Getting old. I’m pushing 78, which means I’ve been around for a while. I’ve been watching these radical extremists since the 1960’s. Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn, Hanoi-Jane Fonda, John Kerry, and a few hundred others. I witnessed the mayhem and chaos of the Weather Underground movement. Chaos and destruction – treason.

I was in Waco in 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was killed up in Dallas. I was in the US Air Force out at James Connelly Air Force Base. These people today are not your grandparent’s Democrats, they are not the Democrats of John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy. And these anarchists are not simply protesters demonstrating over the death of one black man named George Floyd. Racism has nothing to do with what is going on now except that it is a tool that they are using to incite violence and hatred. A Tool being used to divide the people of this country.

These anarchists and protesters from Black-lives-matter and ANTIFA are straight out of the Bolshevik revolution of the early 1900’s. They are NOT just protesting for better police reform, better treatment by the police and law enforcement. These people, and those who are leading them are hell-bent on the total and complete destruction of the United States of America.

Their protest chant along the southern border is “NO TRUMP – NO WALL – NO USA AT ALL”.

They want to eliminate the Constitution of the United States of America, They want to eliminate all US sovereignty and independence. While they chant and declare that they have their civil rights, that is precisely the thing that they want to deny you. And all the rest of us. A much more accurate chant for these people might be “RIGHTS FOR ME BUT NOT FOR THEE”.

Make no mistake about it people, we are in a WAR. They have been pushing for this war since the days of the Weather-Underground in the 1960’s, and actually since 1913. Since the days of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and then in China. Later it was Cuba and then Venezuela.

In October 2008 Candidate Barack Hussein Obama declared “We ARE ONLY FIVE DAYS AWAY FROM FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING AMERICA”.
Many people heard him say that, but most people did not fully understand what he was really saying.

Obama and his administration worked for eight years to implement and install their policies and install their regime and Government agency leaders who would carry out that Fundamental Transformation.
Donald Trump was NOT supposed to win that election in 2016.
Hillary Clinton was selected to succeed Obama so that she would be the one to carry that transformation forward.
That’s why they hate
Donald Trump so much. It was NOT intended for him to win in 2016.

They all hate President Trump for building that border wall, but the bigger wall he built was the one blocking their transformation of America into a communist state controlled by the United Nations high command. And some “New-World-Order”. A NEW World GOVERNANCE”, the “ONE-WORLD GOVERNANCE.” President Donald J. Trump screwed up their plans for the elimination of all American sovereignty and Independence.

THAT is why they hate him so much.

Four years of non-stop accusations and investigations. They tried impeachment. They tried to remove him from office through the US Senate. It’s been one attack after another, 24/7 on a daily basis from the Left-wing “News- Media”, the “FAKE-News Media”.
Democrat Al Green from Houston Texas said “I’m afraid if we don’t impeach him he will get reelected”.
Well folks I’m here to tell you we BETTER Reelect President Donald J. Trump in November 2020.
Because Joe Biden will just simply pick up where Barack Obama left off. He will finish the job that Hillary Clinton was supposed to do.
ANTIFA and Black-Lives-Matter will become the Department of Home-Land Security and the Justice Department. Obama’s Brown-shirt Army, the OFA, will become the next Gestapo.
If you think I’m a little radical myself, I’m screaming the sky is falling, the sky is falling, I told you I’ve been watching these people since the 1960’s. What is happening is right out of the play book, They wrote it all down years ago. It’s called Karl Marx’s Manifesto and Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

What happened to Venezuela WILL happen here. What happened to Cuba WILL happen here.

Don’t tell me it can never happen here, because “This is America”. Go home and turn on your television to some real news because it IS happening here, right here – right now.

Now, Texas district 17;
I want to thank Congressman Bill Flores. I want to thank him for his service. He has voted to support President Trump in nearly every thing he has done.
So don’t anyone get me wrong here. Congressman Bill Flores is a nice guy. So I want to thank him for his service, but most of all I want to thank him for stepping down.

You see Bill Flores is a nice guy, he’s a good honorable Texan, and a loyal American Patriot. But Bill Flores has been ineffective, nearly useless in Washington.

And Bill Flores's hand-picked successor will be more of the same. Do nothing, get nothing done, useless. She will have no position, no seniority, no authority to get anything accomplished. As a new freshman in Congress she will be told to Just sit back – shut up- listen, and do what you’re told”.
With the things that are happening in America right now the last thing we need in Washington is another seat warmer. Better than a Democrat yes, but still an ineffective seat-warmer.

ANTIFA, Black-lives-Matter, and these 1960’s radicals, along with Communist China and Russia, all want President Donald Trump gone next January. And so does the “Establishment in Washington that was installed over the eight years of the Obama administration.

WE have to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Plus we have to make sure that once Donald Trump is reelected that he has someone from Texas District 17 that will stand up and fight to preserve, protect, and defend America and American Sovereignty, Liberty and Independence.

We have to make sure that “Fundamental Transformation of America” never goes forward.

I believe Pete Session has the best chance of winning in November 2020. And I believe Pete Sessions will present the best opportunity to bring the fight to save America back to those Democrats that want to destroy us. Pete will return to Washington and retain his seniority from previous service. He will retain his committee positions, and with people like us pushing him and holding his feet to the fire I KNOW he will Stand with President Donald Trump and he will bring this fight straight to the Democrats.
We WILL STOP this “Fundamental Transformation of America”.
We WILL preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against ALL enemies, foreign and Domestic.


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  • Don't know if you've seen this guy or not. He's pretty good. Sometimes talks too much but he's good.

    BCP (Black Conservative Patriot)

    - YouTube
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
    • Wow! a second "black" voice. Still woefully too little, too late.

  • Pastor James Manning on BLM...

    • The only "black" voice I have heard come out against BLM. There needs to be more, much more.

  • ANTIFA and BLM are anti American organizations, hell bent on ending our Republic, thus a terrorist threat and open season should be declared on them by those of us that wish to preserve our Republic (or what's left of it).

    • Problem is Lee, Just as it was with the OAS campaign in 2014, we just can't get people organized to do anything.
      If we had removed Obama in 2014 none of this would be happening now.
      People would not stand up then, and they will not stand up now.
      George Soros and Michael Bloomberg are pouring millions into state and regional elections. Trying to get liberals elected to all kinds of state offices, like the Attorney Generals offices. Look at Virginia and Florida, Minnesota, and Texas. They are spending millions on these "local" elections and stupid people will fall for it.

      There's not much Trump can do about any of that. He has declared ANTIFA as a terrorist organization and A.G. Barr has started arresting some of them for destroying statues.
      I would like to see a lot more arrests and about a thousand people sent to GITMO.
      I have asked questions about that and the answers I got sounded like there may be things happening but can not be discussed in any way. The people I asked are on the inside with full access.

      • As the old saying goes; "We get the government we deserve". The USA has turned majority coward, or so it would appear. All it would take is about three percent of the total population to topple this crooked deep state and reinstate the Constitution and restore the Republic. We apparently do not even have 3/10 of 1 percent willing to do that.

  • And here we are, still discussing what has happened to our Republic instead of doing what is necessary to restore said Republic.

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