Gun violence in America

One of our members here on the PFA recently sent me a private message Asking for some resources and comments pertaining to gun violence in America.
With her permission I've posted her message and some of my thoughts on the subject:

Burnetta Swartz wrote:
I am often asked to be on panels to discuss 2A issues as, I am not a gun owner and have no desire to be one and yet I support most 2A programs.  I have been asked to be part of one soon and during this past couple years it has become harder.  The constitutional issue is easy, but the question of how to reduce gun violence (especially among children and the mentally ill) is harder.  I have no good answers that work and I am hoping you can suggest some resources.  Seems to me that in this country it is a burden we all share as no place has been spared.  Just as we would not end the problem of addiction by waging war with whomever is the original supplier, the gun issue would not be helped with massive gun laws.  Any resources you could suggest would be helpful.  Thanks.

I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your comments and would like to hear your thoughts on the conflict between freedom and love thy neighbor.

Burnetta Swartz


My reply and comments here are somewhat scattered but here they are.

My reply to Burnetta


Burnetta, Thank you for sending this message. And thank you for being a member of the PFA.
The Second Amendment (2A) is a very critical part of our Constitution. And the issues surrounding the amount of violence among young people and the mentally ill is also a very important issue.
These issues need to be discussed.
As far as the Constitution and the Second Amendment are concerned that is a non-negotiable issue. The second Amendment is what it is, The right of the people Shall NOT be infringed.

These issues about gun control and violence among youth all have one common solution, the US Constitution.

How can things be that simple?

Gun violence is a factor of economics, it’s an inverse corresponding and opposite result of freedoms and opportunity and education or the lack thereof.

We don’t see people who make $150,000 per year shooting up the local shopping mall or a high school.

Jobs and opportunity, economics and education all have a parts to play in the levels of mass violence events.

This is something liberals will never understand but communists know and understand perfectly.

The more they can destroy the economy the higher the rates of these types of events will become.

People become frustrated and desperate. That’s when they are most likely to resort to violence as a means to strike out.

It’s a factor of economic opportunity, the lack of opportunity leads to desperation, and desperate people tend to do desperate things.

Education, that is also a factor of economics and opportunity, both of the person who turns to violence but also of that persons family and friends.

People who have a good education and are trained to recognize opportunity very rarely turn to violence.

A good education does not necessarily equate to wisdom.

The crime and homicide rates, (gun violence in America) are being exploited and vastly over stated by the left wing communists for the purpose of instituting gun control laws.
The federal government and especially the Marxist communist administration currently in power hates the Second Amendment, they fear an armed population of Americans more than anything else.
If the Communists can disarm American citizens then they can - and they will - Take everything from us.
And when I say "everything" I mean just exactly that - EVERYTHING - INCLUDING ALL OF OUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS, FREEDOMS AND LIBERTY.
Total absolute control of every aspect of our lives and over every aspect of American land, minerals, resources, labor, financial, economics, - - EVERYTHING.

Biden/Harris immigration policy:

The History of Homicide in the U.S.

Deaths by homicide per 100,000 resident population in the U.S. from 1950 to 2018

New Report: U.S. Homicide Rate Falls to Lowest Rate in Four Decades


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