There are a few lying politicians out there who say that they are being threatened by extremist right wingers. I only wish that it were true. If the elected representatives really feared for their lives they would probably treat their oath to support this constitution a little more seriously. Look at the extremist muslims. Newspapers will print unflattering pictures of almost any religious faith, except muslim. Why do they have so much respect for the muslim religion? They don’t have any respect the muslim religion. They are afraid of the muslims because the muslims will kill you in a public and brutal fashion if you disrespect their god.

    I hope the congress and senate does develop a healthy fear of their constituency, we the people. However, I doubt that they ever will. We the people need to instill a fear in the heart of our elected representatives so great that they're forced to do what they are bound by oath to do. The first fear should be that they will be voted out of office. If that doesn’t work, the second fear should be that people will actually do their declarational duty and throw off this oppressive form of government.

    The main problem is that the elected representatives have no fear of the people. What the oppressive government has to understand is that there are a lot of disenchanted, disenfranchised people out there. Many of them have guns and will use them if forced to. While I hope it never comes to this, the federal government has to understand that the people can only be pushed so far and then they will resist. We are in that stage right now. The tea party movement is an example of the people peacefully resisting an oppressive government. If this resistance is ignored, like it has been with the health care bill and many other bills, then it will turn to revolt. At that point it will be too late. There will be a lot of bloodshed.

    I am not suggesting that we the people revolt, I am simply saying that the byproduct of the government not governing according to the will of the governed is revolution. History has documented this well. I am warning the powers that be that if they continue in the path that they are on, they will risk another civil war. However, if they get their mind right, to use a cool hand Luke allusion, the country can be saved. But only if they develop a healthy fear of the people.


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