Constitutional Emergency

Collusion: The Real Story;
This is a story about collusion, espionage, spying, conspiracy, treason, murder, and an attempt to subvert the American election system.

This is an attempt to overthrow the 2016 American election of the President of the United States of America. It is also the subsequent attempt to overthrow a duly elected and seated American President – Donald J. Trump.

This is ultimately a story of treason and high treason.
This is a true story, everything here is based on facts and proven records. It is NOT supposition, conjecture, or fiction.

The players; Here is a list of the players that we know about at this point;

There are others who still remain unknown at this time, but may be exposed as time goes by.

Lets start at the top;
Barack Hussein Obama
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Valarie Jarrett
John Brennan
James Clapper
Glenn Simpson
James Comey
Bruce and Nellie Ohr
Peter Strozk
Lisa Page
Carter Page

Additional names worth noting but may not have been directly involved in the conspiracies.
Seth Rich; Murdered
Loretta Lynch; Former US Attorney General under Barack Obama
Debbie Weiserman Schultz; DNC
Donna Brazil; DNC
William Jefferson Clinton: (former President Bill Clinton)
Robert Mueller; Special Investigator assigned to investigate Trump and the Russia Collusion accusations.
Rod Rosenstein; second in command at the FBI
Christopher Steel; FBI agent
John McCain; Former US Senator from Arizona.

The Clinton Foundation;
Julian Assange; Wikileaks

The story as we understand it today;
Sometime in the summer of 2015 the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign people made the determination that Donald Trump may actually have a chance to win the 2016 elections.
They decided that Donald Trump may be a threat to Hillary becoming the 45th President of the United States and thus it would interrupt and stop the Obama “Fundamental-Transformation-Of-America” into a Communist state.

Conspiracy: They decided they had to do something to stop Trump and to make sure he would never win the 2016 election. (Peter Strozk and Lisa Page text messages- Lisa – Trump will never become President – will he? Strozk- No no no we'll stop it”).

Hillary approached the DNC, Donna Brazil and President Obama seeking help and guidance about what they could do. By now most people are familiar with Hillary's screaming temper tantrums and at one of those meetings she was overheard saying “You better fix this fucking thing or we are all going to hang”. At another time she was overheard saying “If I go down I'm taking half this Government with me”.
President Obama and Valerie Jarrett suggested that they could simply turn the tables of what they and Hillary had done and redirect those potential accusations against Donald Trump and his campaign.

They began constructing a plan on how they could redirect any accusations and any potential investigations into accusations that it was Donald Trump and his campaign that was “Colluding” with Russia rather than Hillary or the Obama administration. They knew those accusations would eventually come out, but it would be better for them if those accusations were directed towards Trump instead of Hillary and Obama.

They enlisted the aid of several of their friends and associates, and members of the Obama administration.

In the summer and fall of 2015 Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett knew of several members in the Obama cabinet who would be willing and able to provide the required assistance. John Brennan, Head of the CIA was a known Communist. Brennan has also recently converted to Islam. As head of the Central Intelligence Agency Brennan was in a position to make such accusations against Trump and he would be believed by most everyone else in the Government. In addition and just to make sure any accusations would be believed by everyone they enlisted the aid and assistance of James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence Agency.

They had assembled their team but now they needed a way to redirect any possible accusations against Hillary and Obama and turn them into accusations against Donald Trump, Just in case Trump actually started to gain momentum in the 2016 election. One of the members of that team, possibly Brennan or even Bob Mueller, knew of a fiction novel written by another associate – Glenn Simpson of Fusion-GPS. The existence of this novel by Simpson came from Ms. Nellie Orh who's husband Bruce Ohr also worked at the FBI. It turned out that that fiction novel about espionage and high treason was just what the doctor ordered, and what team was looking for. All they had to do was change the names and some dates and locations and they had their manuscript – all set and ready to be released if and when the time came that they thought they really needed to stop Donald Trump.

They didn't have to wait long because by the beginning of 2016 the Trump campaign was gaining momentum. It was beginning to look like Donald Trump could be an actual contender in the election and could pose a real threat to the Hillary Clinton 2016 election.
They needed a way to get that manuscript released to the press and to the public. It was also about this time that they figured out that what they were about to do could amount to treason. But the stakes were too high, they could not afford to loose that election, they had to take the chance. The “Fundamental Transformation of America” had come too far to be turned back now by a New York City business man with absolutely zero Government or political experience. They made the determination that Trump had to be stopped at any cost and by any means necessary.

It was also about this same time that the stories about Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server were beginning to surface. Hillary had been using a private email server installed at her home and run by staff members who did not hold national security clearances. Those emails contained national security messages intended strictly for Government State Department view only. Many of them were marked top secret or confidential.

Hillary and her team of co-conspirators decided to use this against the Trump campaign by accusing them of hacking into Hillary's email server. Then they decided that no one in the Trump campaign had that kind of computer expertise or the capability so they turned the accusation into Russian hacking into Hillary's email server. They added the DNC Servers just for good measure.
And that's when Julian Assange from Wikileaks started publishing those emails from Hillary's server.

That just about blew their minds. They had to find out where those emails were coming from, who was leaking them from the DNC? They had to stop the leaks. They also discovered thousands of email messages on a laptop computer that belonged to the husband of Hillary's top assistant Huma Abadine.

Murder: When they found out – they eliminated the leak by killing the person that was doing it, Seth Rich – a member of the DNC computer staff.

Seth Rich was apparently the one who downloaded several thousand gigabytes of computer files and had passed them over to Wikileaks. It was Not the Russians, and it was not a hacking job. It was all coming from inside the DNC.

The story of Russia and Trump collusion was about to be released, they were ready to release it to the press but they needed a covert way of releasing it. Enter Christopher Steel and James Comey.

John Brennan passed a copy of their manuscript to both James Comey and also to Senator John McCain. By this time the fictitious novel written by Glenn Simpson had become known as the Russian Dossier. James Comey (Head of the FBI) used that “Dossier” to obtain a warrant to eavesdrop on Christopher Steel who was reported as being a Russian spy. James Clapper. Director of the National Intelligence Administration assisted in that process. Christopher Steel was actually an FBI agent at the time. He was assigned to try to gain entry into the Trump campaign so that they could obtain the FISA court warrants that would allow them to legally wire-tape the Trump campaign headquarters. Once that was accomplished that FISA wire-tap warrant also permitted them to spy on any other members of the Trump campaign who happened to enter the Trump campaign headquarters.

That didn't do them very much good except for the fact that they were now able to claim that the Trump campaign was under surveillance for “Colluding” with the Russians. The FBI, CIA, and National Intelligence Administration would verify that.

That's all they had to do, now all that was left was to sit back and wait for the main-stream-media to do their job of destroying Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton was virtually guaranteed to be the 45th President of the United States of America. But a funny thing happened on the way to the inauguration; Hillary Clinton LOST and Donald J. Trump WON the 2016 election. They couldn't believe it. They thought they had it all sewed up, there was no way possible for Hillary Clinton to loose. But she did.

Now they needed a way to get him out of there, hopefully before he actually took the oath of office and actually took over the reigns of Government.
The only thing they had at this point was that phony Russian Dossier, the FISA warrants, and a fist full of empty accusations. But they did also have the aid and assistance of the Main-Stream-media and nearly the entire Democrat party who at this point were all well convinced that Trump had indeed colluded with the Russians to win the election. (After all there was no other feasible way Trump could have won), They had to continue to push the Trump/Russia collusion hoax, even if it meant they could all be charged with Treason and attempting to overthrow a duly elected President.
The stakes were too high for them to back out now.

Attempting to overthrow a duly elected and seated US President.

On January 20th, 2017 Donald John Trump took the oath of office and was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America.

This was something the Democrats never expected could possibly happen. It was something these Obama / Clinton people knew had the potential of getting them all hanged for Treason for some of the things they had done during the past eight years or more. They needed a way to remove Trump from office before he got a chance to start any investigations into the past eight plus years and the things they had done. They needed an “insurance Policy” against the Republican administration and any possible exposure of their crimes against America.
The idea of some kind of “insurance police” was first suggested by Peter Strozk and lisa Page of the FBI. But now they needed that policy and a way to implement it. When Trump took office James Comey was still the head of the FBI. They all knew that this was not going to be enough to stop any potential investigations which may be initiated by a new Attorney General. And there was no way James Comey could start any new investigations into Donald Trump. So they got the FBI's second in command, Rod Rosenstein, to advise the President to fire Comey. Trump fired James Comey and the next day Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as special Counsel to investigate the accusations of Russia / Trump collusion.

The cover up and obstruction of justice:
Special counsel Robert Mueller was given the task of investigating the Trump campaign as a means to conceal his real task. The investigation into Donald Trump provided the mask they needed for his real job. That would be to uncover and destroy any evidence pertaining to what Obama and Hillary and the others had been doing over the past eight plus years. Mueller's real job was to provide that “insurance policy” they talked about.

However they all knew the truth of the old adage “never put all your eggs in one basket”.
So they embarked in a crusade to impeach Donald Trump. They had to provide another smoke screen, a divergence of public and DOJ attention away from any further possible accusations or any potential investigations into Hillary and Obama. Remember the Trump campaign promise that Hillary would be in jail, and the public outcry “Lock-her-up”. They all knew that was not just another campaign slogan, it was a real threat and also a very real possibility.

So what is it that was so bad it had a real potential of getting them all hanged for Treason?
Over the course of the past eight years and more several things had taken place that the general public were either not aware of or were otherwise made to simply disregard as anything serious.

First and foremost we still even to this day do not have any real proof that Barack Hussein Obama is a real American citizen. We know through the investigations by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio that Obama's Hawaii birth certificate is a forgery. Barack Obama spent several million dollars concealing his actual birth certificate and his school and college records. We still do not have any explanation as to whether or not he used a stolen Social Security number. Why he would he do all these things if there was nothing to hide? If the person known as Barack Hussein Obama was not born in America and was NOT the Son of a legal United States citizen then his entire 44th Presidency could be declared null and void. He may NOT be a Natural Born Citizen at all. That alone is sufficient grounds for Treason. These questions remain unanswered to this day.

Over the eight years that Obama held to position as president they embedded several thousand members of the American Communist party and members of the Muslim Brotherhood into several hundred US Government agencies. These people occupy positions of authority in offices and agencies spread all around the country. This was all done in preparation for the day when that “Fundamental Transformation of America” could be completed. The final stages were supposed to be the inauguration of Hillary Clinton as the 45th President. Another act of Treason that could result in getting them all hanged. The overthrow of the American Constitutional Republic was eminent and it was about to take place as soon as Hillary Clinton was Inaugurated.

Gun-running; We are all familiar with the gun running scandal known as “Fast and Furious” where several thousand high caliber weapons were sold to the Mexican drug cartels. It's been estimated that as many as 24,000 weapons were transferred under this illegal program. At least one of which was used to murder an American Border patrol agent, Brian Terry.

And there was still another weapons transfer that many people were made to forget as quickly as possible. That would be the weapons transfer to Libya and the Islamic terrorists that would later become known as ISIS. Barack Obama along with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State arranged for the sale and transfer of over 40 tons of weapons into the hands of the Libyan fighters. When the FBI and others in the CIA and State Department became aware of this, they decided they had to do something. So under the pretext of “Retrieving” those weapons US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was directed to go to Benghazi Libya. When Ambassador Steven complained about the lack of sufficient security details in Benghazi his requests for better upgrades were denied, and he was ordered to go anyway. He was told that a security detail would be provided and that he was to meet with a representative from Turkey who had information on where the weapons were being stored.

Unfortunately for Ambassador Stevens he and his office detail went to Benghazi. But what Ambassador Steven was NOT told was that he and the Representative from Turkey were not the only ones who were informed about the meeting. Some of the leaders from the Libyan Islamic fighters were also advised that Ambassador Steven was on his way to retrieve the weapons.

Stevens and his staff walked into a trap, set up by Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The Murder of a foreign leader:
Death of Muammar Gaddafi: We all recall when Hillary Clinton went to Libya and proudly proclaimed “We came – We saw- and he died”.
The targeting of foreign leaders for assassination is a violation of US policy and laws.
This is another act of murder and violations of US law. Gaddafi was killed because he knew about the weapons transfer to the Islamic terrorists and was about to tell the whole world what Obama was doing.

More Treason:
The infamous Uranium-One sale of US Uranium assets to Russia.
This one is so convoluted and twisted that it would take a full DOJ investigation to uncover all the details of it. So lets just recap the parts that we know about. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State under Barack Hussein Obama and in that position she was one of the people responsible and necessary for this sale and transfer to take place. Russia and Putin were searching the world for uranium. Not just any old kind of uranium ore, they wanted weapons grade raw uranium. They found that uranium in the western states of America. Now they needed a method and “legal” means to obtain it. They found an international minerals corporation that owned a mining company in Canada. Bill and Hillary Clinton provided the contacts and arranged meetings between the minerals corporation and the Russian buyers. That meeting took place at Bill and Hillary's New York home.

Some of you may also recall that there was a small fire at the Clinton home that destroyed several computers and record file cabinets.

This is not by far the end of this story, on the contrary, the attempt to overthrow the Constitutional Republic of The United States of America continues to this day.
But this attempt to destroy America is not new. It is not unique to Barack Hussein Obama or Hillary Clinton. The attempt to overthrow the Constitution of America actually began in 1913 under the administration of President Woodrow Wilson.
The Communist manifesto was written by a man by the name of Karl Marx in 1848. It was then picked up and used by a Russian by the name of Vladimir Lenin. Lenin was the founder and leader of the Russian Communist party, the Bolsheviks.

Oddly enough US President Woodrow Wilson was intrigued by Marx's Communist manifesto and the political and social doctrines contained with the theory. Wilson was a Democrat, a lawyer, and an academic, Karl Marx was an economist. But while Woodrow Wilson may have had a strong interest in Marx's Communist manifesto he was also not a stupid man. He knew that the American people would never willingly part with their freedoms and liberty for the sake of adopting a system of Communism. He also knew that Americans would not accept anyone running for political office under the banner of Communist. It was Woodrow Wilson who changed to name of the American Communist party to the “Progressives”. A name which still holds to this day.

During his first term, Wilson presided over the passage of his progressive New Freedom domestic agenda. His first major priority was the passage of the Revenue Act of 1913, which lowered tariffs and implemented a federal income tax. Later tax acts implemented a federal estate tax and raised the top income tax rate to 77 percent. Wilson also presided over the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, which created a central banking system in the form of the Federal Reserve System.

(Citation Wikipedia,

So in essence we could say that Woodrow Wilson was our first US Democrat Communist President.
The point being made here is that the goal to Transforming America into a Communist State did not originate with Barack Hussein Obama or with Hillary Clinton. It was however Barack Hussein Obama that stated in October of 2007 “We are only five days away from Fundamentally Transforming America”. Obama and the American “Progressive Party” (Communists) thought they had finally made it to the point where the American people could be fooled, deceived enough, and lead into destroying their own Constitutional Republic in favor of a Communist “Progressive” oligarchy State.

And that brings us back to the story of the on-going attempt to remove President Donald Trump.

It's been well over one hundred (100) years now since Democrat President Woodrow Wilson began implementing the policies of the “Progressive” party, and only ten (10) years since Obama uttered the phrase of Fundamentally Transforming America. That Transformation into Communism has been a long term goal, and the treason against America by Obama and Hillary Clinton could realistically get them all prosecuted and executed for High Treason. As I stated earlier the stakes are very high, too high for them to back out now.

The attempts to remove and impeach Donald Trump continue to this day. If nothing else they have to stop him from winning reelection in 2020. If they can stop Donald Trump and elect a Democrat president in 2020 all this will be swept under the rug of history never told.

They will stop at nothing, the end result justifies the means, and by any means necessary.
And that includes open borders to increase their voter base and allowing illegal aliens to vote, fraudulent voting and registrations, altering votes on election machines, fraudulent reporting of the numbers where ever possible, massive unrest and mass confusion around the country, mass shootings to stir mal-content, Dis-content, and spread fear among the population. The push for gun control now is to undermine Trump's voter base. If they can force him to enact some sort of universal gun control they hope to turn his voters against him.

As I said above they will do anything to stop Trump and regain control in Washington, and that includes starting a deadly civil war. These Democrats don't care about how many people get hurt or killed. Just the opposite, the more people who die the better as far as they are concerned.

The stakes are too high for these treasonous players, and no price is to great for the American people to pay.


If you don't think the Mueller Trump/Russia investigation was nothing more than a time-stalling cover up to bury evidence and provide a deterrent to avoid any other investigations into Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, then simply ask yourselves what ever happened to all these crimes and incidences?

Doesn't anyone else find it even just a little bit strange that nothing has ever been done about any of this.?

John Brennan = Former Director of the CIA;

James Clapper – Former United States Director of National Intelligence

Peter Strozk; FBI

Lisa Page; - FBI, Attorney

James Comey; - FBI

Glenn Richard Simpson (born April 22, 1964) is an American former journalist who worked for The Wall Street Journal until 2009, and then co-founded the Washington-based research business Fusion GPS.[2] He was also a senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center.[3]

Opposition- Research:

Bruce Ohr & Nellie Ohr: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Carter Page;

Valerie Jarrett; = Communist
FBI Files Document Communism in Valerie Jarrett’s Family

Hillary Clinton

Barack Hussein Obama

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