America has now gone full Marxist totalitarian Communist.


“Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

Those are the words of ex-attorney general Eric Holder.

Whether or not the corona virus Covid-19 was released deliberately or by accident has now become irrelevant, it has all been weaponized now. And these Democrats will use it to restrict the movements of the American people in any way they can.
The Democrats have used it as an excuse to lock down our borders between the States. Americans are no longer free to travel from State to State without a vaccine “Passport”.
Businesses and schools are still shut down even though the CDC has now lifted the mandatory mask and facial covering for those who have taken the vaccine.

There are still thousands of National Guard troops patrolling the Streets of Washington DC. Entry into the city by civilians is nearly completely restricted and shut down. Washington DC has become a city fortress, walled off from the American public by armed military ready to shoot to kill anyone who they perceive as a danger to the occupants of the US Capital. The “OATH” of service for the military is no longer “Preserve Protect and Defend the Constitution of the united states of America”, But It has now become “Preserve Protect and Defend those who intend to destroy America. Preserve Protect and Defend the Democrat Communist Manifesto, against ALL Americans who reject the Transformation.

At this moment there are still over 400 people sitting in Washington DC jails charged with invading the Capital on January 6th 2021. A judge has just recently refused to allow a Texas man to be released on bail because prosecutors say “He WAS THERE”, And he was inciting riots on some social media web sites. Plus the charge that he was part of a Militia group. Which the last time I looked was NOT illegal.

Forget about “DUE” process of Courts and the protections of under the US Constitution, that no longer applies. All of this despite the fact that no weapons or guns were confiscated from those who attempted to enter the Capital on January 6th and the only person killed was the UN-armed woman Ashli Babbitt, a veteran shot by a Capital guard.  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department has closed its investigation into the death of Ashli Babbitt, a participant in a Jan. 6 riot shot by U.S. Capitol Police, saying there was no evidence to prove the officer who shot her had violated her civil rights. 


So who’s running the Government in Washington? It sure as hell isn’t old sleepy dementia Joe Biden. Anyone with half a brain and an ounce of honesty knows there is no way that Joe Biden and the Democrats won that 2020 election. Hillary Clinton said “Why in hell didn’t you do that for ME in 2016?”

Instead the Democrats now are using the US Federal Government to try to stop the Arizona election audit. The election fraud is being protected by the Main-stream media and the propaganda machine of the Communist party, (CNN – NBC – ABC – MSNBC – CBS). And of course all conservative voices have been censored and silenced from Facebook and Twitter and Youtube.


Anti-Second Amendment gun laws; The “Biden” administration has unleashed a flurry of anti-gun regulations which include so called - “Ghost Guns”, and any and all parts which could be used to manufacture rifles and guns at home. The Governor of the State of Washington has issued an update to the gun confiscation orders to include any “parts” used to assemble a weapon.


So now if you are a member of any Militia groups, if you own and possess any weapons or even parts that could be used to assemble a weapon at home, then you are subject to being charged as a potential domestic terrorist. If you speak out against this regime on any social media platforms then you automatically come under surveillance as a potential threat to their “Democracy”.

There are hundreds more complaints and grievances that we could list here but the bottom line is that America is no longer a Constitutional FREE Republic. America has now become a full fledged Marxist totalitarian Communist State.




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  • Anything less than a full blown rebellion to topple the corrupt federal government in Washington D.C. is a waste of time.

    If we had 3 million people on the same page it might be possible to do that and restore the federal government in complete compliance with the original Constitution.

    That IS the only option we have, otherwise, yes, we are in a full blown Marxist Communist state.

  • The astonishing part of all this is that they are actually telling everyone what they are doing, but most people don't understand what they are saying.

    The Biden administration's moto is "Build it back better"
    That is a direct reference to the Fabian Society pholosophy of building a better world in their image of a Fabian dictatorship. However in order for them to "Build it Back Better" they must first completely DESTROY what already exists.  And THAT means EVERYTHING IN AMERICA.
















    The stained glass window was designed by George Bernard Shaw in 1910 as a commemoration of the Fabian Society, and shows fellow Society members Sidney Webb and Edward R. Pease, among others, helping to build 'the new world'. Four Fabians, Beatrice and Sidney Webb, Graham Wallas, and George Bernard Shaw founded the London School of Economics with the money left to the Fabian Society by Henry Hutchinson. Supposedly the decision was made at a breakfast party on 4 August 1894. Artist Caroline Townshend (cousin of Shaw's wife Charlotte Payne-Townshend and daughter of Fabian and Suffragette Emily Townshend) created the Fabian window, according to Shaw's design in 1910. Also included in the window besides Shaw and Townshend themselves, were other prominent Fabians such as H. G. Wells, Annie Besant, Graham Wallas, Hubert Bland, Edith Nesbit, Sydney Olivier, Oliver Lodge, Leonard Woolf, and Emmeline Pankhurst.



    George Bernard Shaw
    George Bernard Shaw (; 26 July 1856 – 2 November 1950), known at his insistence simply as Bernard Shaw, was an Irish playwright, critic, polemicist a…

    It appears that Washington is scared to death of the American people.

    Or are they just using scare tactics as an excuse for why they need to
    crack-down on all those weapons and "ghost-guns" we have.??
    I think it's a little bit of both.

    Only a tyrannical government has reason to fear it's own people.
    US Warns Extremists May Strike as Virus Restrictions Ease
    A national terrorism alert issued Friday warns that violent extremists may take advantage of the easing of pandemic restrictions to conduct attacks.
    • "Tyrannical government" is the exact reason why I say rebellion is required to restore our Republic.

  • Illegal Immigrants entering the US from the southern border;
    The Democrats and the Biden/Harris/Obama administration have a plan. They have a number in mind as to when is there enough.
    That plan and that number is what ever it takes to insure that no Republican ever wins election to the White House or congress ever again.
    In the 2020 elections there were 80 Million Americans who voted for Donald Trump.
    A number equal to at least half of that would be enough to reach their goals of guaranteeing no Republican could ever be elected as President ever again.
    40 Million people,,,,,, As far as the Democrats are concerned these are NOT illegal immigrants, - - - they are YOUR REPLACEMENTS.





  • Only a sadist could have come up with the current child abuse system that the * O *- Biden regime is operating on our southern border, in conjunction with the drug cartels. DHS Secretary Alejandro ( omierda ) Mayorkas says that the Biden regime is admitting all child migrant arrivals into the US due to an abundance of “compassion.” Because what could be more compassionate than stuffing 20,000 kids into a tent with tinfoil blankets and forcing them to poop in plastic grocery store bags?
    A vaffanGul Compassion .

    The Trump administration was automatically deporting all child arrivals back to their parents overseas, which seemed more compassionate  . Due to Trump’s policies, child arrivals had trickled down to near zero by the time he left office. Now the unaccompanied child arrivals have skyrocketed by something like 57,000%.

    There is such an incredible flood of unaccompanied minors that the regime has asked state foster care systems to kick American foster kids out, to make room for the foreign kids. There are so many foreign children being held in the Biden concentration camps now that they’ve lost track of how many there are. The government can’t count them. It’s been weeks since the last time they gave us an accurate number.  

    As for adult illegal alien arrivals, Mayorkas’ answer is even more hilarious. “The border is closed,” he declared this week.

    From October 2020 through January 2020, the Trump administration allowed just 32,000 people to cross the border, after determining that they legitimately fit the dictionary definition of “refugees.” Between February and May 11, Mayorkas and DHS have allowed 156,000 total illegal alien adults and families into the US. That’s five times as many people – in 25% less time.

    This is a “closed” border according to the Biden team of liars.

    From  Panama all the way up to the US-Mexico border, the drug cartels are giving birth control to little girls as young as 8 or 9. Let it sink in for a moment that Team Biden was warned by the Border Patrol that their open-border police would create a humanitarian crisis like this. After adults pay the cartels to escort them through Mexico to the border, they can buy children from the cartels in order to make it look like they are a “family unit” (and therefore won’t be deported by Joe Biden). You can buy a kid on the Mexico side of the border for as little as $84 US dollars right now, according to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-MN).

    Yet Mayorkas told a Senate committee this week, “We are enforcing the laws in a smart and effective way.”

    Uh huh.  Alejandro Mayorkas is an idiot.

    Meanwhile, as Team Biden publicly proclaims that the border is “closed,” they have quietly sent in the Army Corps of Engineers to finish building an uncompleted 13-mile stretch of Big and Beautiful Trump Border Wall in the Rio Grande Valley. That’s probably not going to do much in the grand scheme of things, but it will be 13 fewer miles to be built when ....................
    It’s easy to laugh and point our fingers at Joe Biden for adding a nice section to the Trump Wall, but it appears that something else is going on here. Could it be that Biden is sealing off that section simply to funnel the hordes into processing centers? If they slip through an un-walled section of the border, Biden can’t register them to vote as Democrats. That’s what it looks like he’s doing.
    But ..............................................starting back on the wall,  it’s to stop water from flooding the area! Not to stop Brown people from crossing. That was something that was starting when Trump was in office. The work was being done on a Dike /Dam . The workers had not finished the Dike when Biden stopped work on the wall! 

  • Hello dear friends. We defeated fascists and Nazis in 1945. The trial in Nuremberg put an end to the massive crimes against humanity of Hitler's executioners. Those responsible for the construction of the concentration camps were executed! Many years later. And, today, I see that the concentration camp was built on the lands of free states. We are worthy people. And we cannot come to terms with this. We must unite and join the fight against evil. Even if we die, our example will become a ray of hope for the free world. It is important to keep the last shoots of democracy and not let them die! I love you free people. I believe in the victory of our holy aspirations. Best regards, Evgeny Zhukov.

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