Democrat Platform versus Communism:

We should all know by now that the Communists have wanted to destroy America ever since 1913. It’s part of their Communist manifesto, total world dominance.
But how does the current day Democrat party platform compare (if at all) to that stated goal?

Let’s put it simple, The Communists want to eliminate the US Constitution, and they want to take complete control over the United states of America. They want to completely eliminate all American sovereignty and independence.

What about the Democrats?

Do they want America gone? No, I don’t think so. Because that would mean they are also gone, or at least they would not be in power, not as they are now anyway.
But lets look at the party platform to see what that does to our Country and to our Constitution.

First they want open borders. They want unobstructed immigration. The elimination of ICE, The Immigration and Customs service. They want to stop all deportations, give full amnesty to all illegal immigrants.
Next they want to grant free health care to all immigrants, free medicare for all.

They want to give free college tuition to all immigrants, and they want to eliminate all college student’s loans. That’s free education, all the way through college, to anyone who manages to get across those open borders.

Next they want to set a minimum wage, this is a guaranteed minimum income.

I’m not making this up folks, look at their party platform.

After they have opened the borders and eliminated all immigration laws and restrictions, they want to defund all our federal, State, and local police departments. Then in order to maintain civil control and peace they would create a national police force.

One of the first and foremost items on their list is total ban on firearms. Elimination of all Second Amendment rights. Total confiscation of all American’s firearms.

Next they would eliminate all private ownership of property. Your houses and land and farms, ranches, would all be taken over by the Government. (That would give them total control over the production of crops and the food supply)
A stop to all “Fracking” and oil exploration and drilling. They would shut down the Alaska and Canadian pipelines. (That’s control over our energy supply)

Look at Ocasio Cortez's “Green-New-deal”.

Really folks, I can’t make this stuff up, just listen to them. Sometimes we have to believe what they say.

So how does all that compare to the Communist manifesto?

As I said at the beginning, the Communist manifesto says they want total world domination, the complete elimination of America, and all other free and sovereign nations.

The Democrat party platform does pretty much the same thing.

No borders equals no sovereignty, no Nation, and no world independence. The North American continent would become all one big territory. With everything under the total control of one party, the Marxist/Communist/Democrat Party.

And as far as our US Constitution is concern they will decide which parts of that they decide to keep and which parts they decide to ignore, Free Speech, Freedom of Religion, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble and to protest, Freedom to disagree, and the Second Amendment freedom to keep and bear arms.

Throw in a National police force and you now have Communist China as our new US Federal Government.

As I said folks, I can’t make this stuff up. Just listen to them and read their Party platforms.

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It's time for America to wake up.
Here's a video from 1969 that shows exactly what is going on today.



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