Foreign-Born Population Hits 49.5 Million Under Biden – Largest Ever in American History


More than 6-in-10 foreign-born residents who have arrived since Biden became president are from Latin America while others are primarily from Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.


Obama and Biden are importing new Democrat voters.
This means that Trump, nor any other Republican, can ever win the White House again.


America is finished.




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  • Yes, only one way out now and those foreign born are going to force us into it when the entire economy collapses shortly after 12/15/23.

  • I'm proud of what the Irish are doing in Ireland, but I'm of Irish descent. Sure would be nice to see the American people here do the same.

    • I am Scotch and Irish on my father's side, Canadian French on my Mother's side.

      Born American through and through.

  • The French and Sapnish are doing much the same. Will Americans finally take a stand?

  • Yep that is their plan ..No Republican President

  • This is a planned invasion to stock Obama's  civilian security force.They look like well conditioned soldiers coming here.

    They will vote liberal too,we have been sold out 


  • Joe Biden: ‘If Trump Wasn’t Running, I’m Not Sure I’d Be Running’

    In other words --- The FIX is IN for 224.


    Joe Biden: 'If Trump Wasn't Running, I'm Not Sure I'd Be Running'
    According to his Tuesday remarks, it seems Joe Biden believes he is the only Democrat who can defeat Donald Trump. 
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