America TODAY AND OUR Constitution


America TODAY AND OUR Constitution


America – Home of the free, Land of the Brave. Well that was a nice concept – while it lasted.
There was a time when Americans were free. Free to do and live as we pleased. We lived without fear of oppression from government intrusions and over burdening rules, controls and regulations. Our Constitution protected us from unlawful, Unconstitutional search and seizure. Government agencies and departments were all held in check by our Constitution; they were limited in what laws and rules they could impose up the people. Government was not allowed to snoop and spy on private citizens without proper and due process. They were not allowed to simply raid our homes and personal belongings without a real cause or justifiable reason for doing so.

Today if you read and watch the real news you will find out that that is not the case any more.
The Federal Government under this Biden/Harris/Obama/Jarrett administration has been completely “Transformed” into a fascist Communist dictatorship much like Communist China, or Russia. Our Government agencies operate in much the same fashion as the Nazi gestapo did in pre-WW-II Nazi Germany. This administration, along with the aid and assistance from their protected fake-news-media, feels right at home with raiding the homes and personal belongings of anyone who opposes them.
They use the FBI and DHS and IRS to spy on and conduct surveillance operations on anyone they think might be a threat to their power and authority. They have in fact named and called fully half of America’s population as “potential Domestic terrorists” simply because we might have a weapon, a gun, or might be a registered Republican. If we follow the Republican or Conservative party, If we follow President Donald Trump’s MAGA party movement, then WE are their biggest and most dangerous enemy. And WE – The MAGA movement followers and freedom believers must be eliminated, we MUST be destroyed.

And this administration will waste no time in using every Government agency at their disposal to silence anyone and put down any opposition, any potential threat to their control.

Today the motto of the Democrat party in control is “Show me the man and I will show you the crime”. If there is no crime committed, they will find one, even if they have to invent one.

An IRS agent once told me that it didn’t matter what rules and regulations I used to file my income tax returns, he could find a rule that said it was wrong and that I was in big trouble, that I was in danger of being prosecuted for income tax evasion.

There are literally thousands of Americans who's homes and personal belongings have been either raided, seized or they have been interrogated or worse by government agents on the look-out for anyone who might oppose their authority and controls. Former President Donald Trump along with at least 35 of his followers homes and belongings have been raided or seized by the FBI. The New York State prosecutors office is in search of “crimes” committed by Trump and his tax returns. “Show me the man and I will show you the crime” is their philosophy and their method. And remember the IRS can find a rule that says no matter what regulations he used to file those tax returns they can find a rule that says he was wrong and guilty of income tax evasion. Even if they have to invent one. And their friends in the fake-news media will instantly magnify and broadcast those “crimes” to help insure public support for any prosecutions.

These Government agents are all now on a cocaine high, they are all now drunk, intoxicated with their new found power and authority. They will use that power and authority to raid anyone’s home and seize anything they want. Anyone who opposes them could be shot on the spot. Every government agent now is fully armed and must be willing to use full lethal deadly force against any attempted opposition.

There was a time when the American people would not stand for nor allow this type of Government tyranny. When American’s felt secure that they were protected by our Constitution. There was a time when Government agencies were restricted and limited to what they could or would or could NOT do. But those restrictions and limits are now gone. This new government and this administration has thrown that Constitution and those limits and restrictions out the window.

Americans are no longer protected by the Constitution. The limits and restrictions on what the government can and can-NOT do are now gone. The only thing protecting American citizens now is obscurity, silence, and anonymity. Just lay low, keep your mouth shut, and do not voice any kind of opposition and descent. Obey the new rules, submit, and shut up, or else.

America, Home of the Free, Land of the Brave. There was a time when the American people would not tolerate or allow this kind of behavior from our government. Government agents knew that if they stepped out of line they were in deep trouble and could potentially get their own asses kicked, and would definitely be fired.

The American people have always stood up against government oppression and tyranny, both here and abroad. The entire world knew that America – above all else- could be counted on to protect and defend freedom, liberty, and justice. Not only in America but in their home lands as well. The entire western free world depends on America to protect their freedoms as well.
If America goes down so will the rest of the free world.

Do I sound like I’m on a soap box here? You damn right I am. It’s been said that we only have three boxes on which to depend, The Soap Box, the Ballot box, and the Cartridge box.
Well this is the Soap box, the Democrats and Communists have stolen the Ballot box, and they are trying to take away the Cartridge box.


How far will the American people allow them to go before we say no more, Enough is enough?
If you think we can depend on the next election then you better hope there really is a true GOD and that he is listening to your prayers.










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    Our Constitution, the Constitution of the United States of America, was deliberately and specifically written to protect the freedoms and liberties of the American people and to limit and restrict the powers and authority of the Federal Government.
    It is NOT the other way around. These Governments, any Government, does not like to be limited. They do not like restrictions being imposed upon them. That is why they hate the Constitution and why they hate anyone who demands that they (all government agencies and departments) must obey that Constitution. They prefer to make their own rules and regulations when they feel the need.
    They fear the second amendment and hate the possibility that the American people could someday revolt and take up arms against their new rules and made-up regulations.
    That is why they push so hard to impose gun laws and regulations.
    Once they can take our guns and weapons away, then they can and will take everything else away.


  • "There was a time" needs to be "Time Again".

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