Elderly couple forced out of home after tweet claims killer of Trayvon Martin lives there <---- More Bottom Up

I've been told Trayvon's dad was at the Congressional Racists Caucus hearing, while he was there some folks observed a gang banger tat on his neck. If you come across an image of that...would you please send it to me?



Fox News

An elderly Florida couple have been forced to move into a hotel after their home address was wrongly tweeted as belonging to the man who shot teen Trayvon Martin.

The tweets were traced back to a man in California and the address was also reportedly retweeted by director Spike Lee to his almost 250,000 followers.

The couple, aged 70 and 72, have been harassed with hate mail, been hassled by media and had scared neighbors questioning them since the tweet, their son Chip Humble told the Orlando Sentinel.

Fearful for their safety, and hoping to escape the spotlight, the couple have temporarily moved to a hotel.

The confusion seems to stem from the fact the woman's son is named William George Zimmerman and he lived briefly at the address in 1995.

When William Zimmerman pleaded with the man who tweeted the address, the man responded, "Black power all day. No justice, no peace" along with an obscenity.

Neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman shot and killed Martin in a Sanford gated community on Feb. 26, with emotions and anger running at fever pitch while he remains free.

William Zimmerman said he used his mother and stepfather's address to register a car, get a drivers license and vote when he lived there after college.

"This is really scary, and I'm concerned for my family," William Zimmerman said. "It's scary because there are people who aren't mentally right and will take this information and run with it.

"To endanger people who are innocent because people are angry is not the answer. That's not how we're going to heal. It's not [going] to help the Martin family for someone else to be hurt."

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If a white person revealed the address of an accused person who was black you can bet they would be arrested.  Why isn't spike in jail.

The war is comming, get prepared.

You're right and just look at how well organized the leftist thugs are.  They were out in the streets with signs nationwide in just a few days - the Black Panthers are raising $1 million to insure our gov't arrests Zimmerman or they will make the arrest themselves - they've announced that athlethes and Hollywood are sending them big bucks.  No arrest here.   At least the thug who posted the $10 or 20K bounty on Zimmerman has been arrested, that's something I didn't expect to happen.  But the Feds i.e. Holder have taken over the case, on what basis I don't know, but I'm sure its race related.  That means Zimmerman is likely to be hung out to dry, regardless what the evidence shows - as have every white person Obama deemed stupid because they had the nerve to do their job.

Since we all know that Eric Holder will not prosecute this HATE crime, the Zimmermans should sue Spike Lee for several hundred million dollars and file the suit in Florida.  Make Lee travel to Florida and appear.  Make it inconvenient for Lee.  Oh yes, get a jury trial.  Make Lee spend all of his gang bang money on lawyers.  I am sure that there are several in Florida who will take the case for the Zimmermans charging the lawyer's usual fees of 45% of the award.


Hey...we got a 'Zimmerman' Family living in Oakridge Oregon, why don't you 'Black Racists' come here, we have a few black families in town, they could probably use your help in attacking us 'Hunkies'!

Let me know if the Zimmerman's in Oakridge are ever attacked. I'll come down from Astoria with my .270 to help them out. I can hit a 2 inch target with it at 550 yards.

we the people want the address of holdup/ovomit/lucifer,there are the head racists,and we the people want them arrested,for inciting racism and  continuing with racial profiling of  the white citizens of america,we want these two racist brought to justice immediately.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and his cold case posse,god bless all american veterans and all american citizens,one nation under god 

I'd like to know why Holder and the DOJ are not investigating the "HIT" the New Black Panthers put out on Zimmerman.  They have no right to place a bounty on a man (wanted dead or alive) especially since that man is not wanted by the goverment at this time for any crime.  They basically issued a HIT.  where is President Obama calling for calm and cooler heads to prevail while the investigation is being conducted.  That would be a leader, not this guy he instead tries to paint the picture of a poster boy for saint hood without knowing one damn thing about the situation, basically saying without saying it that he agrees with Sharpton and those thugs.  DISGRACEFUL Mr. President, DISGRACEFUL !


  This is the black mentality.  The thugs have no respect for others, no respect for life.  This should absolutely be investigated and someone held responsible.

What you are proposing is the SAME race war as the new Black Panthers. This will not solve the problem; It will only make it worse. I will say I think it's fine to arm ourselves for our personal defense and the defense of our families and property, but what you are proposing is equally wrong as the Black Panthers.

Thank you, Bruce.



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