Biden’s Build-it-back-better

Biden’s Build-it-back-better plan;


The plan was established decades ago. It refers to the Fabian Societies plan for a New-World-Order.

The Fabian Society is a British socialist organization whose purpose is to advance the principles of democratic socialism via gradualist and reformist effort in democracies, rather than by revolutionary overthrow.[1][2]


The Fabian Society founded the London School of Economics in 1895.

“Build it Back Better” means that they intend, and by nature of the plan, they MUST first completely destroy – obliterate, and eliminate any civilization or society that stands in their path.


As the old saying goes, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs”.
George Soros and Henry Kissinger both said “The single biggest obstacle to building a new-world-order is the United States of America”.


So what does all this mean to you and I?
The other phrase going around now is “You will have nothing, - and be happy”.
What they really mean is You will have NOTHING – but don’t count on being happy about anything. You will have absolutely NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL.
No home, no house, no farms, no ranches, no savings, no cash, no bank accounts, no credit cards, and NO food, stocks or supplies.
And you will have no freedoms of speech, no rights to object or complain. And certainly NO guns and weapons. There will be NO rights to self defense. But don’t worry – you wont have anything left to steal either.

The Constitution of The United States of America will be eliminated, gone, never to be spoken of again. It will all be just a small foot note in the annals of history.

The individual States and all sovereignty will no longer exist.


Does any of this sound like a scary place to be? Does it sound like a happy - “Don’t-worry, just be Happy” kind of place to live? It probably does if your name happens to be Prince Charles, Barack Hussein Obama, or George Soros. Or any one of the other so-called “Elites” of this world.

For the rest of us out here, and for those who may come after us, this is definitely NOT a happy outlook. This is NOT the kind of future our Founding Fathers foresaw. It is NOT what this country was founded on. It is NOT what our fathers and grand fathers fought for. And over three Million Americans have fought and died to protect and to preserve.

It is NOT the Nation we planned to pass on to our children and grand children.


These are just my thoughts for today, but don’t worry, just move along folks. There’s really nothing to see here. Just shut up and be happy.

They said SHUT UP – OR ELSE.

Here’s PRO-Biden new broadcast from CBS “News”


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  • In order to better understand all of this we first have to understand the world financial order.
    And most importantly the US financial order.
    Now to be perfectly honest I am NOT anywhere near any kind of financial guru or guineas.

    It’s about all I can do just to keep my own bank accounts straight. (What there is left to them that is).


    The estimated total net worth of The United States of America is around $175 TRILLION Dollars. The US deficit stands now at around $125 TRILLION. The Biden administration’s plans for the “Build-it-back-better”, their “Climate Change”, and their “Infrastructure” plans are estimated at around $5.5 TRILLION dollars.
    Our deficit keeps growing by around $4-6 Million every day.
    That means the world financial system, (and our Federal Reserve Bank), is running out of money and borrowing power. The whole financial system is Unsustainable. It was built-in that way many years ago. The USA was solvent, we were doing good. Until about the 1960’s. Then the Federal Government started spending too much. President Richard Nixon, (1969 to 1974) took the US off the Gold standard, (1973). That’s when the Federal Reserve Bank was created as we know it today.

    Our US “Gold-Standard” was based on the amount and the value of actual hard Gold held in reserves around the country. The Federal Reserve banking system today is based on what is known as “Fiat-Currency”. That means it’s all just play money. It’s all based on the “Good Faith- and credit” of the American people, (Plus everything we own). Right now you and I each owe about $20 Million dollars to this Federal Reserve Fiat system, And our children each owe about 5 Billion as soon as they are born.
    It doesn’t matter how accurate my numbers are here because the point of this is that those numbers are completely unsustainable. There’s no way it could ever be paid off.
    So the entire financial system must under go a re-boot. That’s a gigantic financial RESTART, A total system RESET.


    Brace yourself, because it coming. Possibly sooner than we think.
    Look up the North Korea financial currency reset in the 1980’s or around that time.
    This time it will be a global reset. Except of course for China and Russia.

    Guess who owns a very large portion of all the US deficit. It’s China and the Bank of Scotland.
    But don’t worry – just move along. There’s nothing to see here folks.
    And remember,,,,, They said,
    SHUT UP - - OR ELSE.


    Changing our financial system is one thing. But changing our political structure from a Constitutional Free REPUBLIC to a Communist dictatorship is an entirely different matter.


    My answer sounds a lot like "Lets Go Brandon"


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