By JB Williams


Predicting the GOP presidential nominee at this point does not require a crystal ball or a celestial phone call to Nostradamus. As of today, here are the official GOP stats on the GOP race for the White House…of course those who have watched GOP politics for a while saw this coming before the primaries started.



















































With results from thirty-seven state primaries in the books, Mitt Romney has the GOP nod all but sewn up, and it doesn’t matter whether or not the nearly sixty-percent who voted for someone else, like it. I voted for someone else too and how I feel about that doesn’t matter either. It is what it is, and we have no choice but to deal in reality here. That’s something every true constitutional conservative can relate to…

Three questions remain unanswered though…

·         Who will be the VP pick?

·         Will that influence voters not yet on-board the Romney train?

·         No matter what the GOP ticket looks like, will the pro-American right unite behind that ticket to defeat the anti-American left come November?


Yes, I’m quite familiar with all of the arguments against the “right-left paradigm” and against “voting for a lesser evil.” However, allow me to point out a little reality for those who could not stomach John (lesser evil) McCain in 2008.

You thought you couldn’t do any worse than John (lesser evil) McCain and you were wrong, you got Barack Hussein (greatest evil of all) Obama, who has since proven to be as anti-American as Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Castro, Bin Laden and Yugo Chavez combined, with Hitlery Clinton, Kagan and Sotomayor, adding insult to injury. It turns out you could do worse than McCain, and you did.

Further, as God has placed no perfect people on earth since Jesus, there are no perfect candidates either -- no matter how many times someone voted NO while otherwise watching Rome burn for twenty years.

In the horrific but likely event that Barack Obama is able to complete his first term before being dragged off to the gallows in handcuffs for treason, every pro-American voter in this country is going to have to remove him from office in the ballot box come November. But they will not be able to do that if they are focused upon any other fringe agenda…

After losing congress to leftists in 2006, the White House to an anti-American fraud in 2008 and a bunch of do-nothing rebels without a clue in 2010, pro-American voters have no choice but to upset the entire apple cart by removing every incumbent running for re-election in 2012.

Instead of funneling millions back into the RNC or DNC through the Tea Party or George Soros front orgs, the people will have to take care of this thing themselves.

Tea Partiers and Occupiers can finally agree on something…. Everyone in D.C. needs a high-speed rail to the unemployment line. They all need a lesson in who really runs things in the United States of America and it wouldn’t hurt international communist thugs to see angry Americans in action for a change either.

Maybe the Occupiers had the math right at 99% to 1%, even if they defined the two groups wrong. It’s us (the 99% freedom and liberty loving American citizens) against them, the 1% that work in or for Washington D.C. at a back-breaking expense to every American taxpayer.

But Houston, we have a problem!

Almost sixty-percent of GOP primary voters voted for someone other than Mitt Romney, making Romney the likely nominee, but with the support of only about forty-percent of primary voters. That’s the bad new…

The good news is that many of those primary voters were democrats, independents, communists and libertarians who crossed party lines to disrupt the GOP nomination process -- not Republicans or Conservatives. Due to the stupidity of the Republican Party and their suicidal open primary process in which anyone, and I do mean anyone, democrat, liberal, progressive communist, illegal alien…. ANYONE can vote in the GOP primary.

As a result, the primary results are heavily skewed and nobody knows in what direction. The only thing we know for sure is that the open primary and caucus process does not favor conservative candidates -- One more thing we have to fix once we get rid of the idiots who thought this was a good idea. It’s like asking Red China to become your liberty lienholder…. oops… the same people did that too!

How can the right defeat the leftist cabal currently rushing the nation off a cliff?

The answer is not complicated, but it isn’t popular either. The choice available this November will once again be “lesser evil” or “greater evil.” In 2008, some folks who knew Obama would become the greatest evil in modern history still could not stomach voting for McCain, the lesser evil option.

Admittedly, McCain was only marginally less evil than Obama in 2008 and is maybe even equally evil today. But now that everyone knows what kind of “change” Obama really had in mind for America, refusing to unite to defeat Obama is equal to a vote for Obama, the greatest evil available.

We are at WAR for our Future

Leftist anti-American communist thugs know that this is war

. Whites may not be at war with blacks, but many blacks sure are at war with whites. Christians and Jews may not be at war with Radical Islam and atheists, but atheists and Radical Islam sure is at war with both Christians and Jews. The ninety-percent of Americans who don’t belong to labor unions may not be at war with labor unions, but the labor unions certainly are at war with all free-market Americans, especially taxpayers. Don’t forget that the unions now control the voting booths…

Occupiers might think they are at war with capitalists, but they are really at war with the people they elect, the leftists who keep them enslaved with empty promises and meager bribes from the treasury. Most Americans may not be at war with the Obama administration, but the Obama administration is definitely at war with most Americans.

Even many, who proclaim the title of patriot, work around the clock to undermine freedom and liberty

from within the ranks of so-called “liberty” groups. We find ourselves surrounded by enemies and living in a sea of evil today.

We are at war for the future of America, freedom and liberty everywhere, for if it does not exist in America, it will exist nowhere on earth.

Never before in history has unity in single purpose been so vital to our future, yet, Americans still struggle to unite, focus on a single purpose and walk away from the brink of cataclysmic events.

It took the International Left over a hundred years to reach their eleventh hour and it will take true American patriots decades to pull the nation back from the brink. But all initiatives begin with stopping the runaway train and turning the tide. All strategies begin with the people, and depend upon the people to make a stand, moving inch by inch in the right direction.

The people allowed their nation to be stolen. All it took for evil to rise up was good people doing nothing to stop it. What matters now is what we do today and each day hereafter.

Like it or not, a lesser evil is an improvement over a greater evil. We lost our nation incrementally and unless the people are ready to take it back in an instant by storm, we will have to regain control and turn the tide incrementally.

Mitt Romney is going to be the GOP nominee. All I need to know about Romney is he is a huge improvement over Obama, no matter what else he may or may not be. It is important who he chooses as a running mate, to the degree that he will need someone who can unite more voters.

However, no one or two people can turn this country around. Only the American people can do that and they will have to do it with or without any help from D.C. – or, they will leave that task to a future generation.

The first step is to not allow things to get any worse. November will present an opportunity to accomplish this first goal, stop the bleeding, and then begin the process of stepping back from the brink.

Can the pro-American Right unite to Defeat the current anti-American leftist regime? YES, they can….

Will they?

"Tolerating evil in any form at any level only brings about more evil. As a result, the true cost of tolerating the intolerable is a totally intolerable society, from which you can never draft good government." - JB

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I hope we can. After the dust settles from the RNC convention I don't know how anyone could vote for the poser. What scares me is who the corrupt RNC has picked for the nominee.

scary indeed, they are all in bed together and they all must go, Rep and Dem.................

Mr. Williams;


I'm with you 100%, but I'm afraid Obama's unions have already "rigged" the November election and Obama-Bin-Laden will get his second term. There are too many people on public assistance programs, and they will NEVER allow an elected leadership into office that will force them to WORK like us true patriots and conservatives!

I'm also of the opinion that WHEN push comes to shove, it will not be us who take to the streets: It will be the WELFARE recipients, those on food stamps, the ilegal aliens, and all the other lefties who will riot when America declares Bankruptcy and the Gravy Train is De-railed! Of course, the media will blame US!


If you think robmama is the lesser of the two evils think again. He is as evil

Excellent piece!

Keep up the great work!


 JB Williams  who ever gets the nod has to run to win not like the last time around. I did vote for Sen. McCain because I had seen the writing on the wall. The current POTUS told us up front that he wanted to transform Our Country. Many didn't listen to the message and look what we got. I AM A PROUD AMERICAN First and Foremost. I hold both parties accountable for the mess Our Country is in. When I write letters, emails and calls  I ask them to be Americans for all America that isn't much to ask.

'Can Pro-American Right Unite to Defeat Anti-American Left?'

I'm not thrilled in the least at the presumptive nominee Mitt Romney, but if voting for him ends up means we get rid of the piece of trash Obama, then I will be right there on voting day to pull the lever for him. I pray that all  Pro-Americans follow my lead. 

We need to make sure Romney chooses a conservative VP to keep him in line and keep him to the right.

Any "thinking" person is definitely willing to "unify behind the lesser evil to get the great evil out", but that said, we preach to the choir here and the choir, as everyone knows, represents but a small percentage of those participating in the service.  I'm afraid Bruce Forster has outlined the problem rationally and well.  There's a passel of mush-heads in this Country whose thinking starts and stops at the welfare office.  They're just fine with the "panderer in chief".     

I'm ready to "refresh", as everything else has failed, phone calls, letters, even visits to offices...let the refreshing begin.......................

"Count me in" -  We have seen the results - or lack thereof - from day after day, page after page of "words". Yes, J.B. is right - we ARE at war - for our nation's future. Unfortunately, it is 100% clear, we are past a war of words. So the alternative is action - and there are a lot of us with the "whatever it takes" mindset. Whatever that action turns out to be, we need to be covered with some serious prayer for divine intervention on behalf of our nation.



Unless they ACTUALLY DO Declare Martial Law, this is still something that isn't the right time for! We only protect the Constitution by trying FIRST to change the government according to it's written procedures! Remember how George W Bush said he had to go against the Constitution in order to save it? How well did it work out for him?

If the election can be proven to be taken by FRAUD, OR VOTER INTIMIDATION, or if they lose AND REFUSE TO LEAVE OFFICE, THEN IS THE RIGHT TIME!   IF THEY CALL IN THE UN OR BEGIN MASS- ROUND UPS OF CITIZENS BEFORE THEN, YOU'LL HAVE YOUR Bugle Blowing!  Meantime, how many of you guys actually enlisted and were asked if you new how to march, shoot and do battle, then sent out to do it? Seems to me there was a lot of planning and training?  This IS NOT a secure site so don't tell me what you're doing, but I hope you remember how it worked the first time!



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