Donald Trump, Warrior

Should our next president of the central government be Mr. Trump, you can expect to see the same military wasteland we have had to bear since Bush 1. Here's why:



For centuries the Rothschild name has been synonymous with banking.  Since the demolition of Salomon Brothers 47 storyWTC Building 7 more than 7 hours after the Twins at 5:21 pm on 9/11 that’s no longer possible.

Attila the Hun, Constantine, Genghis Khan, even Sun Tzu and other warriors throughout history each had the ability to make wagons, their wheels, horseshoes, bows/arrows, spears, shields, armor, knives and swords; tools of war.  To call the Rothschilds’ bankers would be akin to calling the former mere blacksmiths.

The Rothschild war/lend/DEBT template evolved over centuries.  Mayer Amschel Bauer (name changed to Rothschild to conceal their war-making history from future generations,) placed five sons in five strategic nations of the world to hone their skill at creating war and lending money to cause the resultant national debt/leverage.

Early on Mayer Amschel Bauer learned to use that debt as a weapon… a tool of war.  Debt was weaponized!  Debt was used to control royal decisions of kingdoms and nations of the world to discreetly manipulate their military prowess.  Since the early 1800’s, clandestine use of America’s military has been the greatest ambition of Rothschild.  They’ve succeeded.  America must take it back.

From the late 1700’s the Rothschilds’ became trusted members of the courts of Europe’s kings/princes.  As creditors they were confidants.  Rothschild orchestrated wars into existence, funded both sides until they decided who was to be victorious.  Financing ceased upon the chosen victor’s agreement to pay the debts of the vanquished.  Simple and clever in the days before mass communication.  Borders rarely changed lest a single monarch’s power eclipse the need to borrow for Rothschild’s future ambitions.  A simple and invisible business model still in practice.

Guttle Schnapper, mother to Nathan Rothschild and his four brothers was heard to say in 1849 at her death bed... “If my sons do not want wars, there would be none.”  Mom knew the details of the family business template.

************************                   *******************************                  ************************

There is more to the above but this should make it clear that war is preferred by those who call themselves our "leaders" and by those who would be our controllers. In a state of war (whether lawfully declared by Congress or not, apparently) the usurper du jour has both control over the US military and powers beyond those which the Constitution grants during peacetime. So, if you were to have designs on conquering the united States of America (Rothschilds), wouldn't you want your bought-and-sold Commander-in-Chief to always enjoy the benefits of "war"?

The presidential election is a smoke screen, folks. It doesn't matter whether Trump is in the office or Hillary or Elmer Fudd. The REAL controllers will have their way because their "money" (debt) speaks volumes. You need it, I need it, all of the People need their "money". We are all pawns in their brilliantly conceived and executed plan...unless we regain control. Voting is definitely NOT the way to regain control. Get free, get independent, help others who are Liberty-centric to also get free and independent then regain your rightful Common Law Grand Jury with which you can bring corrupt local government employees to justice and do just that. You will have begun the process of returning to true Liberty and ending these senseless wars.

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  • John... Outstanding brief outline of the Rothchilds. I have studied them for sometime... Well done.... You are correct that we need to break free from the banking eliete and that is something they will not put up with. Before JFK was assassinated he was planning on doing away with the Federal Reserve. They are defiantly the head of the snake.
    • Hello Michael,

      Thank you for your assessment and comments. This is not my work. This is a small part of a document done by a friend of mine. Perhaps you would like to compare notes with him. Before that, however, would you like to see more of this document? By the way, this friend of mine was in New York at the time of the three towers' demolition and knew or knows at least some of the behind-the-scenes players who seem to have had a hand in the conspiracy to commit this heinous act. You may enjoy an exchange with Mr. Riot.

      Also, if you happen to be on this Patriots for America site and you see my name also, it would be rewarding for me to chat with you. Please let me know if that could be a possibility. Thanks.

    • John. Most definetly... Love to read what Mr. Riot has... Also love to talk to you. If you want add me to your friends list ill do the same.Heres to Liberty....
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