Elevated Alert levels Friday 10/13/2023

Americans everywhere should be on an elevated alert today and the rest of the week.
HAMAS has called for unified terrorist attacks by all Muslims around the world.

Now we know why the Biden/Harris/Obama administration Left all those weapons in Afghanistan, why they left the Baghram Air base to the Muslims, and why they have left our US borders wide open for anyone to enter the country.
The Palestinian HAMAS attacks and planning against Israel all started when Biden/Obama evacuated Afghanistan.
Those terrorist attacks also include America.
The terrorist attacks against Israel by the Palestinians explains a lot of things now about what and why this administration has been doing.
HAMAS has called for a global jihad (holy war) against all Jews, Israelis, Christians, and Americans.

They have left our US borders wide open for any terrorists to enter the country. We have no way of knowing how many may have managed to come into the US.
We have no way of knowing who they are or where this administration has allowed them to migrate. But we can imagine there must be several hundred here by now.

Americans, Jews, and Christians all around the globe should all be on alert.





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  • All good in the Tidewater area of Virginia for the time being.

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