Gorka to Newsmax: Americans, Not GOP, RNC, Need to Take America Back



Republicans should be part of the solution to take back America and make the party “look like us, not like these swamp creatures like Mitch McConnell,” former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka told Newsmax’s “Stinchfield” Tuesday, citing the “foot soldiers” and “district captains” who helped Republican Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia gubernatorial race.

“I want to give full credit to the foot soldiers, the district captains, a lot of them that I know here in the Commonwealth, that have worked tirelessly over the last few weeks and months to make sure that one of the slimiest Democrats, Terry McAuliffe, the Clinton bagman, is defeated.

"So, God bless every single one of them, the poll observers like my wife who are working in the trenches,” Gorka told host Grant Stinchfield after Newsmax announced Youngkin as the winner.


Gorka also questioned the absence of the GOP and RNC’s presence in Virginia. “I think we’re seeing the same trend as November last year," he said. "The good guy’s winning, then they’re going to add in all the early mail-in ballots, and we could see a flip and, you know, McAuliffe steals the election.

“Are the GOP ready? I see no signs of the dozens or hundreds of lawyers that, you know, the DNC has them ready if Youngkin actually wins. Where’s the GOP?”

Gorka said Americans can’t just be bystanders.


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