Biden is illegitimate.

Biden is illegitimate.


Joe Biden is an illegitimate occupier of the seat of President of the United States of America.
That means the USA currently has no legitimate President.

We know this because the November 2020 election was rigged and stolen. Biden and the Democrats didn’t really win that election.
So why is Biden sitting in the White House and Trump is not?

The answer is the Electoral College election and votes.
Those Electoral Collage votes came from the election certifications reported by the States.
The States certified the election results before taking any time to check and verify the integrity of their elections.
The States allowed too many illegal votes to be cast and counted.

This was done in several different methods, mail in ballads, and double and triple processing of ballads at the voter stations. Add in the other processes of illegal ballad trafficking and ballad harvesting and collecting, and we have a system of massive voter fraud and an illegitimate presidency and administration.


So who is actually running America right now?
Who is running our Federal Government right now?
The answer has to be that some UN-elected group of foreign representatives masquerading and operating as the US Federal Government is running the country now.

Who are they? And who is controlling them?
The more important question is; How do we get them out of there, and how can We-The-People really take back our country? Preferably without a civil war.

America must stop the curruption in our election systems. To do that the States would have to take back control of their election processes and get full control over their elections.
Each individual State is responsible for how they conduct their elections.
The States control how their election laws are written and how the elections are managed.
It is the States responsibility to insure that the elections are conducted fairly and honestly.

But We-The-People are the ones who are responsible to watch over the States to make sure they are conducting the elections properly.

WE have to get involved with what is happening at each precinct and State election office. WE have to stop the ballod harvesting and all the mail-in ballod fraud.



They won't like that. They will not allow outside interferance and they are right. They can not allow people to interfer with the election process.
But we CAN make sure they know they are being watched and the elections are being closely monitored.
We can get involved at the legislative levels as well. Make sure the voter rolls are cleaned out of anyone who has either moved or passed away.

There are many other ways we can get involved.

We can not allow the same kind of election fraud that occured in 2020.



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