Biden investigation

Where is the Biden investigation?
Where is the investigation into what Son Hunter was getting from China? Ukraine?
What did they agree to give China? Ukraine? for all that money.

We know one thing they gave China, The 2020 US Presidential elections.
China poured Billions into the 2020 elections, and Biden / Obama rigged the elections to make sure Trump didn't win.
So in effect the Biden/Obama crime squad gave the USA to China. Where are the investigations?????
Where IS the FBI now? Why wont these people obay their oaths of servive?
You know - That Oath that every single government official and employee must take and swear too when they take the job or position.?
Oh - I know - You come here and investigate ME instead.
Like I'm the big threat to America,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Because I dare to ask questions.






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