‎"I cannot explain the motivation behind such callous acts, but they were in no way part of authorised Isaf military activity."
-Lt Gen Adrian Bradshaw, Isaf Deputy Commander


Three Afghans have been shot and killed by a US soldier firing on civilians, according to an official.


NATO says a U.S. service member has been detained for allegedly shooting Afghan civilians.


An American soldier opened fire on villagers near his base in southern Afghanistan...... Here we go again! Afghanis want to try this soldier under Afghanistan Sharia Law (video included) : http://www.aljazeera.com/news/americas/2012/03/201231163054684909.html
Soldier opens fire on civilians in three separate homes near military base in Kandahar province before surrendering. (Video in this one)

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  •  Any trial will happen via UCMJ and not sharia. The army is never going to allow that unless the head muslim (Obama) changes everything.

  • This deal going on in Afganistan sounds just like Fort Hood killings,,  Which means that bho is part of the order to do the shooting, just like Fort Hood.....

  • In a sense I agree with Mr.Newt on this. we ought live up to our standards. And he ought be held accountable. 

    That being said it peeves me that the freakin' bloody Muslims have a green light to slay Americans deployed to 

    Afghanistan at will and our Muslim President apologizes to them when they kill our soldiers. when one of ours 

    gives to the  pressure --and acts like our enemy the Afghani--they say "It cannot be forgiven." And the stuffed suits 

    In Washington D.C. promise they will "make it right." Promise "full co-operation." and our troops are being told

    "Now is NOT the time for  revenge." Well for one it got to that time. A russian who had served there as a Russian Soldier 

    said it well .He we could not hope to do what Russia tried but failed to do. He predicted it would end the same for us.

    And our stuffed suits  in Washington still try to make a silk purse from a sows ear.OR human beings of the  end product  

    of  monkeys and pigs.(Muslim)

  • Our attention as a nation has no business in Afganistan, Iraq or Syria.  These actions are pure distractions as to where our real attention should be directed.  While Borrowed money is being wasted in far away places, our Country is in a Constitutional Crisis that the media and many Americans choose to ignore.   Our leadership is a Fraud and Imposter taking us down the road to ruin if we accept it.   During the First and Second World War, America was able to survivie and win because of the Manufacturing Base and the Domestic Energy we were able to produce.  Without those elements, many believe we would not have as emerged as the Victor we did. 

    If we allow the current Fraud to continue, we will have no manufacturing and zero domestic energy to fuel our defense should we find our country ebroiled in the next war that the Imposter in the White House is leading us towards.

    Many today believe the Illegal Alien sitting in our Oval Office is there to insure :

    1. We bankrupt ourselves for any future generation

    2. We have No Manufacturing Base to grow

    3. We have no Domestic Energy to fuel our country's growth


    Barrack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soretoro refuses to identify himself and is in the process of implementing items 1,2 and 3 listed above.  He has promised to "Side with Islam if times turn ugly"  (his words)....  and continues at every opportunity to go around the Constitution and the Congress that he took an oath to "support and defend"  


    The enemy is within and the sooner we demand this usurper either prove his quaifications or is imprisoned the safer it will be for our country and our posterity.

    In Joe Arapio's news conference, he announced the findings of his 6 month investigation of the So-Called Investigation of Obama's Birth Certificate.  The investigation suspects the document released as a BC by the White House to be a Forgery!!   This should be one of the News Items for our National Media, but do you hear this Story on MSNBC or CNN?

    Please wake up and demand answers while we still have the right to demand them.......    I do and am...


    Are You??




    • JM Johnson has it exactly right except for one more thing.  That is, when we fought WWII (the last war we won) we fought full out.  We bombed cities and factories, (just like the did to England) with little regard for civilians because you can't win if the enemy is able to produce and keep arming its troops and people.  Not shooting until the enemy has opened up on you and is identified with no (innocents) in danger is a guarantee that you will lose.

      Either fight full bore or get the hell out of all those Muslim cesspools.   The way it is going we lot's to lose and not a single thing to gain.


    • Yep, I am JM and hope others are also.........good post.


      Also the Arpaio evidence plus the Sec of Def testimony against using the US Constitution for military forays, but instead rely on International approvals should have every member of Congress on top of their desks screaming...IMPACHMENT, IMPEACHMENT......both democrats and republicans......everyone who claims to be an American.....

  • It looks like this shooting did happen. All I can say is "I wish it hadn't..." This is just going to result in MORE U.S. deaths. What an idiot this guy is. I'd like to render some "justice" myself 

    I don't care about the "women and children" as is being reported. They never mention that in the suicide and/or market place bombings by the jihahis. This makes our job much harder over there. I'm starting to think we should  GTHEFO. :=)

  • Our commanders will make certain the soldier(s) responsible will be brought to justice, as one commenter has said, under the UCMJ.  What is unfathomable to me is the press that may be blowing this way beyond the facts but having little to say about those soldiers killed by a barbareous people that wants to remain in the stone age.

    I notice how the scum in the White house is quick, once again, to appologize but not a word to the soldiers that received a bullet in the back of their head or a word publically to their families.

    I leave how I really feel out because I do not want a visit from the SS.

    Semper Fi

  • This is an unfortunate occurence & an untimely one. There are a number of points here that have been raised before, & we seem never to learn from them. Consider the Ft. Hood disaster; various personnel had noted the actions of the ' person ' involved, & recorded them, for some time, yet nothing was done, in this case because he was a muslim & current policy dictated ' special treatment ' over others in his area of work & branch of service. The military is NOT designed to favor the few, over the safety of all. The man who went on his own here, has probably experienced the pressure inherent from combat among a civilian population with unknown hositities & potentials of reprisals, & possible hostile unions among the enemy. When I was in the RVN in the ' 60's, we were told not to buy from street vendors selling cokes-in cans; some were rigged to blow up. Not to buy official-looking, black pens-even with the words; ' US GOVERNMENT ' printed on them, as they also were rigged with a charge that would tear your arm off. There were many other classes of rigged items, cases where poisons were used. The people selling most of these, were ' innocent children ', from the civilian population. An unknown. Anyone who's been in similar scenarios has experienced the same pressures. It is a very stressful environment.Fellow soldiers may have noted the man's anxieties, or unrestive behavior. & again, nothing was done & the tragic result is, again, many uneccesary deaths & dishonor brought upon an honorable attempt to rid the world of real evil. How many extended tours did this man have? When was the last time he'd been evaluated ? I have no doubt the military can & must handle this chaos, how well they are allowed to,under present policy, remains to be seen, but it will never be done by abandoning an American soldier to a ravenous mob. The man is sick, American society has provisions to treat, or punish him. As far as current policy goes, we have enough reasons why the present policies, instituted by a 'CIC' who is biased against the American Constitution & way of life, to reject them, & impeach him & get on with the restoration of the United States of America. ( I agree with Don Moore, in regards to UCMJ vs sharia ) 



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