DHS Whistleblower Exposes Government's Submission To Jihad (FULL Press Conference)

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I just shared the video of Michelle Bauman, talking about this at the same conference as a reply  in the discussion "Trump Screams Over and Over that Islamic Jihadi Butchers are a Threat to America....Obama and Romney Criticize.....(Michelle is shown in picture above in lower right-hand corner....https://youtu.be/ukmdfk43dHs


I watched the video, I've said many times that she is the one we need running for President! Thanks for sharing it with us.

If only she were not constrained by the laws covering classified intel - I would dearly love to know what she discovered on her trip to Egypt!!!!  There have been times I wished she would just go ahead and put it out there but, in reality, she would be arrested and tried!!!  Great woman and would make a great VP, IMO.

Yes...A Great V.P.

Democrat/ Republican collusion at the highest level to nullify our Constitution and way of life.  Remove every Representative and Senator now and bring all of them up on charges of treason.

And who will do that, they are all protecting each other, the only one i trust is Jeff Sessions and then a few others. That Paul Ryan should be brought up on Treason he is a disgrace.

"We The People" must rise up and take our Republic and Constitution back to its original intent.  Honestly I do not see it happening as I see too many spineless and self-centered people in our country today trying to remain in their status-quo life-styles but there are enough (I hope) to force change, if not kiss you liberty and freedom good-bye; right now - today. IMO Jeff Sessions is as crooked as Paul Ryan and the rest of the GOP.  The GOP IS the right wing faction of the NWO in America.

What is it that causes you to believe that about Jeff Sessions?  I am not aware of any serious negatives about his service, but if you have something, I would be interested in knowing.

He is a career politician and has done nothing major to thwart Obama, whom as we all know is NOT an American citizen qualified to occupy the office of POTUS.  That's not enough for you Linda?  None of our present Representatives or Senators (Sessions included) in the GOP have taken any serious matters to remove Obama from office despite the many illegal actions (besides illegally occupying the White House) he has taken to destroy our nation.  ALL of those presently in federal positions have not honored their oaths of office, rather they have done quite the opposite of the oaths they took.  Washington D.C., where the D.C. stands for Den of Crooks.

The impeachment process must begin in the House - it only takes one Congressman to put forward a bill to impeach, but a Senator can not do that.  (Have you called your Representative to ask them sto co-sponsor H.Res 693?)  Senator Sessions is one of ONLY TWO Republicans who bothered to even read the TPP (you may recall that nobody was provided a copy of the TPP - Senators and Representatives were permitted to go into the locked room where it was kept, but could not make copies or take notes), and he told everyone who would listen about all the negatives within the TPP that would affect our country.  His voting record has also been good for conservatives, and he has been outspoken on immigration.  If you are aware of something specific that Senator Sessions has done, or a vote that has not been favorable to conservatives, then please let me know.  He is not my Senator, although I have wished many times that he was.  Neither of the people who represent me in Congress are worth their salt, and I'd like to vote out both of them.

Agree, Linda... I have found Sessions to be an outstanding gem voicing conservative principles at every turn,

I am a skeptic of career politicians, But not all career politicians are crooked. Just most. Ido believe Mr. Sessions is a good one. I think he is feeling chipper about the possibility  of out country making a come back. You can hear it in his voice. Enthusiasm is filling his veins I think. That is how I see it anyway.



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