Communism on the rise in Europe with 120,000 in attendance ... Storming the Bastille Day, March 18, 2012!

Did you see this anywhere?  Frightening video from March 18, 2012; Storming the Bastille Day; Communism on the rise ... This IS what we have in store for us. We don't have one country, but rather 50 states ... more decentralized, and more dangerous.

This will be the US Spring. Are you up for defending against it?

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Look real hard again for all I see are muslims. that is how they took over the middle east...

We have many avowed communists in the legislature, especially the black caucus. I wish I had kept a copy of the list and background of those who were identified as such.  The Obama administration is packed with them.  I believe Glenn Beck identified then at one time.

Semper Fi


 i have that list of names where you want it sent to pm me. Larry

The Veterans I know who trained  during Vietnam and for a short time after ought be ready. The Communism  on the rise in Europe-- and Islam on the rise as well  in Europe seem to be suggesting the Christian West has grown soft.and is now vulnerable Eurpoe need another "Hammer" Question is will America help Europe --or will we help our enemies? 

Look at the faces, what do you see? Let them wallow in their own feces and when they go Tango Uniform let them call on Mother Communist Russa for assistance.

French have always been fools. This time don't pull in and save their coward fannies. Let them have their communism.

Just take care of ourselves this time. They have never helped America. They have always run in the face of danger.

I think your answer was "non-responsive."  The French are not asking ..  This is a wake-up call to America.  Look who is responsible for the protest. Look at who the communists are ... in France, in the US, everywhere.  If they ren't communists, they are Muslim Brotherhood. The same group is alive and well in the US and being supported by this administration and the UNIONS.  This is not an issue of whether we like the French, but a wake up call re: the American Spring. This may well be the French Spring.  It is spreading like a flesh-eating bacteria ... unabated, unstopped with a fresh amount of lame, empty, liberal brains.

Hide your guns!

Do WHATEVER you have to in order to obtain guns with NO paper trail!

The mandatory turn-in of guns that was forced upon the people of England IS going to happen here!

Learn how to shoot!

Anyone who tries to lay that Muslim P.O.S. book on me is going to get one right between the eyes!


Obama is getting bolder and bolder because WE ARE FAILING TO ACT!!!!!

Actually, the French did help America just one time, and that was during our war for independence from Great Britain.  Indeed, it is likely that, without their help, the "revolution" would have been reduced to a "rebellion" with the leaders executed as traitors.  You might also recall the Statue of Liberty, which was a gift from the French to us.

The French did OK until they began adopting socialism in the late 1800's; they have gone steadily downhill since then.  I have to agree about helping them; they shoot themselves in the foot entirely too often, and Uncle Sam has always come rushing in to save the day.  Well, Uncle Sam is quite ill and unable to help this time.

This does look bad; I wonder what will happen on May 1 and July 14...

Do you notice the 2 older guys about 2:45 who immediately turn out of the crowd when they realize the camera is on them? Wonder if this is the present day version of "Students For a Democrat Society" who went to Cuba to train in rabble-rousing during the 60's? Everybody ought to take notice of them, and some of you guys trained in this stuff find out who they are. Me-thinks that if they or there associates were to show up in any of our college towns, we ought to flood the web with this video and who they are! The Long haired blonde guy moves his eyes toward the other, and I wonder if he isn't nudging him just below camera range. Wonder if he's on the International Terrorist Watch List.He immediately turns his back on it all and the camera goes back to the young college age kids.

I pray that this Country will not be this way. Communism is not good for anyone.



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