Freedom is never free

Quote from reader in Breitbart:

I think everyone is misunderstanding what Our Commander in Thief, Pedoresident Joebama Bin Hiden was trying to verbalize between the drooling and the slack jawed stupidity.

The corrupt crime boss aka THE BIG GUY...who said "I don't need your vote to get elected...I have the greatest voter fraud organization in History"...

was just confirming the democrats intend to
cheat like hell in 2022
just like they did in 2020

Freedom is NEVER free. This year is no different than 2020. The Democrats and Communists will do ANYTHING to make sure they remain in power, in control.
Democrat Blue States will be very difficult to manage. RED States (Conservative Republican) will also be difficult due to attempts from people like Goerge Soros, Barack Obama, and the Communists.
The left-wing "news" media will go all-in to do anything they can to help rig the elections.
There are only a handful of web sites left that will try to publish the truth.
This PatriotsForAmerica must remain up and open. We must try to get the truth out to people.
Someone has to try to help people organize so that we can insure fair and honest elections.
Don't allow a repeat of 2020.


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  • I didn't misunderstand.

    How much more of this corruption are we going to put up with?

  • IF America lasts long enough to hold the 2022 elections,,,,, And IF we can somehow manage to get a real true election count,,,,, MAYBE the Republicans can take back the house and Senate.
    If we can win in November 2022 when the new Congress takes office in January 2023 the first order of business should be to impeach Biden and Harris.
    That will put a Republican speaker of the house in office.

    All that depends on getting a true and honest election.
    It doesn't look like anybody is going to do anything else,  unless something really nasty happens first.


    • Expect a false flag event around May or June to give the Democrats time to prepare another rigged election cycle.

      • One thing we know for certain - they WILL attempt a rerun of the 2020 election.
        Biden has already said "it doesn't matter how many people vote, the only thing that matters is who counts the votes".
        That is virtually the same thing Joe Stalin said during the Russian revolution.
        Okay - so we know what they are planning to do. The question is what can we do to stop them?
        Most Americans don't even know how the elections are held. What IS the process of electing representatives and the next president?
        Most people don't even know. The only thing they know is tat they can either show up in person and cast their ballot in person or they can mail it in.
        But what happens after that?
        Even my own county Clerk didn't know. When I asked her she said the electoral college system only worked in the primaries, not in the national general elections. Then she suggested I take a college course in the constitution.
        Any time I suggested they should have monitors watching the machines and the voter registrations they just about went crazy.

        Most people don't have any idea about the rest of the process. And THAT is what makes it so easy for the Democrats to cheat and rig the system.






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