Government – why


Government – why


The early settlers of America came here to start a new life, to escape the bonds of tyrants and over powerful lords and rulers. They wanted freedom and liberty. A chance to set their own way of life. Away from the constant daily demands of those who had seized control over every aspect of their lives, their lands, and their homelands.
But rather than gaining the freedoms which they expected, the early colonialists recreated their local and regional governments in the very same fashions as those which they had escaped. Rather than forming their own local governments, controlled and regulated by the peoples of their own communities, they allowed the lords and masters of England to take control over the colonies.
These overlords and masters setup rules and government regulations the same way they had done in England and in other nations which the settlers had escaped.
In many places around these early colonies these lords and masters were even more brutal and ruthless than they had been back in the homelands.
The early colonies were formed many years before The United States of America became it’s own sovereign nation. By the time 1775 rolled around the settlements and colonies were pretty much all governed and controlled by tyrants, all taking orders dictated by the King of England. These rules and regulations were all enforced on a daily basis by the British Army under the control of these local dictators and tyrants, and of course by the King of England.

Also by the time 1775 rolled around the settlers and colonialists had had about enough. They thought they had escaped these tyrants when they left their homelands and came here to this new land.

The stage was set for the revolutionary war of 1775-1776.
That revolutionary war lasted for eight years, from April 1775 to September 1783.
The Declaration of Independence was sighed on July 4th, 1776.

When it all ended the colonialists had paid a heavy price. They had pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their Sacred honor. Most of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were dead, and most of their families had also been killed during the war. Nearly everything they owned was destroyed and gone.

The founders of The United States of America, those who wrote the Constitution, were well hardened, battle weary, knowledgeable, and well educated. In today’s vernacular we could say they had seen it all, Been-there-done-that. And they were determined to create a new form of government that would prevent the same kinds of things from ever taking place again.


These men and women also recognized and knew the importance and significance of having a government. They recognized that some form of government was crucial to the survival of America as a free and sovereign nation. And they also recognized that Governments and men are easily corrupted. It took another eight years for them to compile, construct, and create what is now known as The Constitution of The United States of America.

Signed and ratified by all 13 Colonies in 1788.

Today It is regarded as the oldest written and codified national constitution in force anywhere in the world.

After suffering and struggling through the Revolutionary war, and after eight long years of holding meetings, correspondences between them, our Founding Fathers settled on a Constitutional Republic as our form of Government. This was considered to be the easiest and only form of government that could insure the freedoms and liberty of the people while at the same time guaranteeing the limits and constraints and restrictions of the federal government.

They created a government whereby (for the first time in history) the people are free, their rights are guaranteed, and the powers and authority of the federal government is limited.

The Constitutional Republic of The United States of America is the first and only kind of government ever created where all the power and authority is vested solely with the people. A government OF the people, FOR the people, and BY the people.

While governments are necessary to secure the peace and to insure the safety of the nation, governments should be limited and restricted to only those powers and authority granted to them by the individual States and by the people themselves.
Tenth Amendment “

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”


Governments and those who govern are always prone to hate limits and restrictions. Over the past sixty or more years we have witnessed opposition and hatred of these limits and restrictions slowly and gradually increase by our politicians to the point today where our Constitution is largely ignored. Washington today appears to operate the government more like a petty third-world dictatorship rather than a Constitutional Republic. They ignore and violate the Constitution and the rights and freedoms of the people with complete impunity. Anyone who opposes their policies or appears to pose a threat to their power is quickly paid a visit by one of their government strong arm agencies. Nearly every government agency has been turned into a weapon to be used to control the population, used against the people.

The current administration has done nearly everything they can do to destroy and eliminate the US Constitution. Their goal is to eliminate all American independence and sovereignty. To create some sort of unknown One-World-Governance, Controlled and dictated over by some “New-World-Order”.
Under this “New-World Order”, and a One-World-Governance, all individual rights, freedoms, and liberties will be eliminated. Our traditional rights guaranteed by the Constitution will be erased and deleted. Our rights to own property and land, our own homes, will be eliminated. Any opposition to their controls and dictatorships will be swiftly and harshly stamped out. Our rights to self defense and our rights to protect our families is being attacked on a daily basis. One of the first of our Constitutional rights that they want to eliminate is the Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. That Second Amendment was deliberately written and included into our Constitution to guaranteed that the people of this nation would always have the means to protect themselves against an out-of-control rouge government. These government officials know and fear this the most of all items and provisions of the Constitution.
The attacks and assaults against the Second Amendment are introduced through new legislation's and policies nearly every day. Every government agency is now fully armed and directed to use deadly force if necessary to enforce their regulations and intrusions.

The United States Government, and the current administration of today, has become precisely what the Founding Fathers wrote the US Constitution to prevent.

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  • And once again, the people are back where they were, controlled by the few and powerful and no longer in control of their own destiny. I am almost glad that I am old and won't have to watch what this country turns into because We, The People are allowing it to happen right in front of our eyes. What a shame, to let the greatest experiment ever created by man go down without a fight!!!!  

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