Blissful Ignorance or High Treason;


Blissful Ignorance or High Treason;
The Biden administration is comprised of both.
Joe Biden himself is an irrelevant blissfully ignorant idiot. He along with his son Hunter, and the rest of his family, are all just greedy corrupt crooks and leaches on the American system of government.
Resident Joe Biden is completely ignorant, Blissfully ignorant, content to accept the reporting from his staff that the American economy is doing just fine. The American people are thriving, fuel prices are going down as well as inflation. And there is no such thing as an immigration problem. According to his advisers the increase in crime is the fault of Trump and his followers. And of course the best remedy for that is to confiscate all American guns and weapons. And of course the biggest threat to American democracy is the Trump MAGA movement. Restoring the US Constitution to them is an existential threat to the nation.
The only people who can possibly believe that are either also blissfully ignorant themselves or they are traitors.
But Joe Biden is not by any means the biggest problem we face in America.
Greedy, corrupt, and stupid are one thing. But blatant high treason is yet another entirely different thing.
Treason, high treason for the purpose of destroying America is in the realms of things that must be stopped by any means necessary and by any means available.

It has been said many times that the only thing needed for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.
Barack Hussein Obama said in October 2008 that they were “only five days away from fundamentally transforming America”.
Obama spent the next eight years in the White House trying to do just that. Fortunately, although he did bring about much destruction to our American economy and our culture, he failed in his attempts to destroy America.
So he spent the next four years working to disrupt the Trump administration.
Obama and his Communist cronies did succeed in embedding many Communist believers, and those who believe in a One-World-governance into the seats of power and authority in American government positions.
During the past two years of this Biden administration we have seen the results of those fascist tactics and the continued destruction of American economy.
The left-wing activists and followers view Obama as some kind of messiah, he is their saviour, their prince. They see this Muslim immigrant from Africa as some kind of god, but he is nothing more than a Communist activist, a community organizer, who was brought up and tutored in the ways of Communism and how to bring about the destruction of a nation.
The followers of Barack Hussein Obama are useful idiots, Blissfully ignorant about the fact that what they (HE) is doing is deliberately destroying this Nation.
Their intention of course is the Fundamental Transformation of America. Those words and that term have now become just another mundane capitalist – right-wing phrase used to slander their king, and the democrats. The vast majority of the American people still believe “that cant happen here , this is America”, and that America is somehow immune to any kind of destruction.
But while Americans go about their daily lives, struggling every day to pay their rent or mortgages and utility bills and still buy groceries and fuel for their vehicles, they are blinded by the propaganda machines known as the “News-Media”. They are completely unaware that behind all of the phony reports of a great economy the financial system of America is being destroyed. By consistently over spending and borrowing more and more money America’s debt continues to rise to a point at which we can no longer afford to pay even the interest on that debt. It is inevitable that we will reach a point of total bankruptcy. This inevitable insolvency means that America owes more in debt and interest than the total value of everything in the nation. This is not blissful ignorance, it is deliberate administration policy designed to destroy all American economics and currency. The American people have no idea of the implications of loosing our standing as the worlds preeminent economic power and world standard of currency.
The American people will not learn until someone from the government knocks on their door and tells them they can not live there any more. The government or China has seized ownership of the property. If you own a farm or a big ranch or a thriving business you will be told that you must continue to work that business but all the proceeds will now go directly to the government. There will no longer be any personal wealth or profits from your labors. If you live in a rural community, perhaps in a single family home where only you and your spouse reside you could be told to vacate the property, it is being taken to house three or more migrant families.
“From those who are able, to those who are in need.”
This is government fascism, Capitalism under Communist rule.
Freedom, Liberty, Justice, wealth, those are attributes reserved only for the elite at the very top of the structure.
The American people will learn. Sooner or later, one way or another.
Until then they will remain Once again – Blissfully ignorant.
Obama and his Communist party The prince of darkness as far as I am concerned.

 This Communist fascist Fundamental Transformation of America must be removed and eliminated by any means available.  The sooner the better.


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