Constitutional Emergency

Following is a well written article that could be taking place on a street near you if we do not stand up and be counted.



How can Muslims call themselves the “religion of peace” when their religion calls for the cold-blooded stoning of young women for any reason? Especially when the child is simply unwilling to marry an old man.

Think of a young girl you know around the ages of 9 to 11. Ask yourself should anyone tell that child, for that is what she surely is, to bind herself for the rest of her life to sharing a marriage bed with a man old enough to be her father. In America we call that a crime and rightly so.

Think of that young girl again. Should she be protected by her parents or should they be the ones who bring about her death? In America that is also a crime.

There is a video going around the internet that removes all thoughts of them as messengers of peace. In this video a young girl, who appears to be around 9 to 11 years of age, is lying curled in a fetal position with her hands covering her eyes surrounded by a group of people who are throwing large stones at her, all over her body. As you watch you see people who, from the size of their feet appear to be men, step into the view of the camera as they could kick the child with extremely forceful kicks one after another. They continue in this behavior as one reaches forward and grabs her hands, pulling them away from her face and from the second you see her face before she recovers it you know there is no doubt the stones have hit her face. Then as she covers her face again, from the crowd comes a pair of legs and hands bearing a cinder block which is then dashed into the side of her head, picked up and then slammed down again. As the film continues you can see the blood pouring from her head and see that she is still.

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Again and again it is said that Islam is not specifically a is a movement of total governing with a goal of world domination. Oh a portion of the Islamic movement is so-called "religion" but that is simply a camoflauge and a means to further and protect the evil Islamic goal.

Islam as a religion is used much the same way Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and others use racism...when they cannot win the point on rational reasoning, then the issue of racism appears.

There is very little about Islam that approaches the idea of a religion...the compassion of a supreme being of love, kindness, justice is missing as the movement kills and tortures with barbaric intensity and inhumane action......

The sooner we realize and accept we are at war with Islam, the sooner we can attack the problem. While Obama sits in the White House, there is little hope of advancing American constitutional matter what Obama says "we are not at war with Islam and never will be..." we are indeed at war with Islam and they started it.......

Unfortunately, we Americans have a tendency to allow events to escalate beyond reasonable resolution...rather than take aggressive action when we know evil is attacking us, go on the offensive while situations can be handled with minimal force, we delay, delay, hoping it will get better...most times it doesn't work and ends up costing exponential blood, lives, and family destruction.

We simply have no leaders with the guts of a Patton or others that know when and how to make decisive, tough decisions. I have seen it in several wars......wars we could have won quickly but politicians involvement result in long drawn out conflicts that costs America treasure mostly in blood and body parts.....while politicians and war suppliers reaping financially.

Islamic butchers are simply a rag-tag bunch of murdering thugs and we allow them to dictate the lives, policies, and economic conditions in America...why? The most powerful nation in the world is without the ability to deal with cave-man tactics....

Until we have leadership that will take aggressive action on those that support the butchering tactics of the terrorists, it will get worse and worse.......eventually America will fall........the people will get weary and surrender.

We simply must not turn a blind eye to the encroachment of Islam in America and the terrible consequences that awaits our nation. There are threats from our out of control, unconstitutional government, the Islamic threat, and illegal aliens to mention just a few........

What will we do??? Whatever it is, it will take sacrifice beyond what we might be willing to take. The threat is real and no manner of propaganda trying to convince us we are "intolerant" and Islam is "peaceful" will stave off the reality of what Islam is all domination no matter who has to be butchered to make it happen.



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