Guns and school shootings

Guns and school shootings


School shootings, deranged criminal shot 19 kids in Uvalde Texas. It’s not the first time some idiot shot up a school killing several kids and teachers. And it probably wont be the last time either.
As far as I’m concerned this is a mental health issue, not a gun issue. But the anti-gun people don’t care about that, they just want to take everyone’s guns away.
We have been warning people for years now about these people trying to disarm Americans. Even the Russians have warned us by telling us , “America don’t ever give up your guns”.
Joe Biden says the second Amendment is “NOT ABSOLUTE”. And the anti-gun lobby is going wild about guns in America.

So what’s the big deal about guns in America and the second amendment?

And why do we need to protect that second amendment right?

It’s all about control, Control over everything else. And when I use the word “Control” here I mean EVERYTHING. These people intend to take control of every aspect of life in America. EVERYTHING. But as long as we have our guns they are afraid of us. They are afraid that the American people could fight back.

Look around you. What kind of life do you lead? What kind of life do you have? Do you own your own home? Property? A nice car? Do you have a good job? Maybe own and operate your own business? Right now you’re sitting in front of your computer reading my babblings, why? Because you can. Maybe it’s interesting, maybe not so much. But at least you’re free to do it. You are free to do as you please. And right now the internet is not being censored to the point that articles like this are blocked and prohibited from view. The people in North Korea can’t read this. Russia either. It’s all blocked from their view. They’re not allowed to see stuff like this.

Did you vote in the last elections? Did your chosen candidate win? Good luck at that. With the Biden/Obama machine now controlling the US elections we may never again see free and open fair elections. The North Koreans all voted in their last elections. 100 percent of all North Koreans voted, and they all voted for Kim Jung Un. Every one of them. That’s because they didn’t have any choice. There were no opposition candidates, and there were no alternatives. Every eligible North Korean voted and they all voted for Kim Jung Un. Whether they actually did or not is irrelevant.
That’s what Biden/Obama want to set up here in America.

Some time back in the 1980’s George Soros said that the single biggest obstacle to a new one-world-order was the United States of America. Well Mr. Soros finally got something right.
The United States of America stands in the way of the globalists taking full and complete control over everything. Right now, at least for the moment, the United States of America stands as the single biggest obstacle to the globalist’s One-World-Governance crowd from creating their New-World-Order.
And that Second Amendment right to hold and bear arms is the one thing they fear the most. It’s the one thing they hate the most. Because they know the American people can fight back. They know that as long as we have our guns and weapons we do NOT have to take what they are trying fo force upon us.
We do NOT have to accept what they are trying to do.

America, NEVER NEVER, EVER give up your guns.












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