Freedom lost will never be regained.


Freedom lost will never be regained.


The world without America.

If and when America falls the rest of the entire western free world will be soon to follow. Most if not all of South America has already fallen into the hands of the Communists. Canada has already fallen into the hands of Justin Trudeau, their Marxist Leftist Prime Minister.
China’s Communist chairman XI says he will take Taiwan soon. He (XI) and Russia’s Putin are already dividing up north America and all of our resources. Putin will take Alaska.

It’s not just Joe Biden, the whole world know he is just a bumbling fool, an idiot - not really in charge of anything in Washington DC. Joe Biden is just a greedy old idiot, but he is fully owned by China. He will do what ever XI tells him to do.

There are forces at work that reach far beyond the capacity of simple-minded Joe Biden to even conceive of.
Half of the American people are still asleep, they still have no clue of what is going on right under their own feet. The complete and total destruction of America. The elimination of everything that America has stood fore for over 240 years. Freedom and liberty, justice for all, equal rights guaranteed under a Constitutional Republic. A Constitution that was written to guarantee and to protect the rights and freedoms of the people, while limiting and restricting to authority and powers of the government.
We can all see what the authorities in Washington and in some States around the country think and feel about that US Constitution. We see what they have been doing to President Donald Trump and to many others. They have done everything they can to persecute and to prosecute Trump.
There are over 1,000 people sitting in federal prisons around the country for the so-called- assaults against the Capital on January 6th 2021.

As far as I know some of the political prisoners from the Nevada Bundy Ranch incident back a few years ago are still in prison. Those who have been released have not regained their rights to own a rifle or a hand gun. They still can not vote in any elections. Convicted felons can not vote or possess a weapon.

The leftists and Democrats of today don’t give a damned about our Constitution. To them it’s just an old rag that needs to be discarded, thrown into the pile – the heap of ancient history. Freedom and Liberty and equal justice under the laws are just a foot note of that old scrap of rag called the Constitution.


You better wake up America, you are about to loose everything. To me the fact that no one has stood up to remove these people from our halls of power in Washington and around other places shows just how little regard the people have for this country. To me it shows that people just simply don’t care, they don’t give a damn about this country anymore.

And that’s really really sad.


Will the last person to leave California please shut off the lights.

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  • The Communists and traitors MUST be removed, the sooner the better.
    It should have been done on January 20th 2021. Actually it should have been done 10-20 years ago.

    Now for any one who thinks I'm talking about insurrection, you better define that terminology.

    An insurrection generally means to attempt to overthrow the Government.
    So lets be very clear about what I'm saying and talking about here.
    I am NOT saying or talking about over throwing the Government of the United States of America.

    What I am saying is the those forces and those people who ARE trying to "fundamentally Transform America" into a Communist State must be removed and eliminated, by any means necessary.
    What I'm saying is that if it takes an armed revolution to remove these traitors then so-be-it, let it happen. But we better get organized and quickly because the job of destroying America is nearly complete at this point.

    The 2024 elections are now only eleven months away. The Democrats and the communists will never allow Donald Trump to enter the White House as President gain. They will do ANYTHING to stop him, and that includes assassination, yes - they will kill him first.
    The 2024 elections are already fixed, they are already rigged to re-"elect" Joe Biden, Joe Biden will "win" in 2024 even if he is already dead or in a nursing home someplace.



    Definition of INSURRECTION
    an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government… See the full definition
  • Chip Roy to Newsmax: Texans 'Tired of Talk' About Border
    Texas Rep Chip Roy is right, Texans are tired of the chatter and talk about the open borders.
    Why is this Biden administration still in office?

    Thousands of migrants join caravan to U.S. southern border





  • Maine Bars Trump from Ballot as US Supreme Court Weighs State Authority to Block Former President


    Joe Biden and the Democrat’s treason and insurrection;

    While the Democrats attempt to ban Trump from appearing on various State primary and general election ballots, they completely ignore and sidestep the acts of treason and insurrection committed by themselves. Biden’s and the administration’s policies of open borders and their push to “Fundamentally Transform America” are all acts of high treason and acts of insurrection.
    Then under the same standards being used by these Democrats, guilty by accusation, then Joe Biden must also be barred from appearing on any States ballots. Joe Biden must be declared ineligible to run for re-election.

    Maine Bars Trump from Ballot as US Supreme Court Weighs State Authority to Block Former President
    Maine's Democratic secretary of state on Thursday removed former President Donald Trump from the state's presidential primary ballot under the Consti…
  • The destruction of the American middle class.
    Remember when Jimmy Carter said Americans need to lower their standards of living?
    Some of us remember that.
    Well this is what the Biden administration is doing.
    Their open border policy’s and the immigration flood into the country is all designed to destroy
    America’s middle class
    and the standard of living.

    And that doesn’t even consider the massive increase in democrat voter registrations.
    They are signing these illegals up to vote.
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