Donald Trump: FBI Did ‘Deep and Ugly Search’ of Barron Trump’s Room

During a Save America rally in Pennsylvania, Trump called the FBI raid a “shocking” abuse of power and criticized President Joe Biden’s administration for conducting it.

Trump criticized President Joe Biden’s administration for authorizing the Mar-a-Lago raid, calling it “one of the most shocking abuses of power by any administration in American history.”

Resident Joe Biden still denies having any advance knowledge of the FBI raid. That figures even though we know that's another lie. It doesn't matter, Joe Biden isn't running things in Washington D.C.,  Barack Hussein Obama, Valarie Jarrett, and the Communist party are the people really running Washington right now.
Even through all of this I still have hope that there some rank-and-file FBI agents that believe in the Constitution. There must be some government agents someplace that still believe in America and who still want to protect our sovereignty and freedoms.
This Marxist/Communist transformation of America into a hell hole like Venezuela must be stopped.

The Biden administration and MSNBC, CNN all claim that Trump and the MAGA movement are the biggest threat to their "Democracy".
Well if this kind of crap is what they call "Democracy", then they can include me as a threat.
I intend to and hope I can stop their Communist transformation before it's too late.

Figure it out people;
How is "Save America" Make America great", and "restore our Constitution", (uttered by Trump,) a threat as apposed to "Fundamentally Transform America" ???
Particularly when the words were uttered by a devout Marxist/Communist like Obama. (Read his book).
Obama surrounded himself with "Like minded people". His Grandmother was a Communist, He was mentored by Frank Marshal Davis, a devout Communist, Vallarie Jarrett is a proud Communist, Van Jones, and Bill Ayres are both Communists.

Figure it out people !! What the hell does it take to convince you?

Joe biden is nothing but a stage puppett, a stuge, a stupid ass to keep the seat warm. But he's NOT running this country. Those pulling the strings are running it.
And they are running us into the ground.
They are Transforming America into another South American Communist shit-hole of a third world ghetto nation.
I'm calling for every State to fix their election systems NOW - BEFORE THE NOVEMBER 2022 MIDTERM ELECTIONS.
And I'm calling for the death penalty for voter and election fraud like we saw in the 2020 elections.

This transformation to Communism MUST be STOPPED.


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  • Judge Grants Trump Bid for Special Master in Document Search

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge on Monday granted a request by former President Donald Trump’s legal team to appoint a special master to review documents seized by the FBI from his Florida home last month and also temporarily halted the Justice Department’s use of the records for investigative purposes.

    The decision by U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon came despite the objections of the Justice Department, which said an outside legal expert was not necessary in part because officials had already completed their review of potentially privileged documents. The judge had previously signaled her inclination to approve a special master, asking a department lawyer during arguments this month, “What is the harm?”


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