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At the direction of the Southern Poverty Law Center(1), the Obama Administration and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had established a profile for what they call “potential domestic terrorists”(2) of grave concern in the DHS Intel Report titled “Rightwing Extremism.”(2)

The Obama Administration has allowed the Southern Poverty Law Center to define “hate” – hate speech and hate-based domestic terrorism. But the Southern Poverty Law Center is nothing more than a George Soros funded hate group of a different sort, using its power with the current administration to launch a full scale assault on all who do not share the left-wing political view and labeling all conservatives “haters.”

However, Jared Lee Loughner, the alleged gunman responsible for shooting Democrat Congresswoman Gabby Giffords did not meet Obama’s SPLC depiction of a domestic terrorist. He was not a soldier, as first reported by the left-wing press, but rather an Army reject. He is not a political conservative, but rather a political liberal.

If Loughner opposes illegal immigration, then he shot the wrong congresswomen. Giffords opposed Obama on his administrations lack of border security and their efforts to force amnesty for illegals upon the citizens of Arizona. Giffords is a blue-dog Democrat, in full favor of Second Amendment gun rights and enforcement of our immigration laws and border security.

Pima County Sheriff Dupnik wasted no time trying to saddle the Tea Party with responsibility for Loughner’s actions - “The anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on in this country is getting to be outrageous. And unfortunately Arizona I think is the capital. We are the Mecca for prejudice for prejudice and bigotry,” Dupnik said. – turning the horrific events of the day into little more than a political strategy for the political left.

We need to do some soul searching,Dupnik, a Democrat, told reporters. “It’s the vitriolic rhetoric that we hear day in and day out from people in the radio business and some people in the TV business.

CNN is blaming political rhetoric and calling for an end to free political speech, but only from the political right, citing – “the possibility that highly polarized rhetoric in the conservative hotbed of Arizona may have played a role in the assassination attempt of the Democratic congresswoman, who was targeted during a meet-and-greet with constituents in a shopping center.”

However, Giffords is a “conservative” Democrat, supporting gun rights and strong enforcement of immigration laws and border security.

Loughner has had a troubled past, according to investigators. Not because he was known to attend Tea Party rallies or read Sarah Palin’s book under the watchful eye of DHS and the Southern Poverty Law Center, but because he was known to smoke pot and post diatribes on the Internet about fiat currencies and government mind control.

In short, Loughner has a screw loose, and his Internet activities demonstrate an increasing level of mental disorder in the weeks and months leading up to his actions in Tucson on January 8th. But he in no way fits the Obama administrations current profile for rightwing Tea Party terrorist. Quite the contrary actually…

Well-known leftwing blog The Daily KOS has reportedly pulled a recent posting calling for the targeting of Democrat members of congress who voted against ObamaCare and other leftwing agenda items. Giffords was one of those targets, - Congresswoman Giffords Is Dead To Me - says Daily KOS, only two days before shooting… (Daily KOS has since pulled the posting)

When the streets of Berkeley burn in protest to higher college tuition fees, they are not burned by rightwing extremist students, but rather entitlement oriented leftwing students. When the streets of Chicago burn even when the Bulls win, they do not burn at the hands of rightwing extremists, but rather at the hands of leftwing inner-city thugs.

It isn’t Rush Limbaugh who called for violent armed revolution in America, but rather leftwing hero and Pulitzer finalist Ted Rall.

Maybe Obama’s DHS should reconsider its definition of “domestic terrorist?” I am ultra conservative, which means I oppose extremism at both ends of the political spectrum and I am for peaceful political solutions. Loughner and I
share nothing in common.

While at it, the left should redefine their concept of “hate.” Opposing lawlessness is not an act of “hate.” Supporting the rule of law and upholding the Constitution is an act of patriotism, not an act of “hate.”

Loughner appears to be a run-of-the-mill nut that has no respect for life, liberty or anything else. He is the opposite of the average constitutional conservative found in the Tea Party movement and the people cannot allow the leftist media to paint this guy some kind of Palin fan or ditto head.

Call it the way it is – Loughner is a lunatic. His belief system is anything but conservative. Make sure that Janet Napolitano and her Southern Poverty Law Center understand this!

Loughner is not a “rightwing extremists.” The press needs to properly report this situation and be held accountable when they don’t. The fact that congress has only a 10% approval rating does not make the other 90% of citizens “potential domestic terrorists.” Loughner is a crackpot and ALL crackpots are dangerous. End of story!

JB Williams









I got this screenshot of the Daily KOS post mentioned above from Toby M. Walker. Notice the title.




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The left does an incredible amount of projecting their feelings of hate/prejudice onto the right, as if the conservatives are saying /doing the things the lefties actually ARE doing, and this whole episode's handling by the media is a perfect example of it.  It gives evidence to the statement that liberalism is a mental disorder.  Projection is certainly a recognized symptom of several mental disorders.
The activities of the left in this country today are the same as the Nazis of the late thirties.
The Southern Poverty Law Center is a joke, if you are not a Marxists or outright Communists they will classify you as a right wing hate group.
Dupnik should stick to his job and leave politics out of it.  All police, at least good police officers know that you don't inject politics into a investigation unless you have the proof to back it up, ie, evidence!  So far the only evidence I've seen is a disadvantage to the left, not the tea party!  As I stated last night, I would bet my life that this will get blamed on the tea party and conservatives.  I was proven right!  This guy wanted a sex change operation, where are the gays when it comes to blame?  They won't be mentioned because they are mostly all leftists and a protected "group".  Also all this coverage 24/7 on this shooting but not when the muslim killed 13 military personnel.  Nobama with his fake sorrow is really disgusting!  I'd be willing to bet he is hatching plans right now to take out the 2nd amendment and disarm American citizens!!!!   Nobama didn't show any sorrow when he signed the death care bill which will essentially murder millions of senior citizens and the disabled!  Where was his sorrow then?

I believe this was all part of a plan from the hard left to try to start their "Revelution," I'm no longer afraid for myself, I just fear for my grandchildren. The person in the White House is a Very Extreme Danger, but the people he surrounds himself with, and are actually the ones running this country, NOW THEY ARE THE ONES WE MUST BRING OUT INTO THE LIGHT! Everything this man and his friends including Clinton is doing is being done to DESTROY OUR NATION, and still there are Americans that SIMPLY WILL NOT OPEN THEIR EYES and SEE THE FACTS(my spouse is slowly coming around.) I'm not wealthy, in fact my small business is holding on by a thread, but there are othere ways I've been helping to fight this mans agenda. We all know that this young man did not act alone, and we all know that if Americans do not wake up, STAND UP, and  SPEAK UP, our country will be


It is forbidden to label violent, left-wing wackos as such.  The media will always cover for them as they did for Ted Kozinsky (Unibomber), the democrat who killed the pervert, Harvey Milk, Bill Ayres, Weather Underground, ALF and ELF, the enviro-terrorists, Al Queada, Hamas and all the others.  These are all pro-totalitarian government terrorists with whom the media has sympathies.  They operate as "civilian" peripherals of "government security" to create "emergencies" that "require" government to obliterate our rights andf liberties "for our own safety". 


For anyone unfamiliar with H.L. Menchen, he was a writer for the Baltimore Sun from about 1910 into the 1920's.  He despised stupid people and government intrusion and wrote extensively about both.  A book of his works has just come out.  One of his famous quotes is; "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed - and thus clamourous to be led to safety - by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imagery."  The goal of today's media is to facilitate this.

At the direction of the Southern Poverty Law Center(1), the Obama Administration and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had established a profile for what they call “potential domestic terrorists”(2) of grave concern in the DHS Intel Report titledRightwing Extremism.”(2)


Just where in the hell are the Left Wing Extremism portrayed.  Baby Hugging, Tree Hugging, Bear Hugging liberals who wear the PINK SWASTKA.   Did not the New Black Panthers terrorize voters? 

The choice of the word extremism puts OBAMA (extreme on protecting his hidden persona), Holder - extreme on ignorance; PELOSI - extreme on lies; Reid - Extreme on money grabbing and lies; Nopolitano - extreme on destroying america; Arizona Congressman extreme on pointing out that the Tea Party did the shooting without knowing the facts that this particular extremeism came from their ball park.



YGTBSM in Vietnam Era language.
The world's stupidest voters elected a terrorist as our president.  The Republicans made the task an easy one by nominating John McAmnesty as their candidate.


Absolutely, Truck.  The motto of today's liberal is "Give me security until the governement decides my death!"



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