term.

People like Senator Dianne Feinstein and Barack Hussein Obama, and thousands of others, are quick to jump in front of a microphone (or a keyboard), and proclaim their compassion for the loss by the families.

But where is the compassion from those same people when they use the grief and suffering of those families to take away their GOD given rights? There is none, only distain for those who those who would fight to preserve American freedoms and our Constitution.

There is no compassion in taking advantage or grief and suffering of people to advance your own agenda. These people are being victimized all over again.

It is not enough they were made victims of an insane maniac like Adam Lanza, but they must now endure a far greater insult, the loss of GOD given freedoms, at the hands of our own Government. This gives new meaning to the term adding insult to injury.

Nothing like taking maximum advantage of a crisis.


I contend that Senator Dianne Feinstein is a much greater threat to America that Adam Lanza, (or even Osama Bin Ladin for that matter).

As devastating and painful as it is Lanza only killed 27 people. If Hussein Obama and Feinstein are successful that wont even qualify as a drop in the bucket or a blip on the radar.


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