Can America survive the Biden/Obama years?

Can America survive ?


Can America survive the Obama/Biden/Harris communist transformation?

YES, But can America ever recover from this destruction and chaos?
America will never be the same place as it was prior to 2008.

America used to be a nice comfortable and safe place to live.
Yes – we had our problems. We all had our own kind of troubles, problems that come with everyday life and living. We had health issues and then the problems of paying for our healthcare. That meant health and medical insurance. Most of us had some kind of healthcare insurance. Then there was housing and home problems. That was expensive. No matter whether you owned your own home or if you rented from some one. The costs of owning a home included mortgages, property taxes, insurance, and the never ending expenses of maintenance and utilities..
Before those we all had issues of employment and income. Good jobs and a good income required a good education. That was expensive and sometimes difficult to obtain. Building your own business was always a possibility for anyone who really wanted to try it. Not everyone has the skills necessary to build and operate a private company or small business. But if you’re willing and able to work 80+ hours a week, and willing to suffer the issues that working too much can do to your home and family life, then you could make a pretty darn good living from it.
That was the American dream. Independence and freedom. Freedom and liberty to live your life any way you choose. Without other people dictating your every move, telling you what you could – or could - NOT do.

Racial tensions and discrimination in America had pretty much been eliminated after the 60’s and 1970’s. At least that’s the way I saw things. Doctor/Reverend Martin Luther King said “judge a man by the content of his character – not by the color of his skin”. That was a good thing.
Yes – Americans had a lot of issues. Life over the years has never been all peaches and cream for anyone. But at least we were free and independent. After World-War-II and then Vietnam, Americans settled into a life of hard work, and the struggles of everyday living. That lead to complacency. Complacency in our political systems. Unfortunately we trusted our government officials to take care of the affairs of government and simply leave us alone. We trusted our elected government officials. Trusted that they would always work to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against ALL enemies, foreign and Domestic.

But apparently that life in America was not good enough for many people.
Freedom and liberty was not what they wanted, at least not for everyone else. Oh yes, they wanted freedom, liberty and wealth for themselves, but not necessarily for anyone else.

Along came this character named Barack Hussein Obama, (aka Barry Soetoro). A self proclaimed Communist, A “Community Organizer”. promising “Hope and Change”. He promised to “Fundamentally Transformation of America”. But he never said Transform into WHAT. Those people in his inner circle didn’t need any explanation. And those who were unhappy didn’t care, they just wanted something to change.


Well now we’ve got their “Change”. We’ve got their “Fundamental Transformation”. But their “fundamental” “Change” is leading America into hell instead of anything better than what we had, or what we have ever been in the past.

Their Socialism and Marxist/ Communist oligarchy enforced by terrorism and tyranny, threats from our own government officials and government agencies, sure as hell is not better than freedom and liberty. Instead of more freedom and liberty they promise “Equality of outcome”. Not Equality of opportunity, the equal opportunity for everyone to succeed and grow wealthy. Instead they offer Equality of outcome, everyone will be equally poor, everyone will share the same level of suffering and poverty, starvation, and living homeless on the streets. Or even worse – in prison for not paying your fare share.

Or in a grave if you resist, if you refuse to comply.

The Second Amendment and the Constitution;
As Senator Dianne Feinstein said “Turn them all over America” Turn in those guns and weapons”.
The current biggest issue of this Biden/Harris/Obama administration is the push for total gun control. Their demands for all Americans to surrender their “assault” weapons.
WHY? Because they all know that our Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment of the US Constitution to guarantee the American people would always have the means to defend themselves against a rouge government gone wild and crazy on power.
Government officials in Washington and around the country are scared to death that the American people might someday stand up and revolt against their tyranny and oppression.
And well they should be afraid.

Tyranny and oppression, It’s all part of the same Marxist/Communist/Socialist game plan.
While they claim everyone will be equal, their “Equal Outcome”, Equal – but not to them.
Freedom and liberty. Freedom and liberty for THEM, but NOT for thee. The fact is these kinds of people and their systems of government do not recognize freedom for the people, there is no place within their systems of government for the people to be free. The people are never allowed to own their own property, their own land, ranches, homes, farms. The people are never allowed to own the minerals buried beneath their own land. The land, crops, and minerals are far too valuable to allow the common people to own and control.
That leads to the other rights granted by our Creator, those “Inalienable Rights” mentioned in the Constitution. Freedom of speech, Freedom of the press, Freedom of assembly, privacy and Freedom against illegal search and seizure, and the Freedom to defend yourself and your family. All of those rights and freedoms are gone. There is no place in their systems of Communism and socialism for things like those. Not for the people anyway. Those kinds of rights and “privileges” are reserved for only those chosen few at the very top of the “Elite” ladder.
Ownership of the land, crops, resources, minerals? Those all belong strictly to the government. And of course to those who control the government.
How do they enforce all this? Tyranny and oppression of the masses. YOU will either submit, obey, and comply or you will be gone. Period – end of story – for YOU.

America: We do NOT have to accept the type of Government they are trying to force upon us.
The type of government they are trying to create and force on us is NOT what America was built on. That is NOT what our Founding Fathers wanted or designed. In fact the kind of government these people want to create is precisely what the Founders intended the US Constitution to prevent. Our US Constitution was design and written specifically and deliberately to guarantee that this type of government treachery and tyranny could never happen here in America.
THAT is why these people hate the US Constitution so much.
The US Constitution stands in the way of their systems of control over the people, land, resources, and the entire wealth of America.

But that US Constitution is only as good as the American people’s willingness, resolve, and strength to preserve and enforce it.


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  • So how bad is their system of socialism?
    It's so bad even their own democrats don't like it.
    No one alive today has lived under our system of a Constitutional Republic, the system that originally made America great in the first place. The Communists started transforming America back in 1913. They have been gradually introducing their Socialist programs into America, one step at a time, ever since 1913. Until now, (2022) the system has become so distorted and so convoluted that now even their own democrats can't stand it.
    Why else would they have all voted for Obama's "Hope And Change" back in 2008?
    But not a single one of them, neither Democrat NOR Republican would ever dare suggest that we should revert back to our original US Constitutional Republic form of government.
    No one would even think of doing such a thing. Especially those who seek power and total control.
    The US Constitutional Republic is the last thing those people want.
    Instead of giving the people freedom and liberty by moving back to the Constitution, instead they try to introduce more and more government controls.
    And of course that means more power, control, and wealth for THEM, But Not for the people.

    If the people really want "Hope and Change" then that is simple, just return America to a Constitutional Republic. Restore the US Constitution.

    But that of course means these Marxist/Communist/Sociallists would loose all power and authority. So you know they will never allow that to happen.

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