Constitutional Emergency

Formal complaint and charges proposed against Clinton & Harry Reid, others

Below is my first draft of proposed federal criminal charges naming Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator Harry Reid, and Nevada judge Gloria Navarro;

This is the first draft so if anyone has anything to add please say so.

Charges and law suit;

Plaintiff: The United States of America, We-The-People.
Defendants: Included but not limited; Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator Harry Reid, Agents and employees of the Bureau of Land Management states of Oregon, Nevada. Agents and employees of the Federal Wild Life service, States of Oregon and Nevada,

Oregon Judge Hammond case, Oregon prosecutors Hammond cases,
Nevada Judge Gloria Navarro, (Bundy cases) Nevada prosecutors, (Bundy cases),

Claims of criminal charges, complaints and charges:
Conspiracy to defraud, theft, Racketeering, collusion, Conspiring against the American people, Treason, Murder, Abuse of Office, Abuse of Power, Violations against the Constitution, Various offenses and violations of denying and abusing civil rights of citizen's currently incarcerated in State and Federal prison, (Nevada Bundy cases, and Hammonds in Oregon). (Additional charges and complaints to be added).

Law suit $145 Million dollars, Estimated proceeds received by Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton for her part in the Russian Uranium transactions, $38 Million dollars as the estimated proceeds received by Senator Harry Reid as payment for his part in the transactions of the Nevada land and reported subsequent sale to China and/or other foreign entities, $38 million dollars in damages to the Bundy, Finnicum, and the Hammond families. Total $221 Million. The people also seek restitution and restoration back to the States, Counties, and the ranchers and farmers, of all federal lands, minerals,and water rights, taken by the BLM, EPA, and any other federal agencies.

Charges: Listed but not limited to the following:
Hillary Rodham Clinton, Acting as Secretary of State of the United States of America, Colluded with and sold or otherwise transferred rights and control of Uranium supplies to a foreign entity, (Uranium One A Canadian corporation later owned by The Russian Government). Said Uranium deposits located in land withing the borders of the Continental United States of America, More specifically located within the borders and boundaries of the States of Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, Others may be included as may be discovered.)

US Senator Harry Reid, Senator of the State of Nevada: Colluded and conspired to defraud the State of Nevada, and County of Clark County Nevada to seize and/or otherwise secure ownership of lands and mineral rights held either by the State of Nevada or by various private land deeds of trust held by various Ranchers and farmers, Including Mister Cliven Bundy and other members of the Bundy family, as well as other Farmers and Ranchers within the State of Nevada.

Summary of complaints and charges:
The United States of America is estimated to be in debt to various foreign entities and foreign Governments in excess of 19-TRILLION Dollars, , In an effort to secure collateral against such foreign debt the United States of America has set up various treaties and agreements withing the United Nations. Some of these treaties and agreements may or may not have been set in place by then Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Irregardless of whether of not Secretary Clinton was instrumental is setting those treaties and policies, or agreements, Secretary Clinton and US Senator Harry Reid decided to take advantage of the circumstances to personally benefit financially by seizing ownership and control over certain assets, Land and mineral rights within the boundaries of the United States.
In her activities and in the process of selling or otherwise granting ownership and/or control of Uranium Ore deposits to the Canadian company, later transferred to Uranium One corporation owned by Russia, Secretary Clinton discovered that in order to complete said transactions they would first have to remove the current occupants and owners of the land and properties. They (Clinton and others) Conspired with the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management and the Wild Life Service, Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) (others my be included as discovered), to remove the current land owners. The Hammond Family Ranchers in Harney County specifically were targeted to be removed by the BLM and Wild Life Service. Searching for any way possible the BLM charged the Hammonds with”Domestic Terrorism” because they started and set a Back-fire to extinguish wild range fires and that Back-fire inadvertently crossed the land boundaries of the Hammond Ranch. The fire subsequently burned an estimated 120 acres of open range land which the BLM claimed was Federal land. The Hammonds were arrested and charged as Domestic Terrorists for setting range fires in an effort to extinguish wild fires. A practice which the BLM engages in on a regular basis. Once convicted in a Federal court the Hammonds were sentenced to one year(??? Check sentences) For the elder Dwight Hammond and 6 Months for Steven Hammond. The men did serve those sentences and were subsequently released from Prison. A situation which apparently did not satisfy the requirements and demands of Secretary Hillary Clinton to have the Ranchers completely removed from the land. Again acting as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered or otherwise conveyed instructions to a Judge and Prosecutors office in Oregon to return the Hammonds to prison. The two men were subsequently returned to Prison to fulfill the terms of the earlier mandatory 5 years sentences which had been reduced by the previous judge. The Hammond Family was then forced to sign documents which would guarantee sale and transfer of ownership of the land to the BLM, and the Hammonds were fined a reported $250,000 in addition to being returned to prison. Arrangements and documents were completed for the transfer of ownership and control of the Hammon Properties was complete. Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton was paid an estimated $145 Million dollars for her part in securing and transfer of the Uranium to the Russian corporation and the Russian Government.

2013, The Bundy Ranch standoff; During much of the same time period and extending back a few years before the activities of Secretary Clinton, Senator Harry Reid and his Son were already engaged in a similar efforts to secure and obtain land and mineral rights in Nevada. It has been estimated that 57 ranchers had already been removed from the land mass known as the Gold Butte area of south eastern Nevada. When it was discovered that the last standing Rancher and land owner, Mr. Cliven Bundy, had been in a long time dispute with the BLM over range grazing fees, those efforts to remove the Bundy's from the land was again amplified and the BLM was ordered to remove the Bundy cattle from the open range in Nevada. A situation which was anticipated to attract opposition by the Bundy family and other local Ranchers. The efforts to remove the Bundy cattle resulted in what is now referred to as the Stand Off at the Bundy Ranch. The Bundy's and several other men have been incarcerate in Nevada prison without the benefit of indictment by a grand jury or due process of law under the Constitution by Nevada Federal Magistrate Judge Gloria Navarro for more than 8 months. (Violations of defendants rights under the US Constitution).

During the re-sentencing of Dwight and Steven Hammon in Oregon, (2016), several of the Bundy family Sons and several other men and women went to Burns Oregon to protest the re-sentencing of Dwight and Steven Hammond and to protest against the BLM and federal Government take over of Oregon land. This has become known as the Oregon Stand off at the Malheur Wild Like Reserve. The Bundys and several others were subsequently arrested and stood trial. One man Lavoy Finnicum was shot and killed by FBI and Oregon State police. Ammon, and Ryan Bundy and the other men arrested for the Standoff were later acquitted of all charges. But Mr. Cliven Bundy, Ammon and Ryan Bundy were once again arrested in Oregon and transferred to Nevada prison where they remain awaiting trial for the 2013 Stand Off at the Bundy Ranch.

Nevada Judge Gloria Navarro:
Federal judicial service:
On September 11, 2009, Sen. Harry Reid contacted Navarro to inquire about her interest in serving on the federal bench. After a video conference interview with Reid, the senator told Navarro on September 22, 2009 that he would be recommending her to President Obama for consideration to serve as a judge on the United States District Court for the District of Nevada. On December 24, 2009, Obama formally nominated Navarro to the vacancy, which was created by the resignation of Judge Brian Sandoval.[1][3] On March 4, 2010, the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary voted to send Navarro's nomination to the full Senate for consideration.[4] On May 5, 2010, the United States Senate voted 98-0 to confirm Navarro to her judgeship.[5] She received her commission on May 6, 2010. On January 1, 2014 Navarro succeeded Robert Clive Jones as Chief Judge.[6][2]

Bunkerville standoff trials

See also: Bundy Standoff

In the first Bunkerville standoff case in 2017, Navarro declared a mistrial after a jury convicted two men of some of the counts in the indictment and reported that they were "hopelessly deadlocked" on the remaining counts.[7] She scheduled retrials of the defendants in that trial and trials of the remaining 11 defendants for June 26, 2017.[8]

Shortly after the Stand off at the Bundy ranch in 2013 Senator Harry Reid said of the event “This is not over yet”. Judge Gloria Navarro appears to be fulfilling her role and duties in guaranteeing Senator Harry Reid that none of the Bundy family will ever return to their Nevada ranch.

Two men who were found guilty in the first set of trials have been sentenced to inordinate long prison sentences by Judge Navarro. One of the men believing he would receive a reduced sentence of 8 months plead guilty but was instead sentenced to 8 ½ years for traveling from New Hampshire to Nevada to help defend the Bundys. Another faces a maximum sentence of 57 years in Federal prison.

“A jury found two men guilty of federal charges Monday in an armed standoff that stopped federal agents from rounding up cattle near Cliven Bundy's Nevada ranch in 2014.

Jurors said they were deadlocked on charges against four other men, and the judge told them to keep deliberating.

Gregory Burleson, 53, of Phoenix, was found guilty of eight charges, including threatening and assaulting a federal officer. Todd Engel, 49, of Boundary County, Idaho, was found guilty of obstruction and traveling across state lines in aid of extortion.”

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Bundy Ranch: Tyrannical Judge Navarro Declares Americans Have No Rights, and That She Is the Law! (Video)

Las Vegas July 10,2017: The First day of the Bundy Ranch Political Prisoners tier 3 retrial of defendants Eric Parker, Steven Stewart, Scott Drexler, and Ricky Lovlein opened up this morning with Queen Navarro denying all defense motions, and granting all government motions yet again. She did all this from the protection of her chambers,and not in front of We The People because she doesn’t think the American Serfs have a right to argue her golden decrees from on high.  I have been a court observer since the beginning of the first trial, and so far it has worked out that the government has had the judge grant 100% of their substantive   motions, while the defense has never had one of their motions granted. I don’t know about you, but this judge seems pretty bias in favor of the prosecution to me. Today Navarro granted the governments motion saying that the defense attorney’s have no right to question potential jurors on their beliefs concerning the 1st, and 2nd amendment, and if that’s not bad enough for you, the motion also stated that the defense team could not even mention the words 1st or 2nd amendment to prospective Jurors. Does this sound like a fair trial to you or a kangaroo court from the old Soviet Union, or China? If you think the deck is stacked against our political prisoners you would be 100% right. Also please remember, this could be your son or daughter someday facing a bunch of trumped up charges, as our entire American belief system is being decided in this trial. So all of you out there that call yourself patriots, and cherish what little liberties we have left in our country better get off of their ass and come to Las Vegas Nevada and #Stand with these God fearing men.

Judge Gloria Navarro is Senator Harry Reid's BLOOD Judge;

For anyone not familiar with the term "Blood Judge" watch the video sequence linked here.
German Socialist Nazi Judge Roland Freisler was a fanatic, he systematically stripped all defendants of all their civil and human rights. Defendants brought before Freisler had NO rights, NO Constitutional rights of defence, NO rights to defence counsel, they had only the right to stand before him to be humiliated, discredited, and them more often than not he would order them to be executed.
Watch these videos and remember Freisler was a Socialist and a Communist..From the same philosophy and political beliefs and party of Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator Harry Reid, Barrack Hussein Obama, and today's Socialist Democratic "Progressive Communist" party.

If you still don't believe things like this can ever happen here in America - guess again. IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA, ITS HAPPENING IN NEVADA RIGHT NOW.


The Blood Judge

America - Don't look to President Donald Trump to solve all your problems. Depend only on President Trump to do the things that he/they can do within the realms of the Constitution. Problems like this blood judge operating a rouge out-of-control court in Nevada, and problems such as maintaining and preserving our Constitutional Republic are up us, - We-The-People.
Only We-The-People can stop people like Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and Gloria Navarro.

There are three fundamental issues at stake in the Bundy and Hammond cases:
#1) Whether of not the people have the rights to own private property;

#2) Whether of not the people have the right to stand up in self defence against a tyrannical government whether it be a State or Federal government.

#3) Last but not least and perhaps the most important issue is whether our Constitution remains relevant, Is the Constitution still the fundamental primary laws of these United States of America? IS the federal Government still bound to the basic principals and fundamental premises of that Constitution? Without that Constitution there can no longer be such a thing as The United States of America.

Oregon Chief District Judge Ann Aiken, Re-Sentenced Dwight and Steven Hammond in Oct of 2015.



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