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Penned by JB Williams - (12/22/11)

When government leaders demonstrate a blatant disregard for the rule of law, the citizens soon follow that example. When justice becomes nothing more than a tool for socialist experiments known as social justice, no longer a system of equal protections guided by existing laws, the people will seek their own form of justice and anarchy will reign, until justice is restored.


Our federal government has refused to keep its Constitutional promise to the states and the people, to among other things, control and enforce our immigration laws, demonstrating a blatant disregard for the rule of law, the state and legal American citizens, not to mention their constitutional obligation.


Border States were left to enforce the law within their own states. But federal courts, which have no jurisdiction over the states, stepped in and blocked the states from enforcing the law and today, dozens of Sheriff Deputies turn in their federal credentials, refusing to abide by federal mandates to break existing immigration laws.


Meanwhile, the Democrat Mayor of D.C. announces his executive order to stand down on federal immigration laws in his city, and Democrat Connecticut Mayor of New Haven, already known as a sanctuary city for illegal activity, announces his intentions to allow illegal aliens to vote in the upcoming 2012 election cycle. The Obama Administration supports both illegal acts.


Democrat Mayors, Governors, law-makers, judges and the White House are living in blatant violation of the law, their oaths of office, the will of legal American citizens and their constitutional authority.


How much longer will the people sit quiet, before taking justice into their own hands, in what has clearly become a lawless society?


Clearly, government officials from the White House all the way down to your local town and all points in-between, have a total disregard for the rule of law and the Constitution of these once United States. Every day, we see government officials act beyond their authority, in direct violation of the law and their oaths of office – still, the American people sit silent, waiting… but for what?


The people allowed their Constitutional Representative Republic to be quietly replaced with a Marxist form of democracy (aka Democratic Socialism) and we are now witnessing simple democracy at its worst. Washington D.C. is the belly of the beast, in terms of political and judicial corruption and lawlessness. But that corruption and lawlessness has been systematically spread across the country, throughout the federal courts, all the way down to your local traffic court.


Judges are no longer restrained by the law. They operate as political tools for change – henchmen for a corrupt administration, federal, state and local. Our nation has been systematically pushed to the brink of anarchy, a lawless society wherein the people will have to exact justice themselves, or live under the boot of government tyranny.


The people have already been silent too long. What are they waiting for?


Fifty years ago, the people could have resolved this matter peacefully, via constitutional processes put in place to protect the people and the states from government corruption and tyranny. But today, the mechanisms of justice have been stolenfrom the people, just like the rest of their government.


The people have no place to turn, to restore the rule of law and constitutional government. The people now stand alone, undermanned and out-gunned – divided, distracted and impotent.


Three-hundred million Americans live in fear of a small handful of evil tyrants operating their government well outside of constitutional authority, ready and willing to use the full power of the federal government, our military, intelligence and law enforcement agencies, to put down any resistance from the people.


The Department of Homeland Security has carefully identified every potential patriotic resister as a “potential domestic terrorist.” The White House has cross-trained federal, state and local law enforcement with military units, staging for civil unrest once the anarchy they created grips the entire nation.


The Clinton Administration launched UN Agenda 21 across America in 1996, under a federal program titled Global Governance 2025. The timeline for completing this agenda has since been bumped up to 2013, officially. But economic circumstances here and abroad have caused the Obama Administration to accelerate, attempting a 2012 completion, amid political chaos and partisan stalemates.


Everything we see unfolding today is in support of this agenda to end American sovereignty, security and supremacy in the world. They are even running Intel snitch ops on American citizens from the college campuses. The enemy is a hundred-years ahead of American patriots, who seem stuck in a rut, baffled by a constant diet of propaganda that keeps them only able to chase their own tails.


Only three potential lines of defense remain now – your state line, your county line and your front door.


If the states don’t quickly position themselves to fight back against a corrupt and tyrannical federal dictatorship, this thing is already over. The County Sheriff has an important role to play, but they cannot defend the people alone. They will have to deputize every citizen in their county, as they will face federal, state and local law enforcement, plus the U.S. military and even foreign military units from NATO and the UN. Are you aware of the fact that the U.S. Military enjoys world-wide air superiority?


The states must face the reality that “federal supremacy” is based solely upon “federal funding.” The federal government has very limited authority within a state. It is the federal funding that allows the federal government to dictate to the states and the states must cut themselves off from all federal funding.


If the people fail to stand up a real resistance at their state lines, closely working with their governors and state legislators in order to put their state on what can only be called a war footing, then the people will not be able to defend at their county line, much less their front door.


This thing has been a long time coming and it is coming fast and hard now.


Obama cannot be re-elected without massive voter fraud, including the votes of illegal aliens. The 2012 election cycle will be anything but legitimate, unless the people pile into the election centers and enforce laws that law enforcement agencies will not enforce. Study the Battle of Athens Tennessee 1946. This is what the 2012 election could look like in every district across the nation, especially the inner-city districts. Remember that the Obama Justice Department refused to prosecute Black Panthers who were openly intimidating voters in the 2008 election!


Those who truly understand the desperate condition of our country are not too focused on the 2012 election. They are instead, focused upon getting their states positioned to defend freedom and liberty at the state line.


I am NOT calling for anarchy, I am predicting it.

When our elected representatives operate with a total disregard for the rule of constitutional authority and law, it is only a matter of time before the people disregard the law as well.


The rule of constitutional law applies to everyone, including elected representatives – or it applies to no one at all.


Our federal government has created a lawless government operating against the will of the people, beyond constitutional authority. It is only a matter of time before the people act with total disregard for the law as well.


The people must act to position a last defense at their state line, or this thing, Global Governance 2025, is already over. Only a majority of the states have the power to stop it! If they won’t stop it at the state lines, the people will never know freedom, liberty, national sovereignty, security and supremacy in the world, again.


The time is here… it is now. Or it is never! Unite to fight!


JB Williams

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Snik-snik...snik-snik...snik-snik....!  That sound is getting louder and louder.  Fortunately, I think that a lot of military are up on this and they will stand down when the shit hits the fan.  Buy all the ammo and firearms you can.  Stock up on food and other necessities.  With the help of the Lord we will over come, .......or this is part of the prophecy....!  In either case I plan on going down fighting.   Oooooo....Raaaahhh.....!  Semper Fi....!

Most of us are already on there terrorist lists.

Twana has worked tirelessly in keeping us informed on every issue from a to z. There are only a handful of people that devote so much time and energy as she does and she kept it up even while morning the loss of her mother so I got your Oooooo....Raaaahhh.....!  Semper Fi.... crap sp show some respect.


Me to. It's freedom or nothing.

so...when do we hear 'the shot heard around the world'?

Do you remember what happened in Hondurus just a few short years ago? Even the left now has admitted that it wasn't a "Military Coup" which they had tried to portray it as, but a constitutional impeachment. We need to keep working and praying and formulating the cases for impeachment. There are A FEW of the newly elected Congressmen in both houses who are standing firm. We must find a way to shout louder than ows, so that the world hears us. The Revolution didn't happen because a bunch of trained OR untrained soldiers began forming their army. First there Were years of Publications that were put out by Patriots. The left may have taken the lame stream media into the conspiracy, but MOST OF US HAVE COMPUTERS AND PRINTERS. (if we can still afford ink.) We need to canvas the land with printed material, NOT JUST BOOKS LIKE YOU FIND ON CONSERVATIVE WEB SITES, WE NEED WAYS TO GET HANDOUTS OUT THERE TO TELL PEOPLE THAT THERE IS A BETTER WAY THAN KEEPING ON RAISING THE DEBT CEILING AND BORROWING FROM OUR ENEMY. We need to work like Ben Franklin, and Thomas Payne, Maybe comic book style writings that even dumbed down jr & high school students can understand. I love Rush's paradies, that's what gets a lot of people to listen to him. Do we have political poetry writers among us, (There was a really good one about saying Merry Christmas the other day.) How about some ballads that kids will be enthused about. (They love utube.) We need to organize to be ready if it does come to actual protecting our sovereignity, BUT FIRST, comes the battle for the hearts & minds of Americans. The TEA PARTY has been a very good start, that's why they had to manufacture ows. Are we just giving them the ground or can we work with TEA PARTY rallies, and others.. I liked the idea of information booths at county fairs,, and festivals, but if we just put out handouts they'll be thrown away. How about some videos to show to kids, so they can see what REAL history looked like. (I love Glenn Beck's "Being George Washington", if we can only get that kind of thing out kids will love it!)


It seems to me that we need someone to go ahead and find enough guts to begin impeachment proceedings against Holder and Obama right now. Their existing powers need to be stopped with no power to make any rules for any of us. I don't know how, but something needs to happen very quickly. Keep our country and the ones of us left that believes that God was and is still in our nation needs to be praying for those who can.

I love your way to go into battle, I wonder if we can get the 26 states who're suing over obamacare to go into it. But, then, we have to get  courts to actually hear the case. Wonder if Levin's LandMark Legal Foundation, or ACLJ would consider the suit?

I have been disturbed for some time now at the rapidity of the Federal Government's advance of its assault on the rights of individuals and the sovereignty of the individual States, especially under the administrations of the last four presidents. I have watched as the government, under both Republican and Demonicrat parties have slowly advanced the New World Order -- as GHW Bush called the victory in Kuwait -- and the underhandedness of the Clinton and GW Bush's in treading on our First and Second Amendment rights through the TSA and the Patriot Act which established the Department of Homeland Security. When it became apparent that the Republican Establishment had decided to anoint John McCain as the 2008 Republican nominee -- as they are now determined to do with Mitt Romney (another anti-Second Amendment jerk), I realized that they had condemned this nation to the rule of a Communist/Socialist by the name of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and set us on a course of self-destruction unequalled by Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, or FDR at their worst. It was then that I began to assemble my collection of firearms and enough ammunition for each to stand off any Federal terrorist whether he be FBI, CIA, military, or civilian police officer. I believe in the Spartan call to their enemies -- "Molon Labe!" -- and in Patrick Henry's cry of defiance: "Give me Liberty or give me DEATH!" I stand ready to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with any of my patriotic brothers and sisters who will fight against foreign or domestic aggression to destroy this nation.


This is the way to fight right now.

Other means may be necessary later, but for now, THIS action is the correct course.

Good job W.E.

Right on, has anyone researched how we go about starting the recall of legislators if they won't stand up to the cabal in charge. I'd love to see a Sample Recall Petition, we could copy and e-mail to all our legislators, and if that doesn't get their attention, begin to actually circulate them! Does anyone know if internet petitions are legal to do that sort of thing with?



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