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This is a National disgrace.  The Illinois State Board of Elections has been lying about the status of military absentee ballots and a lazy Department of Justice has allowed itself to be duped.

In an e-mail exchange between the Illinois State Board of Elections and the Department of Justice’s Voting Section shows the State has been
misleading DOJ for almost a month.

SBE DOJ military ballots - <------------ VERY IMPORTANT

On September 14th, Justin Weinstein-Tull, an attorney at DOJ’s Voting Section contacted Dan White, Executive Director of the Illinois State Board of Elections regarding the September 18th  deadline to mail military ballots:

As you know, one of the key provisions of the MOVE Act requires that ballots be transmitted to UOCAVA voters by September 18, the 45th day before the November 2, 2010 Federal general election.

Pursuant to our UOCAVA enforcement responsibilities, we are asking, as we have in prior elections, that your office monitor the mailing of absentee ballots to UOCAVA voters to ensure that ballots are sent by your local election officials by the September 18 deadline.  We ask that you monitor the date UOCAVA ballots are sent, and provide us with a status report by September 20 to confirm whether each of your
localities has met the 45-day deadline.  Also, we would request that you alert us in advance if you anticipate any delays in the ability of any of your localities to transmit ballots to UOCAVA voters by September 18,and the reason for those delays.

On September 20, Cris Cray, Director of Legislation at the Illinois State Board of Elections, sent this reply to Weinstein-Tull:

in response to your request to monitor our local election officials, please be advised that Illinois military and overseas ballots went out between September 3rd (Illinois law) and September 18th (Federal law).

From this point forward, all requests received will be mailed out that same day.

Lies. All lies.

Yesterday, Cray finally admitted that not all counties were in compliance and this may lead to the disenfranchisement of thousands of military personnel

Cray said it’s possible the ballots may not be counted because the state was tardy in sending them out.

But, the cover up continues.  To start with, the Board is inconsistent in the number of counties that are involved. In yesterday’s Chicago Tribune Dan White is quoted as saying “fewer than 10 counties were involved.”  But Pantagraph reports at least 35 counties missed the deadline.

St. Clair County Clerk Robert Delaney, who has a history of voter suppression, held 1,300 ballots for two weeks.  Delaney  says he informed the State Board of his decision prior to the September 18th deadline, which would be prior to Crays e-mail to Weinstein-Tull:

Delaney said he informed the Illinois State Board of Elections of his decision to delay the ballots’ mailing after receiving an e-mail message several days before the Sept. 18
deadline .“I told the state what I was doing, the state board knew it.”

Who knew what and when? How many members of the military are going to lose their right to vote? Why is DOJ sitting on the sidelines?

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  • Send in the Marines!
  • The Founders would hold court and the guilty of treason would be tared and feathered or Shot or Hanged depending on severity of Charge.
  • It's backfiring on them though. TeeHee
  • Just one more reason, I and so many others are outraged at our Government and the way they handle things. Guys, we are in a mess, and I believe that many Americans realize it now...where before they did not fully understand just how serious trouble we are in. There is only one way out of this and it is to return to our God and our Christian ways, faith, beliefs and prayers...I remember a Scripture in (Psalms 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. The people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance.) It seems that we have been pushing God out of America. We've removed Him for all building, schools, courtrooms, High School graduations. Even some churches will not preach the true Gospel in fear of being sued. And you tell me that we have freedom of speech, it seems to me that Christians have lost their freedom of speech...we can't sing Christmas songs in schools, or pray in public....yet every other Religion seems to be able too. Tell me one country that we could go into and change the way people pray, or have the phone company make us press 1 for English! Only in America and I for one have had enough! I entend to speak my mind and my opinion each time I get. I love America and she has been very good to me these past 66 years! My heart breaks for our troops...and I can't help but feel they did not get their Illinois military and overseas ballots, because they were withheld on purpose! Obama, you may be living high on the land now, but God will not be mocked. May God have mercy on those who are in office and have lied, and brought any harm to one of God's people. Why did our troops not get their ballots? I think because our troops have lost all respect for our President and other Government officals. They do not agree with what our Government is doing...and neither do I. Our Government want God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit out of the picture...God help us.
  • This is just another example of an administration gone mad with power. I'm not a political genious, but even I can see that the powers that be in Washington have absolutely no respect for the Constitution, laws that are supposed to protect us and the separation of the branches of government.
    There are plenty of examples of total disregard for the things that thousands of men and women in the military have fought and died for in order to keep our Country free.
    The holding of ballots beyond deadlines, and the fact that the DOJ appears to be ignoring the situation, is just another example of a political party that seems drunk with power, and will do anything to retain that power. It was the same way with the New Black Panthers intimidating voters. The DOJ dropped the case. Thousands of fraudulent voters registration cards found here in Houston and nothing is done, and now the latest, with Mrs. Obama breaking electioneering laws and everyone knows that there won't be anything done about it.
    These types of things could be documented every single day, if someone had the time to look into all of them, from the start of the Obama Presidency and the matter of improper vetting of a candidate, to Obamas' appointment of around of a hundred CZARS with power to regulate both the public and private sector and is absolutely against the Constitution, yet nothing is done.
    Stay Safe: James
  • Why is the group that started overseeing the military voting not asking for an emergency hearing by the Supreme Court to take action against this deliberate denial of the right to vote regarding the military? The Supreme Court could rule that the ballots be expedited via air immediately and must be counted regardless when received!!!!!!! Also, should fine the people responsible of denying the right to vote guilty of civil rights violations.
    • I agree 110% our Military is not happy their Commander and Cheif...and you can't blame them! They (our Troops) took an oath to up hold the, "Consitution of the United States" yet our own President, congree or Supreme Court won't defend our Consitution, or other rights that our troops are fighting for and many giving their life for. While here in the States our rights are being taken from us faster than we know. And don't think our troops don't know what is happening here in the States, they do, and that is why they no longer respect Obama as President, or their Commander in Cheif. The Supreme Court should rule the ballots be sent to our troops and order that they be sent back via air, and counted as soon as they hit the ground! Here's an idea, maybe the House Speaker, Ms. Nancy, can use the Jet that she has at her becken call, could hand deliver the Ballots and as soon as our troops have voted, she and a Special armed guard picked by, 'We the People' could bring them back to the States?? There's a thought.
  • I just hope that everyone will keep their eyes and ears open for fraud this year during the elections. We know there was fraud and interference with voters at the last election. Locally everyone needs to have a system in place to catch it as it happens. Take pictures, record it anyway you can!
  • I would be happy to write, or call ...anyone have a number or a person we could email or contact in some way?
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