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Blaze Reporter Required To Show ID Three Times To Enter DNC Convention

The Blaze

ow’s this for irony: Democratic convention organizers are requiring journalists applying for press credentials to display their state-issued ID not once, not twice, but three times.

The stringent ID rules for journalists at the Democrat Party‘s convention seem a bit odd considering the party’s broad, alarmist stance on voter ID laws. The ID laws have drawn harsh criticism from the liberal establishment, including Vice President Joe Biden who has called the practice “voter suppression” and MSNBC hosts who’ve called the laws “racist” and “a GOP conspiracy.”

But for some reason, ID rules aren’t racist when it comes to security at the Democrat National Convention.

Here are the three times photo ID’s were required:

1. Security Entrance

2. When Receiving Press Credentials

3. When Receiving Credentials For The Final Night Events

The DNC Press Credential packet itself states that two official forms of ID are necessary for admittance:

TheBlaze Details ID Requirements at the Democrat National ConventionAnd to receive a credential in the first place, journalists must submit plenty of personal information:

TheBlaze Details ID Requirements at the Democrat National ConventionBy using the left’s arguments against voter ID laws, can it be said that the DNC is racially suppressing reporters?

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All this stuff for DNC credentials is part of what I have to show in order to get my drivers' license renewed.  In addition I have to show my birth certificate and two utility bills that show I live at the same address as my address on my old drivers license. And gaining a drivers license is not even a right, it's a privilege.

Now.......given all the hoops every one (black, white, brown, yellow, pink) must jump through to get a drivers' license, it becomes racist to require a identification to vote, which is a right under the US Constitution....
Again, I'm spitting chewed up nails..............could I be any more angry and not take a .....................?

i would like to know who told you ,gaining a drivers license is not even a right, it's a privilege. BS, total BS. sorry but i had to take a test and then i had to operate a motor vehicle to prove i had the mental and physical ability to operate one. if they would have stopped there i would have agree with you and say it is a privilege. Hell no, they said to get my drivers license i had to pay them $20.00 ,that's not much and that's not the point. when they made me pay for my drivers license it  turned into just another commodity, just like pork belly's, gold, wheat or what ever you buy. what's next owning land, house, car is a privilege.   how about having kids, will they try and make that a privilege too.             you Don't pay for a privilege you earn it.

But you do not need an ID to vote.

That's the point Steven.........we let any and everybody fraudulently weasel their way into the voting booth without any validation......

Mr. Riley,  One  solid  line  of  weasel's  and  dead  voter's, just  makes  my  skin  crawl..!! Salute 

Wow, what a need an ID...and have it checked as many as 3 times ( get into the Democratic National Convention?  But Dems don't think you should have to show an ID to prove that you are a legal and eligible VOTE???


You can only be Against Voter ID...IF...You Are FOR Corruption.


And to think, democrats don't have to show an ID to vote.



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