Donald Trump found guilty:

Donald Trump found guilty:


May 30th, 2024 , New York City jury has found Donald Trump of all 34 counts in the indictments in the trial.
The reports are confusing to say the least. All but one of the indictments amounted to misdemeanors, only one lead to a felonry, and as to what specific laws those are was never stated, yet it is being reported that Donald Trump has been convicted on 34 felonry charges. Perhaps I am missing something here.

No Matter; This is an attack against ALL Americans. Not only Donald Trump.
Do you get the message?: The Democrats are sending a message to all Americans; DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT TO OPPOSE THEM.

Make no mistake about it, this is the democrats and Communists telling America they are n ow in total control and you, We-The-People, will never again have anything to say about it.

Sentencing is now scheduled for July 11th, 2024. Judge Juan Merchan will no doubt sentence Donald Trump to what will amount to life in prison. (Trump is 77 years old now. Even a 10 year sentence will amount to life in prison.)

This is the kind of thing we could expect to see from people like Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping,
But NOT in America.
It is just as he has said many times, they are not only after him – They are after all of us.
Any time anyone opposes them they will use these same tactics to silence them.


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  • Communist takeover if we do not stand our ground

    • They have already taken over. Soon we will be in WWWIII, the November election will be cancelled and Joe Biden will become DOTUS (Dictator of the United States).

      Now is the time for Patriots to rise up and take back our Republic. The question arises: Will there be enough true Patriots to realize that action?

  • So far they have stripped Trump from running any of his businesses in New York, They have attempted to seize and take most of those businesses. They have attempted to bar him from having his name placed on State election ballots for the 2024 elections. They raided his home at MAR-A-LAGO. They have charged and fined him millions of dollars.

    They have not only destroyed this man but also his entire family. Don’t forget that the rest of his family has also been barred from running any of his New York businesses. All of this because he beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections and is running for President once again in 2024. No one can convince me that Hillary Clinton didn’t have a role to play in any of this.

    Look back at Trump’s first term in office. The Steele dossier and the Russia – Russia – Russia investigations which we now know were all the work of Hillary Clinton and the DNC.
    All of that and more and now they are attempting to put him in prison for life.
    The democrats, Joe Biden and Barack Hussein Obama, and Hillary Clinton are up to their eyeballs in corruption, And this US Government has turned fascist/Marxist/Communist and are now set to do the same things to any American citizen who opposes them.


    • Trump guilty of 34 counts of misfiling paper work. its basically one charge repeated 34 times.Quick review;
      The whole trial was supposedly about Trump paying off Stormy Daniel’s and then charging that payment off to legal expenses.
      A review will show that Michael Cohen is the one who actually paid Daniels, and Trump didn’t have anything to do with that.
      Then Cohen charged Trump that same amount which Trump paid. Trump simply paid his attorney.
      What else could we call that other than paying his legal fees?
      Which is what he filed it as.
    • They can't give us another "plandemic",or a "george floyd"....can they?

      I don't doubt anything anymore,but I do know the whole world is laughing at us,

      and our enemies have hi-jacked our courts now.The fbi,cia and countless other alphabet agencies 

      have been stacked with leftist "idiots",as well as the courts with rogue leftist judges who dictate law from the

      bench,all this is what hobbled Trump through his whole presidency.And he gave us peace in the world,

      and prosperity at home despite the harassment.

      This is the big one,folks,I'm not even sure we can vote our way out of this,haven't been for 4 years,

      but I'm open to suggestions.

  • What we should have done 2014 (OAS) must be done now. Truth be told, we lost our Republic in 1861, but we turned the President that led to that destruction into an icon.

  • It should be obvious, by now, what must happen next.

  • If Judge Merchan attempts to put Donald Trump in prison, (or any other judge), I am calling for an appropriate response from We-The-People.
    Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against ALL enemies – Foreign AND Domestic, by ANY Means necessary.

    I wish people would wake up. I believe ALL of these Trump prosecutions, all of the trials are the handy work of Hillary Clinton. Remember back during the Presidential campaigns of 2016, during those debates Trump told Hillary “You’ll be in jail”… Well unfortunately FBI director James Comey refused to prosecute Hillary. But Hillary’s response and her way of dealing with that threat was to think, “Oh ya Big Boy – We’ll see who ends up in jail”.
    Everything started from that point on.
    We now know the Steel dossier and the Russia – Russia – Russia probe and investigations were all the work of Hillary Clinton. Former president Bill Clinton has a law office in Manhattan.
    Trump is scheduled to be sentenced for the ‘hush-money” trials and convictions on July 11th.
    We’ll see who ends up in jail,,,,, But you can bet Hillary Clinton had something to do with all of this.

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